Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays ‘Eggs’ Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don’t Know Why

Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays ‘Eggs’ Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don’t Know Why As much as science has helped us to understand our natural world, there are still plenty of anomalies it cannot explain. When confronted with some of nature’s most bizarre creations, even the most knowledgeable Continue Reading

Dahsyat Sungguh Lamb Shank Dalam Set Supreme Matador Ni 👍 (ENG SUBS)

Let me give you a closeup view. Can you see the meat almost falls off the bone? Hi. What’s up, everyone. I’m currently at WM Food Station located in Seksyen 17, Shah Alam. Here, they serve Western food, Asian food, and even Italian food as well. On the table here Continue Reading

Picking & Taking Care of Cowboy Hats : Hats vs Helmets for Rodeo Riders

Hi, I’m Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village here at Callister’s. Today I’m going to discuss if you are riding, whether you should wear a helmet or a hat. Most people, who are experienced riders, go into a hat. Now hats are basically for style. They’re not really, if Continue Reading

Great Hammerhead Sharks | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

This time on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan is testing a new camera system—with hammerhead sharks! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird, and welcome to my world! Here at Blue World we’re really excited about a new theatrical project we’re working on and today we’re going to take you behind the scenes! Continue Reading

Peru: Animal Rights Activists March Against Bullfighting in Lima

“We are conducting a march against animal abuse especially against bullfighting.” “We cannot continue mistreating the bulls in such a cruel way for the fun of a few. They are not that many, we are winning against them *INAUDIBLE*, little by little we will get there, the bulls are the Continue Reading

8 Most DANGEROUS Sea Creatures!

From aggressive fish with a mouthful of teeth, to the most venomous marine animal, here are 8 sea creatures you should watch out for! 8. Titan Triggerfish There’s a misconception when swimming in the ocean that it’s “obvious” which creatures will attack you and which ones won’t. Like the Titan Continue Reading

What Makes Bull Sharks Dangerous?

Welcome to “Discovery World Safari.” On today’s episode, the bull shark. Many experts believe the bull shark is the most dangerous shark in the world. This is due to the fact that they are an aggressive predator, that hunt in waters where people are often swimming. They are know to Continue Reading

WORLD FIRST: Scientists film death of white blood cell and discover alert system

In a world first, the death of a human white blood cell has been caught on camera. Researchers at La Trobe University in Australia used time lapse photography to make this video, showing a white blood cell as it died – A key component of the body’s defence against disease. Continue Reading

10: Hygiene in the shed? Let the cows tell you! Scoring system

Welcome to this series on mastitis in dairy cows. Brought to you by the University of Edinburgh. This video is hygiene in the shed, let the cows tell you, a scoring system. Mastitis is the infection of the milk-producing gland, the udder. Bacteria invade the teat end via the teat Continue Reading