The Indian Doctors Who Created An Animal Ark | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

Voiceover: Prakash Amte and his family have been running this hospital in Maharashtra for over 40 years. After moving to the area and noticing the extreme poverty and lack of health care people in the area were facing. Voiceover: And it’s not just human patients that this family tend to.

Animals ADOPTING Other Animal Species!

From gorillas adopting kittens to hippos taking care of turtles, here are 11 animals who adopted other animals! 11. Gorilla and Kittens You might be familiar with Koko the Gorilla because of her famous friendship with actor and comedian Robin Williams. She’s well known for her role in language research Continue Reading

Dogs need homes. Can you help?

[SOUND] The reason that we’ve got you guys out here today is to talk about just how many animals we have in our care and how full we are. And that is not something that is unique to our agency this time of year. Full animal shelters is something that Continue Reading