Buying Blind Homeless Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches!

Lion Hunt Warthog ( Sadly end ) Crazy


Rover Cleveland (A1070682) Meets Jasmin (A1507580)

Rover Cleveland (A1070682, Weimaraner mix) Meets Jasmin (A1507580, brown brindle and white) Rover Cleveland is our longest available for adoption resident! He has been at the shelter since Oct 29, 2015. This is his first time meeting Jasmin and he appears uncertain — unsure of what to make of the Continue Reading

Best Friend Dogs Love The Hose In Their New Backyard | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

When animal rescuers found Agatha and Jukebox living on their own they took them to a shelter. A place where people help dogs who need it! At the shelter, every dog gets their own space. Except Agatha and Jukebox! Because when they tried giving them separate beds, they got so Continue Reading

Lamorne Morris Will Never Mess With A Teenage Elephant

– Oh my gosh! – Well, meet Keith and Josh and Selena. – Hello. – Hello. – How are you? – Good to meet you. – Oooh this is just– it’s in the faces. (laughter) – So Lamorne, you’re from Chicago, do you ever get back there to see your Continue Reading

Transporting livestock

Good transport of livestock should aim to deliver the animals in the best possible condition, and a key to achieving this is understanding the animal and being able to provide for its needs. When you’re transporting animals, it’s important that you segregate certain classes and species of animals. For example Continue Reading

Visit Our Wyoming Life – AirBnb, Hunting & Harvest Hosts

Hi I’m Mike, have you ever wished you could visit us here on the ranch? See the animals, the sites and yes even the smells? Well beginning today you can and we are going to talk about 3 ways you can do that and give away a year long membership Continue Reading