Shibuya Crossing – Tokyo – 渋谷スクランブル交差点 – 4K Ultra HD

One of Tokyo’s most famous locations, Shibuya Crossing is located in front of Shibuya Station and a few step away from Hachiko Shibuya Crossing has been made famous not only by its atypical crossing but also by its giants TV Screens and youth fashion stores Compared by many to New Continue Reading

野鳥観察、浅羽ビオトープで出会った野鳥/浅羽ビオトープ・バードウォッチング・1月 /4K

Hawfinch / Coccothraustes coccothraustes Lanius bucephalus / Bull-headed shrike Daurian redstart / Phoenicurus auroreus Rustic Bunting / Emberiza rustica Long-tailed Tit / Aegithalos caudatus Dusky thrush / Turdus eunomus Japanese Wagtail / Motacilla grandis Tufted duck & Eurasian coot Grey Wagtail / Motacilla cinerea

【MMD R-18】Scramble Kousai ◈ スクランブル交際「Crime Miku」〚4K〛

Wouldn’t that be such a waste? There’s no need to say goodbye. Let’s scramble some more Isn’t that kinda impossible? Counting the loves that aren’t there Makes it a little painful. On night with absolutely nothing to laugh about, I just want to keep listening to secrets Definitely impossible=Pretty much Continue Reading

GoPro: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 3 JAPAN: Peaks, Pillows & Pow

So I’m just gonna get up early and go for it.>>Breaking the law.>>Maybe, we didn’t see any signs posted.>>There were no signs that said, don’t snowboard, right?>>Dude, if God didn’t want us to snowboard there, he wouldn’t have put them pillows there.>>True.>>Woo-hoo-hoo! The snow feels good in here. Do you Continue Reading

GoPro Snow: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 1 ALASKA: Seek & Destroy

That was heavy.>>That was heavy.>>I was just hanging from the skid.>>There’s an overhanging. Let’s move down. Holy shit, dude. Let’s work. The things Trav was looking at riding with him, I probably wouldn’t have looked at that. Nobody in the world rides like Trav.>>Four, three, two, one, board is dropping. Continue Reading


The Curious Webspinner Insect Knits a Cozy Home | Deep Look

Ok, under a log, you uncover a wispy white web. You’re thinking: spider. Not so fast. This maze of woven silk has nothing to do with arachnids. It’s actually created by a kind of insect called a webspinner. They’re related to stick insects and praying mantises. Never heard of ’em? Continue Reading

ERZBERGRODEO 2016 | Hare Scramble | Neues zum A2 | MOTORRÄDER PLATT gemacht | Motorrad Nachrichten

Kidnapper Ants Steal Other Ants’ Babies – And Brainwash Them | Deep Look

You’re watching Deep Look’s 100th episode. Think we should do 100 more? Then support us on Patreon. Link is in the description. These ants are planning a heist. They don’t have a choice. They can’t feed themselves on their own. But they’re not plotting to steal food. They steal other Continue Reading

I Gave My Fire Ants A Chicken Head

OMG! I can’t believe what I managed to film this week. So this video was supposed to be a regular holidays video of what I gave to all my pet ant colonies of the ant room for Christmas, but it turned out to be something much more… raw, and so Continue Reading