Supa Strikas – Season 2 Episode 16 – Supa Skarra | Kids Cartoon

Supa Strikas – Season 2  Episode 16 – Supa Skarra | Kids Cartoon

(driving music) – One! Two! Three! – Huh? – Seems we can’t keep you
out of the headlines, Skarra. – Next week, Supa Strikas
versus Invincible United. It’s the same every time! Who will score more
goals, Shakes or Skarra? Skarra or Shakes? Bah! – Skarra, your anger is of
no use to Invincible United. – But it’s driving me crazy being compared to him all the time. When we face Supa Strikas, I want to show the Super
League once and for all who is the greatest. – Well, there are three easy
steps to achieving that. Step one, find out what
your opponents have planned. Step two, either destroy
their plan or use it yourself. – And step three? – Step three, don’t mess it up! – Right. So, how do we find out what
Supa Strikas have planned? – [Vince] Read more. – Twisting Tiger is an alien? – Not that one! – Supa Strikas coach spotted
leaving fitness institute ahead of United fixture? – Ha, ha, ha, ha. Back to it! And whatever you’re doing, double it! – [Player] One. – What are you doing? – Heh, heh, heh. Step one. (sinister music) – I’m finally here. My heart is pounding. 50,000 fans screaming. I can’t get my breath. The whistle’s sounding. (whistle) – ♪ With every ounce of effort ♪ ♪ Every skill that I’ve got ♪ ♪ I’ll play the Super League’s greatest ♪ ♪ Give ’em my best shot ♪ ♪ Every minute of the 90 ♪ ♪ Now I’m gonna be a fighter ♪ ♪ ‘Cause one, two, three,
I’m a Supa Strika ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Breath by breath, ♪ ♪ I’ll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Hear the crowd cheer ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ (driving rock music) – Any battle against
Invincible United is epic. This one will be no exception. – So Coach, how are we gonna find out what United has in store for us? – Sometimes Shakes, the best preparation is being prepared for anything. – So Coach, these rumors about working at the Fitness Institute, they are true? – Yeah, and is it true that
Twisting Tiger is an alien? – Can I park my flying
saucer on your soccer pits? (laughter) – Yes Klaus. The professor has almost completed work on the Match Measure. A machine that compares you to your marker and computes a training program to help you match him, physically. – Okay, let’s see what we’re doing. We’ll go over here and… (hums) – Step one, find out what
your opponents have planned. – Brilliant! Genius! By accurately analyzing
Supa Strikas opponents, this machine can calculate
the perfect training program for each player. – Step one, check. – This machine will
certainly help Supa Strikas climb to the top of the Super League. – Step two, either destroy
their plan or use it yourself. (laughs) I’ll take both thanks! – Match Measure, off. Coach. It really is working
quite perfectly, Coach. I’m confident this will give Supa Strikas the edge you’re looking for! – [Coach] Excellent. – [Professor] Oh, oh, ah! – Professor? Professor! – [Professor] Oh my! Coach, I’m afraid I have some bad news. The machine is, uh, it’s broken! (team gasps) (Professors whimpers) – You should know I learned Ji Koo Do from Bruce Lee himself. – Really? – Well, it was his aunt’s
husband’s cousin’s dad. – Pity you didn’t learn anything from Harry Houdini’s aunt’s
husband’s cousin’s dad. Well, what are you waiting for? – I refuse to oh! Match Measure, on. – [Computer] Welcome to the Match Measure. The Match Measure computes
the perfect training program for any marker in the Super League. Please select your opposition team. You have chosen Supa Strikas. Please select your opposing player. North Shaw. To accept, press enter. – [Computer] North Shaw. I want more! – [Computer] Shakes. – Nah. More power. – [Computer] El Matador. – More speed! – [Computer] Cool Joe. – More size! – [Computer] Twisting Tiger. – More aggression! – [Computer] Blok, Big Bo. – More! Ah! – [Computer] Combined
player selection initiated. – Now that is what I’m after. – I’m not sure you should combine players. The risk of OTIN,
Overtraining-Induced Narcolepsy, too great. You could– – [Computer] Are you sure
you wish to continue? – Yes! – [Computer] Are you really
sure you wish to continue? – Yes! – [Computer] Really, really sure? – Arg, yes I’m sure! Whoa, heh, heh, heh. Looks like I’ve got my
