Your new favorite airline in 9 letters

(upbeat dance music) – [Narrator] O is for on a budget so you can be out of office more often. I is for incredible service. It goes back to our Nordic culture. G is for growing. We’ve been the fastest-growing airline between the US and Europe, adding more routes all Continue Reading

One Year of FULL-TIME Travel | EPIC Year of FIRSTS! | Travel Montage

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. For those of you that are new here, I’m Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. We’re a fun travel couple that not only shares the same birthday but the same love and passion for travel and it’s been one Continue Reading

Sofa Mountain scramble in Waterton NP Canadian Rockies scrambling closed captions

Sofa mountain, point to the ridge, point the way up. There is an easy way up on the left side, scramble on the right side. So which one will you go on? You’ve got to go either left or right. True peak is on the left side. Go left, up Continue Reading

The Strip’s rebellious little sister

(upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – Hi, I’m Caz, and I’ve been living around the world for the past two years. This week, I’m checking out a side of Vegas that most people don’t know about. This is how the locals live. (upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – This is Continue Reading

Disabled Orca Becomes Leader Of The Pod

COMM: Rainer Schimpf and his wife Silke run marine expedition company Expert Tours. COMM: Based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa they were following dolphins on the annual sardine run. COMM: When they saw the dolphins become panicked. RAINER SCHIMPF: This happened about 30 nautical miles south of Port Elizabeth. As Continue Reading

Bow Peak trip 2009 in Icefields Parkway Canadian Rockies scramble raw footage close captions

Not sure of the name of this bird. Feel free to right it down in the comment section if you do know We are parked at a shoulder of the Icefiels Parkway which runs towards Jasper Our group is crossing the river that originates at this Bow Lake, namely Bow Continue Reading

Trabalho Voluntário e Corrida na Pride Week em Estockholm (Sweden) – The Trips of Gerson

Sonic é melhor que Mario! – CORRIDA ÉPICA no Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™

Hey what’s up guys, how are you doing? Are you guys ready? Because now i´m going to start an Epic race in Sonic & All Stars! which is better than Mario Kart in my opniion