Playa escondida en Malibu California. Playa El Matador

Before the end of the hot season. In this year of 2016 We are going to go from Los Angeles to the beaches of Malibu First let’s go to Matador Beach Then we will go to Point Dume State Beach I think it’s going to be our last trip in Continue Reading

Surfing Showdown in Mundaka – Red Bull Rivals Spain 2014

Mundaka is one of the best waves in the world. Being here is very special for me… I’m so excited. The wave is amazing, and we’ll see how it goes. Let’s see if it’s true, if the Mundaka wave is as they say. This time the second leg is in Continue Reading

Brazilian beach competition – Red Bull Roda de Bola

I think Rio is able to combine music, friendly and receptive people with Nature and with a strong urban life. I think that this combination is what makes it a city different from the rest of the world. No doubt, Ipanema is a beach that dictates fashion. On the sands Continue Reading

Dramatic storm: Freak Russian hailstorm sends beachgoers screaming on hot summer day

Beachgoers in Russia got more than a bit of suntan when a freak storm sent them running and screaming for cover. On one of the hottest days of the summer, the skies opened up plunging huge chunks of hailstones into the ground and sea. Shocking pictures show the moment the Continue Reading

Glow in the dark surfing – Red Bull Surfing Lights

Is much more than a picture, than I do a good job, it is about the photographer make a surreal work, showing much more art than photography. I believe that tonight’s result was awesome. I’m really enjoying his work. It’s a new experience in my life to take pictures at Continue Reading

Youthstar – Hype For The Night (Music Video)

I roll down through the city of the bordeaux streets laughing In the middle of the night waving craving for another pint wanna keep drinking Lick em back down watch the bubbles keep sinking Late night man I’m on a raving flex Call up the man dem for the after spot check Continue Reading

We Visited An Indian Burial Ground And You Won’t Believe What We Found.

so now we’re headed to the back part of this island that is kind of remote and There’s supposedly an Indian cemetery there that my brother knows about. [I] mean He’s gonna show it to me that was not a whole lot to see but I think it would be Continue Reading

Sara Melson – El Matador Beach [Official Music Video]

I held your heart on El Matador Beach Breathing with the waves Birds flew ahead just out of reach In the shade beneath the cave A girl in pink and yellow danced by In the land of golden youth I love you so much that it made me cry For Continue Reading