(sub) VLOG 방학 중 대학생의 일상 / 수강신청, 집꾸미기, 오일파스텔 클래스, 방구석 아스트로 콘서트, 젤리크루마켓에서 스티커 사기 | 수린 surinfilm

(sub) VLOG 방학 중 대학생의 일상 / 수강신청, 집꾸미기, 오일파스텔 클래스, 방구석 아스트로 콘서트, 젤리크루마켓에서 스티커 사기 | 수린 surinfilm

I came to buy shampoo I didn’t really like the shampoo I bought from Lush While I was out, I decided to buy a sandwich from Subway I also stopped by Starbucks to buy coffee grinds I haven’t been able to make coffee at home because I kept pushing off the need to buy coffee grinds… Finally got over my laziness and bought coffee beans! My neglected coffee machine… Heating up some sweet potato soup to eat with my sandwich My favorite of all time: a veggie sandwich with guacamole I haven’t eaten this in a while and it tastes even better than I remember Working on subtitles for my video Thank you to all of you guys who translate my videos 💗
Working on subtitles for my video I recently ordered for a channel logo to be made I am trying to think of references for my channel to show the artist I bought this IKEA board to create a postcard collage These are some postcards I made from my trip to Jeju I also attached other postcards that I have been saving from the past Instead of going for a neutral theme, I chose pieces with a bit of color Almost done…! The board seemed a bit bare, so I added some stickers I used these circle stickers that I used to be obsessed with This really helps spice up a boring desk! I really like the finished product ♡ I posted the remaining postcards above my bed Just looking at these photos makes me want to go on another trip Sat at my desk right after waking up Class registration starts in 10 minutes Wish me luck T^T I kept refreshing the page so I wouldn’t be logged out Please… let me succeed this time… The page is already buffering… -I think I failed… Luckily, I was still able to get six of the classes I wanted If I can just get the Wednesday class during the next registration period, I’ll be able to have Mondays off! Today, I’m getting ready to go to an oil pastel class Today’s look: gray cardigan and dark jeans Time to grab my bag Cushion Foundation Wallet Handcream & Lip products Airpods Phone Today I chose to wear this black coat (I wore this three times just this week) I went for the concept of wearing my dad’s suit jacket Shower by Becky G Today we are going to draw two pieces Recently, I have been neglecting pastel drawing cause I was obsessed with drawing on my iPad Today, I am going to draw Namsan Tower and Euljiro Eating jelly before I start to draw (drawing can really tire you out…) I think overcoming fear is really important for those who don’t have a background in art like me Can’t draw freely in fear that I might mess up Finished! (The two on the very right are mine) Recently, my days have been pretty uneventful After waking up, I usually spend about 30 more minutes in bed I still make my bed after waking up and open my windows to let the air in the house circulate During my break, I have been trying to practice ways to live life without being in such a hurry Have any of you guys felt nervous doing absolutely nothing? If I am not doing anything, I uselessly feel like a lazy person So in order to avoid that feeling, I have been obsessing over cleaning and chores Resting is absolutely necessary. But I suffer from the feeling that resting is just another form of laziness After cleaning, I made myself some lunch I am going to eat scrambled eggs over rice Scrambled eggs Done 🙂 I watched a drama while eating my lunch This month’s nail art I chose to be a bit colorful in hopes that spring will come soon I bought some goods from my pastel class teacher Pretty film-like stickers The postcards that came along with the goods are so pretty The title of this book made me want to read it. “A Collection of Eyes” I’m going to save this book to read when I feel out of energy I bought a case for my airpods -I usually don’t like putting on cases on my electronic devices, -but this keychain of Eunwoo was so pretty that I had to buy a transparent case -I attached this heart-shaped keychain with Eunwoo’s photo inside This is how I spent most of my break I’m making some coffee to drink while I read It’s been a while since I filmed a clip like this While waiting for the coffee to brew, I filled a cup with ice I refilled my ice tray with water My favorite genre of books are travel essays I don’t know why, but I love reading the stories of other’s travels Time flies when I read these kinds of books And that marks the end of another day Listening to Christmas music regardless of the season Bragging about my new wallet Isn’t it so cool…♡ Going open a mini home concert Crying about the postponed fan meeting due to the Corona Virus I miss Eunwoo… I want to see him with my two eyes… After enjoying that mini-concert, I move on to edit my videos Powering through editing with a cup of orange juice My outfit of the day Today I am going to the Jellycrew Market in Shinchon Lonely by Jonghyun But first, we are going to eat Nowadays, I’ve been obsessed with brick oven pizza I confidently declared my desire to eat this today I came to support Juri at the Jelly Crew Market I bought some stickers from eddu_r -This is so cute T^T Match how many times I say cute (2 points)
-This is so cute T^T -Is this a bookmark? -It’s a sticker! -Oh a sticker~ -This is a notebook? -I definitely feel like Epoxy has a cute feel~ -There’s a reason why this brand is so popular -Overall, the items have a very clean look -Look at my stuff too! -Mr.Hantol and Mr.Bamtol -This is really cute too T^T -Hantol and Bamtol -It must be cute if you add tol~ -Really~ -This is cute too Stationary addicts simple haul Back home Time to sanitize my accessories I put my rings in a zipper bag and put the sanitizer in Wait 15 minutes and you’re done! While waiting, I caught up on Romantic Dr. Kim After 15 minutes, take the rings out and let them dry And lastly, time to put them back Before going to bed, I finished up some unfinished business This marks the end of today’s video! Thank you to those who watched until the end! Till next time~

