Sex on the Ranch – Putting Out Bulls

hi I’m Mike a little over a year ago we put out a video about putting out the Bulls that video was banned then censored and then buried well we don’t learn from our own mistakes sometimes so now we’re doing it again as we take a look at sex Continue Reading

Taking a Bull to Auction – Bubbles Leaves the Cattle Ranch

hi I’m Mike today is bubble the Bulls last day here on the ranch today you and I are gonna load him up in a trailer we’re gonna take him to Buffalo Wyoming for his big day the auction which actually takes place tomorrow we’re gonna find out what his Continue Reading

Bulls – Triumph and Tragedy

Hi I’m Mike. The bulls on the ranch have one job, and today, well they get laid off. Its time to give them a break and get them moving on their way to their winter home, which is usually, easier said than done on our Wyoming life. My plan was Continue Reading

Mega panda fail – Tian Tian takes a tumble

It was roly poly time at Edinburgh zoo as giant panda Tian tian got playful in her pen. The female bear had a delightful time playing with the latest enrichment toy given to her by her keepers. After rolling off her podium, she took a moment to chill out – Continue Reading

Livestock, Youtube , and What the Bulls Taught Us For the Future

Hi I’m Mike. It was Winston Churchill who said You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. Are the topics covered on our channel too controversial for the main stream? Do people not want to put a face to their food? Today, we Continue Reading

The Cost of Ranching

Hi I’m Mike, today we take a look at the actual numbers behind farming and ranching, the dollars and cents and not the common sense, because after this, you might be wondering if I have any sense at all. Stick around on Our Wyoming Life. So, ranching is easy right? Continue Reading

Putting Bulls In With The Cows on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, today is time to restart a new cycle on the ranch. Calves are born every year and one of the most important parts of that process is bringing the bulls to the cows. Moving bulls is so much different from moving cows and working with them can Continue Reading