“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

MARLON: If these dogs weren’t under control they could absolutely kill a person. 00:10
COMM: This powerhouse of a pit bull is top dog at Dark Dynasty K9s. Who specialises in
training elite protection dogs for the police and millionaire clients around the world. 00:21
MARLON: It honestly feels like you’re getting hit by an 85lb missile. 00:28
MARLON: How’s that for you Barcroft TV? You like that s***? 00:31
MARLON: Compared to other pit bulls Ace is absolutely a super dog. 00:36
COMM: Three-year-old Ace can run up the side of buildings, leap into cars and even recognise
guns. 00:49
MARLON: This dog almost one in a million. 00:55
COMM: Ace is the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication that began when
he was just a pup. The latest batch of puppies to go through training are the offspring of
Ace’s cousin, the famous 175lb pit bull, Hulk. 01:15
COMM: These are the pups that I’ve uh picked out and made my A Team. This is Dynasty right
here, this is Hercules right here. 01:22
LISA: Right now they’re still just cute, pudgy, playful little puppies, in a year or so they’re
going to be badass protection dogs. 01:30
MARLON: Right now I’m just looking for basic prey drive, which is dogs that want to chase
a ball. I’m making these dogs more trainable. You also don’t want any other dog trying to
dominate them, because when you’re building a protection dog they literally have to have
the biggest ego ever. You want him to literally think he is unstoppable at every turn. 01:51
COMM: But not every puppy chosen can make the cut. 01:54
MARLON: I hope that I can get at least three dogs, sometimes you get five, sometimes you
get one, sometimes you get none, and I mean that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. 02:04
COMM: If all goes to plan these two puppies could be in the same league as Dark Dynasty’s
crown jewel, Ace. 02:11
COMM: Today Marlon is running Ace through one of his regular training sessions, including
learning how to defend against intruders. 02:19
MARLON: Ace is probably one of the most muscular dogs in the world right now and you’re not
seeing him in his best condition. 02:35
MARLON: If I wasn’t in the suit the dog could absolutely do severe damage, I mean there
could definitely be a fatality from this if it was wrong. 02:44
COMM: Ace has been trained to recognise hand guns and act appropriately when they’re drawn.
He even has the ability to scale the size of buildings and enter through second floor
windows. 02:56
MARLON: They’re not poodles y’know, these are gladiator type dogs so they need to release
this intensity, that’s why we put so much emphasis on picking the perfect dog, on selecting
the perfect dogs that are balance, that are not just gonna go AWOL one day y’know because
these dogs 100% balanced. 03:13
COMM: And the trust the family has with their dogs will soon be tested to the limit as Lisa
is pregnant with their second child. 03:21
LISA: It’s definitely a different kind of household to bring up a kid and be pregnant.
I get followed around by the dogs a little bit more, and y’know they always like to be
beside me now that I’m pregnant, making sure I’m good. I’d feel totally with the baby around
the dogs. They’re very stable, balanced dogs, they know it’s baby, they know to be gentle,
it’s just like a puppy. 03:40
MARLON: I wouldn’t change a thing, I love her to death, I love my kid and I love my
whole staff, every single one of my dogs. Y’know we’re trying to defy the odds man and
just do what everybody says you can’t do.

100 thoughts on ““Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

  1. Utilisen mestizos para Guardia y protección No aún auténtico apbt por que sería la máquina asesina perfecta el apbt no es agresivo con los humanos Y esos perros que tiene hay son mestizos están fuera de ser pitbull no saben diferenciar o que

  2. Did ace have any off springs, that could be like his dad?? I miss watching videos of him, he was an awesome dog

  3. The picture of this dog on the initial video is so beautiful his physique is perfect his physique is perfect that's the only way I can explain it to look at the back of him and the muscles Ripple and then his slim hips I mean he's just beautiful

  4. Ace was the purest dog on his yard that’s why it hurt him so bad when he died!!! Let the hulk run up a wall

  5. Here's the owner using himself as a training dummy. Would a professional dog trainer/handler ever do this? I think not. Does this guy in the video know what he's doing? He doesn't have a clue what he's doing. Dogs don't think like people, set him on an intruder and he goes after the owner just like he was trained.

  6. No surprise here. Pitbulls were historically called
    " nanny dogs " because of their protective nature around children…

  7. What a load of crap Duromack, ears were cropped by people fighting their dogs to give the opposing dog less to grab hold of. Cruel and unethical.

  8. OMG I'm super late on this horrible tragedy. My deepest condolences to All of you. Superdog Ace, He will be remembered as one of the baddest dogs to ever graze this earth. I always show everyone the videos of him doing what he seemed to do best, impress everyone with his super natural abilities. Rest in peace sweet baby. I'm a huge pitbull lover and supporter. These dogs were born to please their masters, and they'll stop at nothing to make us happy, even take a bullet for us too. Those that are against pitbulls and want to band this breed, have no clue what they are missing. Pitbulls are a special breed, and are meant for special breeds of humans. Except for those whom mistreat them and bring them up irresponsibly.

  9. My condolences! Dogs are wild animals, whether small or large dogs. You should never forget that. Street dogs fight regularly. With an unfortunate bite in combat, it can be deadly. An accident can happen to the best / most experienced owner!

    "Ace had the most beautiful life, that's what a dog's life is about!"

    Rest in peace Ace, I pray for you dog heaven 🙏🏻♥️

    Greetings from Germany by "Mato.Dogs" ✌

  10. Nice dog buddy… I miss my dog Angus, he was a pit cross, but trained, athletic, loyal, awesome, he died early, he was only 9.. Love dogs that are trained, people do not do enough with there dogs, but you do. The bond that is built between the dog and the owner through training is unmatched. They love you, and you love them. My buddy would take a bullet for me… Nice dog

  11. Sir i am your big fan the way you train your dog is incredible. Can you please share some fitness drill for my dog too i have a male labrador 1 year old..

  12. this is wrong, training these things from hell to be guard dogs? dont think so, they should be illegal no matter who is pretending to do something with them. THEY ARE BAD>

  13. Just think tho, they are fueling the bad rep of pits by walking their dogs in public with muzzles and spike collars. I’m not hating, I love the breed and the show but like when people see the dogs in public, they don’t know it’s trained to be a protection dog, they just think they are aggressive and dangerous 😐
    Btw RIP Ace ❤️🙏

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