We Share Our Home With Two Bobcats | BEAST BUDDIES

MELISSA: They have very, very strong jaws, and sometimes they’ll bite you just a little bit harder than what our tender arms are used to. MELISSA: Hello, we are Mick and Melissa and we are the owners of two bobcats. MELISSA: Owning bobcats, you know that you are going to Continue Reading

Nestačí vedieť “o” Ježišovi Fr Mark Goring, (Slovenské titulky)

praise be Jesus Christ the things of God are very hard to express in human language sometimes it’s amusing how someone will say like I felt God’s presence and another person will say feelings are useless you shouldn’t talked about feeling God another person will say I experience God and Continue Reading

Chinese President Xi Jingping meets Queen on UK visit

Chinese President Xi Jingping has begun his four-day state visit to Britain. Mr Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, were officially welcomed this afternoon by the Queen and Prime Minister during a ceremony at Horse Guards Parade in London. Her Majesty and Mr Xi travelled together in a procession along Continue Reading

Sharp HealthCare Hip Replacement Surgery: Dianne’s Story

The hip pain started several years ago. I have what’s labeled as osteoarthritis. I basically wore the cartilage in my hip. So it was bone-on-bone, and whenever you have that bone-on-bone, it hurts. And so what happens while I walk a lot, I used to be a jogger. No more. Continue Reading

[ENG/SPA/IND SUB] The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu || EP3

“The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu” Episode Three Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs Subscribe for more videos of Hua Hua There is no word in the music world No song title And no lyrics There is only solitude in the space of growing up I often spent a Continue Reading

Most DANGEROUS Animals In Africa!

What scavenger can actually chase you down at speeds of more than 35 miles per hour? Which snakes are the most treacherous in all of Africa? Find out as we look at the Most Dangerous Animals In Africa. #13 Rock Python Among the top six largest snakes in the world Continue Reading