4 Eggs recipes for breakfast ( SCRAMBLED EGGS) WITH VEGETABLES

Easy omelette breakfast recipe, served 2 simple and quick recipe, 50ml cooking oil add 1 chopped onion vegetarian recipes cook for about 2 minutes 4 chopped tomatoes 1 medium bell pepper cook for about 10 minutes a pinch of salt and pepper cook for about 2 minutes add 4 eggs Continue Reading

Relogio, Asa e Carro de Corrida – Danny Tattoo (Clock, Wing and Race Car) Timelapse

Learn more about needles in video above

Clawson Truck Center Rodeo Month!

Howdy partner about two days ago I was digging an oil well I lost my footing and I felt 30 feet down a mine shaft bouncin side-to-side landed flat on my back but I’ll tell you what really knocked me out of my boots was that deal I got on Continue Reading

NZ Dairy Cruelty – 50% of people have NO idea about this.

It’s very….it gets you in the heart. Yeah, It feels very upsetting. It makes me feel really sad, you never really think about the cost behind the dairy that you have, you know. You never really think that something died so you could have your milk and cheese. I think Continue Reading

Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t Have You – Cover by Lyza Bull

I can’t write one song that’s not about you can’t drink without thinking about you is it too late to tell you that everything means nothing if I can’t have you? I’m in Toronto and I got this view But I might as well be in a hotel room, yeah. Continue Reading

Man’s About To Return Shelter Dog When He Finds A Letter From The Previous Owner

Today we’re going to tell you a story about a black lab called Reggie who was in need of a new home. A man had settled into his new town after moving house – but something was missing in his life. He knew that needed a canine companion to fill Continue Reading

04: Round 1/Bullfight – Red vs Blue Season 9 OST (By Jeff Williams)

Well you can relax. Internals didn’t ask about you. It was something else. Lots of questions about the insurrection and transmissions coming out of our… Sorry Sir. -Hey, What’s going on? Solider, where is everybody running? New agent, squaring off against Maine, Wyoming, and York in the training room floor. Continue Reading

AHA #GoRed Campaign

Our mission and our focus has always been about health, awareness, and… … educating people to do better for themselves, for their community… … if it resonates with just one person, that’s what we’re about. That’s what drives me to make these kind of events available. It starts today. It’s Continue Reading