Animal Rescue Gives Dogs a Second Chance at Life | All Good

36-Pound Cat Finds A Mom Who Just Gets Him | The Dodo Adoption Day

King weighed 36 pounds at the shelter. His photo on Facebook spoke to me. I had weight issues of my own, and knew that I’d be able to help him. King ended up at the shelter because his owner passed away. It is my understanding that his owner had Alzheimer’s Continue Reading

Watch This Kid Help A Shelter Dog Find The Perfect Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

– He’s laying on you, Roman! (Laughing) He’s got your hood! – I found Buster at the Augusta Animal Shelter and he is an owner surrender. So when Buster first met me out in the play yard, he was just really happy. He was just a kisser, a hugger. – Continue Reading

19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day

Oh, you’ve got a great smile. The paperwork said Ace is nineteen. Ace was surrendered to the Sonoma Shelter, and then the fires started. And he ended up 150 miles away at the SPCA. I went to see Ace the day after he arrived at the shelter. – Hey bud! Continue Reading

A New Cat Appeared To A Kitten Who Had Protected Her Dead Dad (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP116

The alley is fulled with a kitten’s crying Next to her, there is a big cat who is just lying without any movement PD : Is the cat lying next to her dead? Informant : Yes. he’s dead. been for 2 or 3 days. Into the cold and stiff dead’s Continue Reading

Guy Drives 18 Hours To Save Two Baby Cows | The Dodo Adoption Day

It’s all right. It’s okay. – Who’s excited to go home? You guys don’t look too excited. I just rescued these two calves from farms in Vermont. I’m driving them to a sanctuary in South Carolina, where they’ll be adopted by a family. It’s about an 18-hour road trip. Good Continue Reading

Best Friends TV Episode 5: Moose Overcomes His Past

The brave. The resilient. The hilarious. Even the misunderstood. Meet a few of the most memorable and prepared to be inspired. So before moose arrived at Best Friends, he was an extremely jumpy mouthy dog. So what that means is that when he saw people, when people came into his Continue Reading

Best Friends TV Episode 7: Justice Fighting Dog Rehabilitated

The brave. The resilient. The hilarious. Even the misunderstood. Meet a few of the most memorable and prepare to be inspired. Justice came from a dog fighting ring. He originally arrived here, he was super, super shut down, very shy, very scared of his environment so he was really really Continue Reading

Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Lady from Pit Bulls

For past few years, pit bulls have been famous for being dangerous animals as they are surrounded by many controversies. Now, do not judge me because I love dog, specially pitbulls, no matter what. But it is fascinating to note that 5-years study investigating dog bite injuries shown that 51% Continue Reading

Blind Rescue Puppy Wins Over Every Member Of His New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

Martin is a bulldog puppy that’s about three and a half months old. He was surrendered to us because he’s blind. And Martin doesn’t really realize he’s blind I don’t think, because he’s so confident. He goes into the world as if he can just see, and if he bumps Continue Reading