Is It Actually Possible to Tip a Cow?

For the uninitiated, cow tipping is a prank where a person sneaks up on a sleeping cow and pushes the animal over onto its side. Ask around and you can probably hear about a friend of a friend who successfully tipped a cow while out in the country late one Continue Reading

The War Heroes Who Happened to Be Dogs

Heroes come in many forms; as it turns out, some are even furry and four-legged. Due in part to their superior ability to sniff and hear trouble, dogs have long been a fantastic ally and a great protector of humans. After all, it was Lassie who, through a series of Continue Reading

Paul McCartney’s Scrambled Eggs which Evolved Into One of the Most Recorded Songs of All Time

“I reckon ‘Yesterday’ is probably my best song. I like it not only because it was a big success, but because it was one of the most instinctive songs I’ve ever written. I was so proud of it. I felt it was an original tune- the most complete thing I’ve Continue Reading

Best! Homemade Salsa #1| Mexican Salsa | Restaurant Salsa| Easy | Fast | Perfect |Chimichangas Tacos

good afternoon today we’re going to make the perfect world’s best salsa I’m going to show you all the ingredients that I put in this is all-around sauce you can use it on anything and it’s delicious it’s the best you’ll ever make don’t try to memorize what I’m doing Continue Reading

Urban Freeride lives – Fabio Wibmer

Oh fuck! Hey Hannes! In ten minutes we will meet on the top of the mountain! Yes! YEEESSS Wuhu! *rejoicing* YEEAAHH

Don’t F&ck with Me Fellas! This Ain’t My First Rodeo

For the uninitiated, “This ain’t my first rodeo” is roughly equivalent to telling a person that you’re more than prepared for a given situation or that it offers little challenge to you. It’s more often than not used derisively, usually in situations where a more experienced person is being given Continue Reading

Shaun White’s private pipe – Red Bull Project X

Why are Bull and Bear Markets Called That?

For those who don’t know, a “bear” market, or when someone is being “bearish” in this context, is marked by investors being very conservative and pessimistic, resulting in a declining market generally marked by the mass selling off of stock. A “bull” market is simply the opposite of that, with Continue Reading

50 Rare Photos of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before

50 Rare Photos of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before 1. Hitler and Goering were passionate collectors of art. 2.Hitler with Emmy and Edda Goering, 1940. Emmy G�ring was a German actress, the second wife of Hermann G�ring. 3.Hitler during imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. He was visited by Continue Reading