Asi se baila en Pastores Valparaiso- Rodeo- Sept 2012

Rodeo en Pastores Valparaiso, Zacatecas Mexico- Spanish

Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 28 – Fishing Rodeo & Jamboree | Rooster Teeth

I Am Ready, Eddie all right? Regt City is unloading angeles a little bit Got some kung Fu fighting over here everybody was Kung Fu’ house They get rid of my shit Jeff you gotta walk back. No. Yes, maybe here ray some interesting additions to your home [I] just Continue Reading

Opening Prayer: Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

God of the dirt and sky, The one who blesses the cinch, saddle and spur, Inspired Creator of the horse and the rider, We are from many different backgrounds, families, and organizations, but we are all gathered here, in your great arena. Reminded of your incredible power, and abundant grace. Continue Reading

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Battle Of Bull Creek

LINDSAY: D’y’alls families have like, crazy stories about your lineage too, where like, you’re all related to some kings, or whatever? OTHERS: No. MICHAEL: My family, I grew up and they were like “You’re trash and you’ll always be trash.” JEREMY: Yeah, my dad was like “Your great-great-grandfather was probably Continue Reading

Austin Revealed: Chicano Civil Rights “Rise of Mexican-Americans in Politics”

(music) – There’s increasingly high expectations being expressed by Mexican-Americans reinforced by the returning veterans from the Second World War who have experienced foxhole democracy. They come back expecting to be treated fairly, the way they were treated in the military. They’re still facing seemingly unchanging social conditions that we Continue Reading