Swae Lee Battles Hulk In Miami | DOG DYNASTY

Swae Lee Battles Hulk In Miami | DOG DYNASTY

Marlon: You ready for this one? So yes we’re going to head to Miami, let Hulk meet up with some of the fans, hit the beach, keep the fandom going. Man: Is that the Hulk?
Marlon: Yeah man! These people know the Hulk is around. It gets crazy. I’ll pay anybody who can
shake that out of his mouth. For real. So right now, we’re in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. We’re heading over to one of my client’s
house. To drop off one of Hulk’s puppies
probably going to meet up with them, make sure they’re happy.
And then we’ll jet off to Miami and it’s probably going to be a bit wild. Yeah the puppy is off of Hulk and Porsche, he was super excited. You know from the beginning like about the whole getting a dog from Hulk.
Adamant about it being a dog from Hulk. Generally you know, people are pretty excited about getting a dog
from Hulk he’s a bit famous. Generally I myself do not
deliver dogs like this, but in celebrity clientele I
try to you know show my face and deliver the dogs myself. Let’s do it, let’s get
this puppy dropped off. Let’s go see some smiling happy faces. What’s up man? She’s a pretty little
thing she’s wild man. She’s wild, she got all kinds of energy. Fortunately we was a touch late so
neither the clients are actually here but one of his people is here,
a great guy was happy to meet him. Marlon: Do they have a name for her?
Man: No man. Maybe Khalisi man. Marlon: That’s a good
one, that’s a pretty name. Man: That’s a pretty name man, he’s going to love this one. There’s going to be a tall dog right here, looking anything like this,
we got it made. Marlon: Wait till you
see how she grows man. Man: Serious?
Marlon: She’s going to grow crazy man. Man: Oh man.
Marlon: Overall it was good. I mean, I’m happy with it.
You know what I mean? I’ll probably come back
when they’re here and, and you know, just make sure they’re happy
with the dog and everything like that. And you know, that’s it. Now we’re going to take off out of
here and hit Miami and hit the beach. I’ve got my smile, I got my people, got my dog – ready to go. I mean people, people’s reaction to the
Hulk is, is always incredibe you know. To see the smile that he
can put on people’s faces. I appreciate all the fans
and I love all the fans, but I mean sometimes it
can be a bit overwhelming. Man: Hey, is that the Hulk?
Marlon: Yeah man. I’ve had people come to my house. I’ve had people outside taking
pictures of me in my yard, people like stalking me, you never know. That’s the crazy part
about fame in general. Man: Is that the Hulk?
Marlon: Yeah man. I love the fans, but it’s really
important that we have somebody with us watching our backs. Shadow: Excuse me boys.
With Marlon and Hulk is many technical considerations
when they’re moving about. Simple things such as making sure
people don’t walk up and feed him because we have no idea what
those potential snacks could be. Could be hazardous, could be fatal.
This is Miami Beach. So we deal with a lot of you know,
unfortunate intoxicated individuals. So my job is to basically protect
Hulk when they’re just walking about doing what he does best. Marlon: These people know the Hulk is around. I feel like I owe it to the fans, you know to bring him out to the public. Really get people up close
and personal with him. Once they get their
photographs, touch him. See that he’s real. Alright guys, we’ve got to get going. We keep him moving, just keep
moving because people just congregate and build that’s what
happens, that’s just love, that’s the real hulk. Marlon: Love man, appreciate it, thank you. How many, how many dogs you got?
Swae Lee: So I got two, I got a pit bull and I
got a mini French bulldog. Marlon: You want to tug with him? Swae Lee: Like he would say one command. Marlon: You never know what’s going
to happen when you hang out with me. Smash Hulk, smash. I’d hate that to be on my leg. For real, I’ll pay anybody to
shake that out of his **** mouth. Man: He ain’t going to let go. Hulk Out. Marlon: Meeting Swae Lee and his people,
it was an honour, a blessing. You know, I love to meet, you know,
other people that you know, on the grind and on the rise, you
know, so I enjoyed it and nothing but respect for them. I can’t give fame back.
I’m owned by the general public now for the most part, but I love it
because of what it provides to my life. But there’s times that I mean,
I just want to be like listen take all this back and
I just want to do something else. But I wouldn’t trade this job for anything. Man: We follow him on
Instagram and Snapchat, he’s huge. Man: We watch your show. He looks tired. Marlon: He’s hot, Hulk’s getting a bit
hot so I’m used to let him wandering into the water, get his feet
wet, get his stomach wet. You want a slow motion
Baywatch, come on. Woman: It’s Miami but
I wouldn’t expect to see him. He’s bigger than I expected.
Like he doesn’t look that big on camera but he’s huge. Marlon: I mean we had a pretty
eventful day in the morning. you know. I got to meet up with all my
clients, drop off the puppy, met up with Swae Lee and his people, just caught a good vibe
you know what I mean.

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  2. Watching your videos help me deal with my loss of my staffy I know your dogs are pitbulls but they look alike and I know I'm 12 he was with me all my 12 years and he always came up to me when I was sad and depressed because of bullying but now hes gone my depression has got worse because the bullying is still going on I told my best friend about it and he told his friend and the word got to 1 of the bullies and now they always say oh hows your dog is he good can you show me him and I just cant take it so this might be the last time I ever speak to people about it

  3. Even though this dog is gentle, I know his owner gotta be sharp and aware 24/7 when people are around him.

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  5. really ironic,
    The country that created the REAL APBT (a fit animal) is also the birthplace of this total out of shape beast. This dog just CANT do what a REAL apbt can do.

  6. Pitbulls are for little guys that want to feel big. My doberman makes pits look like a Chihuahua. And is twice as tall as hulk.

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