Como hacer Huevo con Chorizo / how to make scrambled eggs with cured sausage

Scrambled eggs with Cured Sausage. so we going to use eggs and cured sausage this recipe is dedicated to my friend D from Wyoming this look great the first thing we have to do is cut the cured sausage cut all the cured sausage put on hot pan mix the Continue Reading

Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

Ramsay’s Classic Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon – Gordon Ramsay

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Zoned Cooking on a Grill – Matador BBQ’s

Another sign of a great barbie is being able to cater to everyone’s taste. Some barbecues in the Matador range like the Boss here, includes zoned cooking areas. These allow you to vary the temperature on your hotplate with higher heat at the rear and lower at the front, so Continue Reading

Benefits of Double Skinned Hood BBQ – Matador BBQ’s

One of the signs to look out for in a great barbie, is a double-skinned hood. You’ll find many Matador barbecues, including the Boss, come with this great feature, which acts a little bit like double glazing on a window. So it heats up a lot faster and seals in Continue Reading

BBQ Gas Bottle Safety – Matador BBQ’s

Before you start using your Matador barbecue, you should check your gas connections. Make sure that the hose and regulator are tightly fitted to the barbecue and gas bottle. To test for leaks, pour a soapy water solution over all connections and turn on the gas. If you smell any Continue Reading