Butterfly Gets Coolest “Surgery” To Fix His Wing | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids: Rescued!

A butterfly doctor! Butterfly sugery is actually a thing, I guess! This butterfly’s wing is hurt. And it’s trying to fly away but it can’t ’cause its wing is broken. Will a hero come to his rescue? I walked through this one field and I looked down and I noticed Continue Reading

Welcome Home: Tali | The Dodo

[MUSIC PLAYING] The last month of waiting for, it’s just been OK, hurry. Hurry. He was living in, basically, an abandoned concrete facility with gravel, no fresh water, no food. But he went from living under a building on a pile of rocks to being the most spoiled dog in Continue Reading

Inside the Dark World of Captive Wildlife Tourism | National Geographic

– (sighs) Jesus. We came behind the stadium where the elephants perform and we found this juvenile elephant. He had gaping red wounds at his temple. He also has a broken leg. The other one is chained up. He looks totally emaciated. Skin and bones. And this is the worst Continue Reading

Tiny Animal 💖 BOXING SEA OCTOPUS 💖 Play Doh Cartoons Stop Motion

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another episode on Clay Mixer: GIGANTIC SEA OCTOPUS If you love this video. Please hit “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons below to see better episodes on Clay Mixer. And don’t forget the ♪BELL♪

What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar’s Worst Bite

– Us famous. Some relationships begin kinda rocky, okay. Now, come and meet my pack. (upbeat music) (dog barks) (upbeat music) All right, Holly. We’re gonna watch our video together, okay? We’re gonna watch our video together that made us famous. Some relationships begin kinda rocky, okay? Some relationships begin Continue Reading