‘Deadpool’ Prevents Epic Battle Between Alligators | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

COMM: In the Colorado Gator Farm, two territorial alligators are going head to head. JAY YOUNG: The two alligators fighting over territory here; easy bro, calm down. COMM: It will take a superhero to sort out this conflict – enter Deadpool. COMM: Eagle eyed viewers will notice that this isn’t Continue Reading

The Crocodile Queen

SAVANNAH BOAN: I love crocodiles and alligators so much that when I look at them, I immediately get excited and get butterflys in my stomach like I just saw a cute guy. SAVANNAH BOAN: Hey, my name is Savannah and I work at Gatorland, the alligator capital of the world. Continue Reading

The World’s Most Pampered Alligator

ANGELA LANCE: I am not sure there’s other gators that are getting foot massages and manicures and seem to enjoy it. COMM: The thought of being in close contact with an alligator might be terrifying for most people, but not for this lady. ANGELA LANCE: I am Angela and this Continue Reading

The Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

PATRICK: I mean it’s a good experience to be able to bond with the animals. LAWRENCE: Takes my mind off of being in jail. LAWRENCE: I was pretty, I was pretty stoked when I found out I got the job. I know I am a hard worker. I like animals. Continue Reading

Wild Animals Fighting – Porcupine vs Lion, Leopard vs Boar, Elephant, Video African Animals

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UNBELIEVABLE Tales of Pit Bull Heroes

Hi guys! Welcome to Awesome America, it’s me, Jeff Defending their humans from other humans, and even protecting their animal friends , these heroic dogs have earned their place on our list of True Tales of Pitbull Heroes 10. Jack VS Coyotes Jack is a rescue dog with an unlikely Continue Reading

T-REX SIZED GATOR Caught in Florida!

(dramatic orchestral music) – 65 million years ago, dinosaurs vanished from the face of our planet. 25 years ago, a revolutionary vision from the mind of Steve Spielberg magically brought them back to life. Anyone who has ever loved dinosaurs certainly remembers the first time they watched Jurassic Park. Eyes Continue Reading


– So Sunny D literally lost her teeth. – All right, spider. – Oh my gosh, I seriously don’t think I can hold it. Hey good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day is incredible. I gotta be honest with you, I’ve been Continue Reading

DON’T MESS with a Snarly Badger!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Now, we all know that the honey badger doesn’t give a you know what. But, let me tell you who does, his feisty cousin, the American badger. Get ready, it’s badger time. Here we go. (fast drumming) Montana is famous for its epic landscapes, from towering Continue Reading


– So I just wanna spend a few more minutes with this absolutely gorgeous monocled cobra before we move on to some other pretty deadly snakes, guys. (music squeals) Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog. It is gonna be a fun and adrenaline-filled morning so we’re gonna Continue Reading