training cut out for me. – You’re taking this too far, Skarra! You’re taking this too far! (driving music) – Good morning. I hope you all had a good night’s sleep. Because you’re in for
quite a workout today. Coach dude. Where’s my super-gnarly
training surfboard? – And the dummy robots? – Ah yes! You have nice, easy training for us today. Right, Coach? – This dream is so real. Ah, what are you all
doing in my bed chamber? Huh? – Welcome to Beyond 90 training. – Coach, don’t you think I should be doing moving target practice at
the secret training compound? – Shakes, right now you
could hit a 10-cent coin from 100 yards. But, can you turn the odds in
your favor in just 90 minutes? Start running! 90 laps. One for each minute of the game. (team reacts) – This is no dream! It’s a nightmare! (whistle) – The machine is not
designed to work like this! It’s dangerous! I’ve been trying to tell you the Overtraining-Induced Narcolep–! – I have no idea what language that is, but it’s starting to annoy me. – Wait, listen to me. For your own good. – What? (The Professor whispers) – That’s it? That’s the danger? I’m gonna be unstoppable for 30 minutes! (laughs) – There are three parts
to the Beyond 90 program. I like to call them, the three Ss. The first S is for skills. Keep in control, or
you’re out of the game. – I wish one of the Ss was for surfing. Whoa! Wipe out! (pulsing guitars) – [Coach] The second S is for stamina. Keep ahead of the pace or
United will leave you behind. – These are called medicine balls, right? – Yah mon. – But they are not making
me feel any better. Ow, see what I mean? (pulsing guitar music) – Just two days left
to complete my program. – [Coach] The third S is for smarts. Keep ahead of your opponent mentally by watching his game and
predicting his moves. Smarts is all about finding a way to use the opposition’s
game plan against them during the 90. – Brgh, gbrgh. – I hear you, big dude. I am totally bushed, man! Hooey! Looks like our time is
up for today, dudes! – I invited these guys. They’re here to play you. (team reacts) Remember, this is Beyond 90. (pulsing guitar music) – [Female Announcer]
Match day at Strikaland! And it’s the big one! Supa Strikas versus Invincible United. – [Max] Indeedy! The fans expect nothing
less than an epic battle! Not only are the teams arch rivals, but their two young strikers
have a long history. – [Skarra] That’s all we have to do. – Sounds perfect. – (laughs) We will rule the last 30 minutes. – Just remember to stick to the plan. – [Skarra] Of course. (crowd cheers) – [Max] With all this talk
of Shakes’ and Skarra’s long-standing rivalry, it seems appropriate to start the day with a bit of controversy. – [Female Announcer]
Question on everyone’s mind: Where is Skarra? – [Max] How can Invincible
United win this match without their star player? – [Female Announcer] I
guess this is Shakes’ chance to keep his goal count ahead, Max. – No Skarra? Man, this is gonna be a breeze! – [Female Announcer] Invincible
United is not making this much of a contest today. – Could Skarra really be out of this game? This is a walk in the park. – [Female Announcer] Supa
Strikas are consistent in all areas today! Shakes with only the keeper to beat. – [Max] And he beats him! Goal! (crowd cheers) – [Female Announcer] Invincible
United is not making this much of a contest today. With the match just about at halftime, Supa Strikas strike
again to go up three nil! – Yeah! (whistle) – Oh! Match Measure, on. – [Computer] Welcome to the Match Measure. – I’m so sorry. I know it hurts, my darling. Begin test sequence. – [Computer] Initiating test sequence. Test sequence. – I will return, my dear! (explosion) Well, maybe not. – At first I thought it was just our luck that Skarra wasn’t playing. But they didn’t even care that we scored! I’m telling you, they’re up to something! – I agree, Shakes. They’ll put Skarra on after halftime. Question is, why have they
been holding him back so long? – We’ll soon know. – One, two, three! Supa Strikas! (driving music) – No! What’s up with him? Hey mister, are you alright? Hey, what’s up! – Not what, who! Look! (ominous music) – [Shakes] Huh? – Whoa! (crowd cheers) – Whoa, he’s enormous! How we gonna stop that? – [Max] Um, Skarra looks like some kind of superhero! – [Female Announcer]
