Orphan Elephant Calf Survives Predator Attack

COMM: The Kenya Wildlife service has received a number of calls about a tiny elephant calf who has been seen wandering alone; looking very malnourished with small predator bites on his back legs. COMM: The youngster was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service in a Continue Reading

Transformation: 3 Dogs Rescued from Extreme Neglect

(Voice of Pasado’s Safe Haven Investigations & Rescue Director) We got a call from a citizen in Mason County involving a situation where they’d been calling law enforcement for over a year and they weren’t getting response so we got involved to ensure that law enforcement would respond to this Continue Reading

Lonely Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For His Forever Home

Welcome back to Funky Smile, and story today is about a Senior Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For A Family Scooter is a Chihuahua who was accustomed to living in a lovely home. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner passed away and he was left to fend for himself. Continue Reading

The World’s Most Epic Cat Cribs | The Dodo

Cats already run our houses, so shouldn’t they have their own kingdoms to rule? Here are some of the best cat cribs ever made. When this guy moved out of the city, he wanted to introduce his very indoor cats to the great outdoors. So he built them this epic Continue Reading

Otitis the Cat with No Ears Celebrates a Big Milestone with His Mom | The Dodo Party Animals

The day that I saw Otitis I was on Petfinder, and I always do the “special needs” checkbox. And he popped up. And I’m like, “This cat is earless. I have never seen an earless cat before. I — I need this cat.” I finally put in an application, and Continue Reading

Special Chihuahua Dog Gets AWESOME Birthday Party | The Dodo Party Animals

When I first saw a picture of Mr. Crowley, I thought, “What a cute little dude.” His tongue was out, he was all happy. I thought, “This could be the one.” We were not looking for a perfect dog. We were not looking for anybody’s first pick. We were looking Continue Reading

Rescue Paralyzed & Malnourished Dog Chain to A Tree in Texas

Welcome back to Funky Smile, and the story today is about a Paralyzed And Malnourished Dog Kept Chained To A Tree Is Finally Rescued Dogs are “man’s best friend” and deserve to be treated as such. Sadly, not all people view or treat dogs this way. Animal rescuers from Dallas Continue Reading

Sloth Released Into The Wild After Surviving Dog Attack

COMM: After extensive rehabilitation, this sloth is finally being released back into the wild. But just five months ago, she almost died after being mauled by dogs. She was taken to the Toucan Rescue Ranch for treatment where they named her Tina. The attack left her with a broken arm Continue Reading

Baby Orangutan Learns To Climb After Being Shot

COMM: This traumatised baby orangutan was injured when his mother was shot dead in West Borneo. COMM: Named Didik, he’s been in the care of International Animal Rescue since June. COMM: When he was found, he had a bullet lodged in his shoulder and was suffering from severe malnutrition. COMM: Continue Reading

Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time | The Dodo Comeback Kids

When we first heard about Jenny and her mother, Josie, what quickly got our attention was how long and curled their hooves were. – And just the filth they were living in. – Another local rescue reached out to us to see if we could help. That was it. We Continue Reading