GT HOT LAP – RAIN Red Bull Ring – Peugeot RCZ Gr.B Rally Car – WT2NC

Hi everyone, I’m Coque Lopez. I’m going to show you the qualifying lap that gave me the pole position on the qualifying of Nations Cup at the Red Bull Ring with Peugeot Rally Car. So we start the lap, we got a good speed from the last corner. Important to Continue Reading

GT Tag Heuer Hot Laps: Red Bull Ring in Wet Conditions

Hello everyone. I’m Tom Lartilleux. I represent Mercedes-Benz in the 4th World Tour of the year on the official Gran Turismo game And I’m gonna talk you through my pole lap in the general qualifier on the Red Bull Ring in wet conditions. So, obviously coming out of the last Continue Reading

GT Sport Lap Guide: Fraga on how to master Red Bull Ring in the wet

Hello guys, my name is Igor Fraga and I’m very excited to show you guys what the rain looks like in the GT Sport. A feature that like a lot of people was waiting for a long time here on GT Sport. My first impression is basically, you know, you Continue Reading