Bow Peak trip 2009 in Icefields Parkway Canadian Rockies scramble raw footage close captions

Not sure of the name of this bird. Feel free to right it down in the comment section if you do know We are parked at a shoulder of the Icefiels Parkway which runs towards Jasper Our group is crossing the river that originates at this Bow Lake, namely Bow Continue Reading

Trabalho Voluntário e Corrida na Pride Week em Estockholm (Sweden) – The Trips of Gerson

Sonic é melhor que Mario! – CORRIDA ÉPICA no Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™

Hey what’s up guys, how are you doing? Are you guys ready? Because now i´m going to start an Epic race in Sonic & All Stars! which is better than Mario Kart in my opniion

The great weekend escape: Boston

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Boston. – We’re here. (upbeat music) – Because the city of Boston is known for it’s unique character, Jeff and I wanted to explore the city. So first, we needed a bike. (upbeat music) – We got something fun planned for Jeff today, I hope Continue Reading

Mount Warspite scramble in Kananaskis Canadian Rockies

wow, we are, myself and Tom, Tom is over there, on the summit of Mount Warspite an amazingly beautiful panorama here, it’s absolutely gorgeous lots of lakes lots of familiar peaks and ridges, lots of glaciers, and even 11,000ers, Mount Joffre in that direction hmm, I see another tall peak

JB Mauney: “If you can’t deal with pain, don’t ride bulls” | Project Adventure

– I’m JB Mauney, professional bull rider. I’m here with Groove Life, they gave me this awesome ring and for my lifestyle it works out perfect. And they have a no (bleep) warranty. (upbeat country music) I started riding bulls, big bulls. My first big bull I ever got on Continue Reading

5 locals, 5 visitors, 5 great Florida cities

(upbeat, tropical music) – [Both] Welcome to St. Petersburg. – [Khris] So this is Bodega, my favorite place in town to get lunch. – [Megan] Let’s eat! – [Khris] Let’s do it. – It’s delicious. – What’s really cool about St. Pete is, we like to use our history, to Continue Reading

Freerunning a GHOST TOWN in Turkey | w/ Alexander Titarenko

[TENSE MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, guys! I’m Alex Titarenko. I am in Turkey in a small town called Halfeti. [CALM MUSIC PLAYING] And this is a great place with a lot of history. ALEXANDER:Old part of the town is isolated and under water.It’s like a ghost town, man. Let’s check what Continue Reading

The Most Venomous Rattlesnake in the World!

(dramatic music) – I’m Coyote Peterson, and right now I am face to face with the deadliest rattlesnake in the world. Dancin’ with a Mohave rattlesnake. This is one dangerous dance, my friends. (intense instrumental music) (roar) The heart of rattlesnake territory is truly Arizona which is home to 13 Continue Reading

Behind the lens: Great Britain

(upbeat music) – I am Tiffany Nguyen and I’m a travel photographer. I’m in the UK with Visit Britain. – Hello. – Hi how are you? – I’m Colin, welcome. This is London’s oldest market, it dates back to the year 1200. Now a silk top hat originated in London Continue Reading