Supa Strikas, look out! – Perfect. – This is what we trained for, right? Anything? I think this is anything. – Skarra’s timed it perfectly. – [Man In Hat] Timed what perfectly? – How to deal with his
Overtraining-Induced Narcolepsy. – OTIN? – You know it? – No, I have ACM. Acronym Creation Mania. – Skarra’s training program
will make him unstoppable for the rest of the match. (driving music) – This is gonna be fun! – Not if I can help it. – You can’t. – [Female Announcer] Did I just see that? – [Max] Blok is there! Oh, what! No penalty? – [Female Announcer]
Goal, Invincible United! They are on the board! – [Max] Skarra was truly a
one-man army on that run! Mighty impressive! – Argh! – You know it, dude! What is this? After 65 they, like, come alive? – Waw, waw! – What did coach say? Keep ahead of your opponent
mentally by watching his game, and predicting his moves. (driving guitar music) – [Max] Did you see that? That’s two for Skarra
and Invincible United! Can they catch up? – Only 15 minutes to go. I think I’ll score another. Maybe two. – Why has Skarra only come on now? And what is that watch counting down to? (whistle) – Ooh! – [Max] Ow! Someone should tell Automatic
that this isn’t rugby! – Oops. Sorry. – Oh, come on! Get up, get up! – In a bit of a hurry, are we Skarra? – Shakes mon, are you okay? – Skarra is only this
super-Skarra for 30 minutes. – Are you sure? – Yes. He has a timer in that wristband. Counting down to full-time. – And let me guess, you’re using your injury
time to make the game longer. But if you’re right, they’re gonna sub him at full-time. Not if I can help it. We may get a minute to make
his strength his weakness. (uptempo guitar music) – [Max] This is an unbelievable display! – Doh! – [Female Announcer] It
is a sight to see, Max! Can he? – [Max] Yes he can! Goal! Skarra equalizes! – Oh, yes I did! I told ya. So… – What’s with the clock
watching, superstar? Got a hot date after the match? – [Female Announcer] He
fires the cannon again! – [Max] No goal! That one actually bent the post! – [Female Announcer] Three
minutes of extra time. – Argh! – Tired? – No way! – Then why are you being subbed? – [Skarra] I uh… – Come on, superstar. Can’t last another three minutes? – No way! This win is mine! – Skarra! Skarra! No, no, no, no, no! – I couldn’t have been wrong! Could I have been wrong? I was wrong. – [Female Announcer] I
have never seen Skarra play like this, Max! He has owned Strikaland! – [Max] And it looks like
he’s gonna score the decider! – Tell me I was right. I was right. – Huh? – Huh? – I was wrong by 27 seconds? But the question is, why? – [Female Announcer] Now
Skarra is nowhere to be seen. Hero to zero. – [Max] In a matter of seconds. Oh, now the Invincible goalie
has come out dangerously far! – [Shakes] It’s now or never. – [Female Announcer] He’s going for it! – [Max] Goal! Shakes sends in the winning goal with only moments left to spare! – Yah, yah, yah, yah! – Shakes, how did Supa Strikas come away with this win today? – I guess he couldn’t go beyond 30. (Skarra snoring) – Rargh! Step three! He always forgets step three! Don’t mess it up! – Nice play, mon. You used your head. – Yep. I guess it’s as important as my feet, huh? – Ha, ha, ha. Good-night, ya. Sweet dreams. – But mommy, I want a jam sandwich. (driving guitar music) ♪ Supa Strikas! ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas! ♪

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  3. Ok first of all, super scara was awesome.secondly, he totally moped floor with supa srikas cause non of the supa strika members were nothing for skara during the play. Thirdly, he did all the goals by himself without any of his teammembers help strikas were nothing but a joke for him when he was playing

  4. How come they always say if strikers lose the go to the lower leagues but they other team always lose but still are in the super league

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  6. "Can I park my saucer on your soccer pitch?"
    Oh Tiger, you still make me wonder after these four years of this episode being out.

  7. Nice cartoon and shakes is the best player in the soccer and dancing rasta is a good captain also. Shakes and dancing rasta is a power player. I like shakes and dancing rasta to much.

  8. Shakes is a good striker and they play a with a hard player also they play a trik and they can finish the game easyly

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