Bloopers – Scrambled Brains (The Electric Company)

[BEEPING] BOY: And then took Annie Scrambler’s thoughts and put them in Lisa’s head? GIRL: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. BOY: Guys, guys. WOMAN: OK, sorry. We’re going to do one. BOTH: Lisa and Scrambler have switched brains– bodies. MAN: They switched brains and bodies. [LAUGHTER] Really? Continue Reading

Congress scrambles to wrap up legislation before the holiday

JUDY WOODRUFF: We turn now to Congress. It was a busy day for the U.S. House and Senate, as they negotiate a deal to fund the government before a Friday deadline. To bring us up to speed on where things stand, I’m joined by our own Lisa Desjardins. Hello, Lisa. Continue Reading

Day In The Life With 5 Kids By Myself!

good morning guys I hope you’re doing amazing today it is gonna be a solo mom day in the life with 5 kids. My husband is gone I think until 10:00 tonight he’s got a couple work commitments that he is working on in some projects but I’m gonna take Continue Reading

The Story So Far | Chapter 6: Chaos | Marvel Contest of Champions

How is an Infinity Stone made? In the Battlerealm, Infinity Stones are forged as a sword would be… A substance. A blacksmith. A mold. A crucible. A simple enough recipe to be sure, but every revolution has small beginnings. The substance: ISO-8. Veins of it lacing every inch of the Continue Reading

More Incredible True Stories That Should be Movies

Whenever Hollywood is feeling a dearth of creativity, all it has to do is look at history for inspiration. There are so many crazy, weird, and mysterious tales waiting to be told. The following stories would do well on the silver screen. 8. The Life & Times of Timothy Dexter Continue Reading

Saving Vietnam’s Critically Endangered Pangolins

COMM: It’s an animal whose tongue is longer than its body. It eats over 70 million insects a year. It’s got scales, but it’s a mammal. Many people have never heard of a pangolin before, but it’s the most hunted mammal in the world and is critically endangered, so much Continue Reading

Paneer Bhurji Recipe – Scrambled Indian Cheese

Namaskar Welcome to We have already prepared paneer sabzi with numerous styles. Almost everyone relish eating paneer sabzi. Today we’ll prepare easy paneer bhurji recipe which can be prepared instantly. Also this recipe tastes delicious. So, let’s start with the procedure of making paneer bhurji. Foe this we have Continue Reading

How China Is Scrambling for Clean Air

At its worst, Beijing’s air looked like this. In 2013, the air quality was deemed unhealthy or hazardous for over half the year, peaking in Beijing at 35 times the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit. It was so bad that Premier Li Keqiang declared a “war on pollution” at China’s Continue Reading

WWE 2K17 PS4/XB1 – Championship Scramble Match – Epic Gameplay Notion

Hello guys and girls.. welcome back to a new video here on elementgames today i am back with a new wwe 2k17 notion video recently when putting together a wish list i came across the long forgotten championship scramble match type this brought me the idea of actually bringing this Continue Reading

Republicans ‘setting dangerous precedent that threatens republic itself’, as White House scramble to

 Republicans are “setting a dangerous precedent that threatens the republic itself” in supporting Donald Trump against efforts to impeach him, the former director of the US Office of Government Ethics has warned  Walter Shaub claims all future presidents will “be able to point to Trump to justify soliciting foreign attacks on elections” and Continue Reading