Weaver Ants | The Guardians of the Canopy

hi guys my name is Jordan and in this video I’m exploring Australia’s topics up in northern Queensland. Here ancient rainforests stretch as far as the eye can see and are home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife. Including one of the most unique ant species I’ve ever encountered. Continue Reading

Ant Room Tour | Bull Ants

Hi guys, my name’s Jordan Dean and in this video, I’m going back to roots a little. Giving you all a brief look the various ants I’m keeping. And do I have a LOT to show you guys! There’s the Bigheaded ants, in their naturalist terrarium… The Sugar ants, who Continue Reading

Ant Room Tour | Giant Bull Ants

Hi guys, my name’s Jordan, and in this Ant Room Tour we’re taking a look my 4 foot long vivarium. Currently home to a colony of Australia’s iconic, and notorious, “Giant Bull Ants”. Originally, this colony of Giant Bull Ants, scientifically known as Myrmecia pyriformis, were raised up from a Continue Reading

Sugar Ants | Tandem Running Their Way to Victory

Hi, my name’s Jordan Dean, and in this episode, we’re going to be looking at one of the most widely distributed and diverse ants on the planet. They’re known as Sugar Ants… Sugar Ants cover the genus “Camponotus”, a large genus, comprised of around a thousand-different species, and they can Continue Reading

Bull Ants | The Giants of the Undergrowth

Hi, this is Jordan. In this video we’re going to be looking at one of the largest and most aggressive ants out there, they’re known as Bull Ants. Bull Ants fall under the genus, Myrmecia, and have around 90 different species, almost all of which are endemic to Australia. They’re Continue Reading