Taco Bell Breakfast Items That Are Surprisingly Awesome

Taco Bell Breakfast Items That Are Surprisingly Awesome

Some items on Taco Bell’s breakfast menu stack
up higher than others, and it’s helpful to be prepared with that knowledge when placing
your order. So let’s all Live Mas and jump into some delicious
rankings of breakfast options that are actually worth ordering. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind
when Taco Bell pops into your head is, of course, tacos! Thus, Taco Bell knew that it needed to have
at least one breakfast option that was an actual taco. Enter the breakfast soft taco. It’s essentially just the breakfast quesadilla
in taco form, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s smaller in size, it tastes just as good,
and there’s something about holding a taco that feels more appropriate in the morning
than a quesadilla. After all, you’re not waiting in line at “Quesadilla
Bell.” However, those who prefer the sensation of
a hard shell may not find themselves wandering in this direction. This option is crunchless, which can be a
shame. That crunchy texture plays so well with soft
and savory food, and it’s missing from this dish. People who take a car to work often don’t
have the luxury of eating breakfast anywhere except the passenger’s seat. That’s where the mini skillet bowl comes in
handy. Instead of dealing with overwhelmingly large
wrappers and ingredients tumbling into the laps of newly ironed work pants, this item
keeps everything neatly nestled in a bowl for convenience. Of course, this is only a valid point if you’re
the passenger, as maneuvering a fork and bowl is not recommended for anyone behind the wheel. So what’s inside this delicious plastic bowl? Not only do you get a healthy dose of egg,
you also get to enjoy some chunks of potatoes, a dollop of pico de gallo for a burst of fresh
flavor, and a nacho cheese drizzle over the top to finish off strong. It makes any hectic morning just a little
bit better. The word “burrito” conjures up images of overstuffed
log-shaped tortillas full of delicious ingredients bursting at the seams. Taco Bell’s grilled breakfast burrito is exactly
that, offering up hefty portions of three ingredients that all want to work wonders
on your palate. And you should absolutely let them. Those three scrumptious ingredients are eggs,
bacon, and nacho cheese sauce. Instead of a three-cheese blend like some
other options, the nacho cheese drizzle does the same work, but better. All three ingredients seamlessly join together
to make a cylindrical tube of breakfast delights that’s worth anyone’s time. The term “bringing home the bacon” means to
make money and earn a living. However, in this case, bringing home the bacon
means you’ve just ordered the grilled breakfast burrito, and now it’s time to unwrap, close
your eyes, and take an amazing bite of cheesy, egg-y, bacon-y bliss. Taco Bell seems to be in the habit of taking
all the ingredients from one breakfast option and basically just changing the vessel in
which they’re delivered. If you break down the ingredients of the grilled
breakfast burrito fiesta potato, you quickly realize it’s simply the mini skillet bowl
emptied into a tortilla and wrapped up in a tight pouch of awesome. Which, frankly, isn’t a bad thing at all. “It’s not a bad thing.” Those four ingredients are egg, potato, pico
de gallo, and nacho cheese sauce. This time, they’re mingling inside a tortilla. Needless to say, the party’s still going strong. Sure, it might not offer the convenience of
a neat little bowl, but the flavors still run rampant, and this time it’s a little more
portable. If you enjoy the grilled breakfast burrito
but want to crank things up to 11, the grilled breakfast burrito fiesta potato is a worthwhile
investment. “Grande” is a word you can’t throw around
willy-nilly without backing it up with evidence. For something to truly be grande, it needs
to be cut above the rest, and that’s exactly why Taco Bell knew it was appropriate to call
the penultimate item on this list the “Grande Scrambler.” It’s got everything your morning appetite
wants, plus a little more just to tease those taste buds into submission. This breakfast option introduces never-before-seen
ingredient pairings, which is a much-welcome change of pace. Sure, certain ingredients find themselves
in the same mix such as egg, nacho cheese sauce, and potatoes, but then sour cream knocks
at the door and things start to get really interesting. This is a whole new flavor profile that ropes
the rest of the ingredients in with a lasso, lines them up accordingly, and marches them
into your rumbling belly. Egg. Bacon. Cheese blend. Nacho cheese sauce. Potatoes. Pico de gallo. Sour cream. Need we say more? “I don’t need more incentive to eat Taco Bell. Like, I don’t need that.” The Crunchwrap Supreme is to Taco Bell what
the Bloomin’ Onion is to Outback Steakhouse. They’re delicious choices that are frequently
ordered. One of the smartest things Taco Bell did when
rolling out its breakfast menu was incorporating a breakfast version of the Crunchwrap Supreme. They called it, naturally, the Breakfast Crunchwrap,
and what a glorious option it is! “I love the new AM Crunchwrap.” It actually has fewer ingredients than the
Grande Scrambler, but that doesn’t matter. The hash browns and creamy jalapeno sauce
now play leading roles, and they make a world of difference. Crunching into the lightly fried hash brown
patty while at the same time tasting egg, cheese, and bacon is already swell enough. But once your tongue gets a taste of that
sweet creamy jalapeno nectar binding everything together, you’re immediately aware you ordered
the best thing on the menu. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Breakfast
Crunchwrap comes out as the king. So keep that in mind and don’t deprive yourself
of the opportunity to feel like royalty the next time Taco Bell comes calling. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. this is all wonderful in some parts of the country this is not a safe bet workers that just do not care and you really do not know what you are getting Taco Bell bell is in most places safe like the video

  2. TB breakfast, is my favorite fast food breakfast. The problem I'm having is that so many TB's are often joined with KFC and at these locations they don't offer breakfast. So getting a TB breakfast is harder than it should be. #TacoBellBreakast #ALLlocations

  3. Maybe 2020 will be the first year that the breakfast crunch wrap isn't stone cold on the inside when I bite into it?

  4. 4 minute and 38 second Taco Bell ad featuring clips from Taco Bell ads.
    Processed cheese sauce is a good addition?
    At least this ad didn't have any ads, right?

  5. Ive taken the best feeling shits after esting taco bell meals. They have awesome food. You get a good meal and an awesome shit after what more can you ask for hahahah

  6. there's nothing healthy about eggs, cheese or bacon. all of them give you cancer. don't believe the propaganda people. #whatthehealth #goVegan

  7. In the 90s when TB made breakfast they had a breakfast burrito that had egg cheese bacon sausage potatoes and gravy! The gravy of my goodness made it so freakin good! It was called a "Country Burrito" it was amazing but for whatever dumb reason they don't have it this go round which is sad because (I will say it again) it was so good!!

  8. Their breakfast looks good but too bad it depend on the workers. If they are lazy and don’t care then no matter how good they advertised it, the items you get will not look or taste like it should. It goes to all fast food or restaurants. I had cold tacos, mess up burgers, and orders I never order.

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