Calling All Cars: The Corpse Without a Face / Bull in the China Shop / Young Dillinger

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GT HOT LAP – RAIN Red Bull Ring – Peugeot RCZ Gr.B Rally Car – WT2NC

Hi everyone, I’m Coque Lopez. I’m going to show you the qualifying lap that gave me the pole position on the qualifying of Nations Cup at the Red Bull Ring with Peugeot Rally Car. So we start the lap, we got a good speed from the last corner. Important to Continue Reading

EPIC VLOG [Harry Potter, Music Videos, Choppers]

Hi everybody, I’m Giulio Fiore, writer and director of the short films you have seen on this channel, and this is my first vlog So, why haven’t uploaded any new vids in the last 9 months? Mostly because I started attending university. I study in Trieste, at a faculty for Continue Reading