Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen

Hornussen is a Swiss traditional sport. You need four things to play it: a stick, a “hornuss”, a “traf” and a paddle. It dates back to the times of Jeremias Gotthelf. Red Bull Hornussen is all about the strokes. It is different from the usual Hornussen game. We have invited Continue Reading

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Grizzly Bear

5 Animals That could defeat a Grizzly Bear There are animals much larger than bear that could kill it without much difficulty. A rhino. The largest bear is on average still much smaller than a rhino. A rhino’s horn can pierce the metal on a car door, much tougher than Continue Reading

Bull Versus Bear Market – Here’s What It Means

Let’s talk about bulls versus bears. What does this mean? What is a bull market and what is a bear market? If you’re new to trading, all this lingo can be confusing. A bull market and a bear market? What does this all mean? I want to make it really Continue Reading

‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’

LAUREN DROPLA: These guys are our kids. We love them and we’d do anything for them. JEFF LOWE: This is Lisa Marie. She is our maybe 14 month old golden tabby tiger. COMM: A year ago, Jeff moved from his luxurious home in Colorado to a cabin in the grounds Continue Reading

Mega panda fail – Tian Tian takes a tumble

It was roly poly time at Edinburgh zoo as giant panda Tian tian got playful in her pen. The female bear had a delightful time playing with the latest enrichment toy given to her by her keepers. After rolling off her podium, she took a moment to chill out – Continue Reading

What Kind of Bear is Best?

This episode was brought to you by Skillshare [Bare Necessities instrumental plays] Question: What kind of bear is best? Every so often, the meta-game of outside breaks into the mainstream for a bit Famous examples include the ‘choose two’ puzzle or the ‘horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses’ meme Continue Reading

Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals Helping Each Other

Welcome to animals helping each other out of bloody dodgy situations. This leopard is munching on an antelope when suddenly it runs off because of the baboons. The’re like “Leave Jill alone, she’s a fucken top sheila you dickhead”. Jill is understandably having a panic attack after almost becoming a Continue Reading

Wolf Pack Takes on a Polar Bear – Ep. 1 | Wildlife: The Big Freeze

– You can go days without food, traverse unimaginable distances, endure relentless blizzards. But if you’re a wolf on the edge of the Arctic, up against the biggest predator, there’s one thing you can’t do without… (dramatic music) The pack. (dramatic music) (wind blowing) At first glance, the Arctic feels Continue Reading

If you care, leave them there

Tis the season of reawakening from the doldrums of winter as nature comes to life in full bloom. It’s also the season that newborn wildlife is welcomed into the world, but with that comes the annual problem that some people are out and about, they stumble across the deer fawn Continue Reading