White Rhino Vs Black Rhino In Rare Face-Off

COMM: While on an evening game drive looking for a pride of lions, senior field guide Wayne Haworth came across a black rhino and a white rhino sizing each other up, most likely in a dispute over territory. COMM: It’s unusual to see the two together as they have different Continue Reading

Evolving and angry Buffalo shows true colors to the Lion, attack, animal, Africa

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The ‘Pangolin Men’ Saving The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

ADRIAN STEIRN: To see the relationship between animal and carer in a single frame was very relevant for people out there to actually care. MAN: Here in Zimbabwe, we’re proud to save the pangolins. Every day, with my friends, we protect the animal. We walk them, we feed them, we Continue Reading

hippo, vs, rhino,

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Brave Mongoose Tackles Lethal Black Mamba Snake

COMM: In the Kruger National Park, a dwarf mongoose sizes up to a deadly opponent, a black mamba. COMM: Black mamba snakes are the most feared in Africa, growing up to four and a half meters long. WOMAN: Oh, my god! Look at the size of him. COMM: Their bite Continue Reading

Zebra Saved From Deadly Snare Hold

COMM: The KaiNav Conservation Foundation’s S.N.A.R.E. team has been notified by the reserve management of a Zebra with a snare around its neck. COMM: Snares are widely used throughout Asia and Africa by poachers as they are cheap to make, but they are not selective and animals are often unintentionally Continue Reading

The new scramble for Africa | The Economist

The first scramble for Africa was when European colonial powers saw a continent that was vast, rich in minerals and land, and very poorly defended, and they rushed in to carve it up, and steal the land. The second was during the Cold War when east and west were locked Continue Reading

A Brief History of The Scramble For Africa

Africa is a large continent home to immense culture and history surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west it is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent it contains 54 countries and is extremely Continue Reading

The scientific origins of the Minotaur – Matt Kaplan

Far beneath the palace of the treacherous King Minos, in the damp darkness of an inescapable labryinth, a horrific beast stalks the endless corridors of its prison, enraged with a bloodlust so intense that its deafening roar shakes the Earth. It is easy to see why the Minotaur myth has Continue Reading

Kudu Bull hunt, 65″! What a monster.

okay good morning I think it will be a good morning it’s gonna be something that you’ve been looking forward to for three, okay try to hunt it for three years but looking forward to for your whole life my whole life you know so it’s a dream dream animal Continue Reading