Ninja Scroll Franchise Review Part 1 – Scrambled Thoughts

When asked who is your favorite anime director, some people say Hayao Miyazaki, some people say Mamoru Oshii, I say Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Yoshiaki Kawajiri is the John Woo of Japanese animation. What separates Kawajiri from other action directors is his dramatic compositions, signature character designs, and ability to find beauty Continue Reading

Kayak Obstacle Course in Denmark – Red Bull Kayak Maniacs 2012

Welcome to the heart of Aarhus, more particularly the stream of Aarhus, and even more particularly “Red Bull Kayak Maniacs.” We’ve got 25 of the best kayak paddlers, who are competing at the impending Olympic Games, and a very competent judge. The battle starts off a ramp at the bridge Continue Reading

Crazy Bull Chasing at Seven Emu Station ► All 4 Adventure TV

We’re waiting for them to settle down, and then we’re going to push them through the fence. That’s some hard work pushing through there. Poor old Simon, he was going flat out in Clarry’s machine. I think he was a bit scared. I’ve just been in that old Landcruiser with Continue Reading

Adventure Skicross – Red Bull Hüttenrallye 2012

Awesome event here! Lets step on the gas.

Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen

Hornussen is a Swiss traditional sport. You need four things to play it: a stick, a “hornuss”, a “traf” and a paddle. It dates back to the times of Jeremias Gotthelf. Red Bull Hornussen is all about the strokes. It is different from the usual Hornussen game. We have invited Continue Reading

Slackline Tricks above the Streets of Italy – Red Bull Airlines 2014

Welcome, to Red Bull Airlines! We have 11 athletes from all over the world They will have 3 rounds to impress you, but even more, our judges Our only Italian is leaving the competition, Lukas Huber It’s the only kind of contest with multiple lines in the air The height Continue Reading

New Jurassic Park Custom Paint Bull T-Rex Vs Trex Battle /Jurassic park Mobile Command Unboxing

Wow guys watch what happens with dr. grant and Billy tried to rescue the baby t-rex I know their moms are not gonna be happy [Music] [Music] Wow there’s a baby t-rex sleeping hey stay away from that stay away from those dinos don’t get your sin to follow you Continue Reading

Red Bull Soap Box Race – Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

Quarter mile descent More than 25,000 people 48 teams 192 crazy people the craziest race in the world It’s an adult game but in a kid’s spirit and an acceptable level of insanity. Ridiculousness and madness is all you’ll find here. The evaluation will be done by a team of Continue Reading

A MESSAGE TO MY RED BULL FRIENDS: Congratulations To The Environment Littering Champions #redbull

Hey Redbull, isn’t it amazing that your product is supposed to give people the energy to do all kinda crazy shit… but that, in many cases, none of that energy seem to be used to do a simple… Come on Redbull! Get your shit together and help a little here! Continue Reading

Owner Take Action Immediately To Rescue His Pit Bull From Dog Snatcher, Then Posts The Video Online

What if I say that a picture can save a life? Seems strange. This event took place in New Mexico where the High Plains Humane Society visited an animal shelter home and took a picture of a dog looking outside sadly. The picture was shared on Facebook and got viral Continue Reading