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  1. 바룬커피메이커 저희집에도 유물로 있다는군요…😭 중간에 분위기 바뀌는부분에서 나오는 폰트종류 궁금해요!

  2. 그..어디영상인지 기억 안나는데!! 시집 구매하신적 있으셨잖아요!! 필사영상 어때요?
    보기도 좋을것같아서..조심스럽게 부탁드릴게요🤤 항상 잘보고있어요

  3. 수린님ㅠㅠㅠ진짜 영상 분위기 너무 좋아요!!!
    보고있으면 힐링되는 것 같아서 기분이 좋아져요

  4. 하루 마무리 하고 수린님 브이로그 보면 행복해여 진짜 🥺 🤍🤍🤍
    마구마구 올려줘요 흑 .,,

  5. 수린님 오늘 영상 너무 공감이 되어서 댓글을 안 달 수 없겠더라고요. 아무것도 하지 않으면 나태한 것 같아서, 꼭 필요한 휴식임에도 불구하고 드는 죄책감이나 불편함은 참 견디기 어려운 것 같아요. 저도 큰 시험을 준비하는 수험생인데 수린님 영상보며 힐링하고 또 공감도 할 수 있어서 항상 행복합니다. 감사합니다😊♥️

  6. Can't understand anything but still enjoy this wonderful video! I guess this is what it means by A [video] is worth a thousand words!

  7. Hey, gm! I love ur videos. If i can just give u some free advice. Its better to upload videos after u have added subtitles. People don't have much attention span, if u say "eng soon" then not many people will keep a tab of it and return. They will just forget.

  8. 수린님 브이로그는 항상 보면 마음이 편해져요 오늘도 잘봤습니다!
     〃∩ ∧_∧
     ⊂⌒( ・ω・)
      \_ っ♥c

  9. check sub!❤️

    [music list]
    never stop loving you – Rictor
    summer loving' – Jordy Searcy

    [많이 물어본 정보]
    지갑 _ 프라이탁
    회색 가디건 _ 슬로우앤드
    가방 _ 하이칙스

  10. ㅜㅁㅜ 아껴서 볼려구 꾸역꾸역 놔뒀는데 결국 일어나자마자 봐버렸네여🥺🥨 저 이쁜 케이스두 구매정보 알수있을까오?💛 아 눈 내리던데 감기 조심하세오 ㅎㅎ💖☃️

  11. I like watching videos of Sueddu too~~I can only buy her book online,which costs about 16926KRW each one…So expensive

  12. 벌써 대학개강시즌 다되가네요ㅠㅠ 영상 잘봤어요! 10:59에 나오는 아이패드 거치대 어디껀지 알수있을까요?

  13. 이번 영상도 아주 재밌게 보고 갑니당~^u^ 항상 이쁘고 기분좋은 영상들 올려주셔서 감사합고 수고가 많습니다! ❤️ 다음 영상도 기대하면서 기다릴게요 🙂

  14. i agree. when im not doing anything i feel like im just wasting my time and could be doing something more important or productive. i also agree with the fact that recently time has been passing by to quickly. lifes rlly been fast paced recently lmao

  15. i love simple videos like these, it is so relaxing to watch 😌 please do a what's in my iphone video for your photo editing apps!

  16. When I don't work on my studies. I feel so guilty abt it. I feel like i'm not doing what i have to do even if i'm on my holidays…

  17. 수린님 에어팟 케이스 끼시자마자 속으로 키링 달려고,, 이러고 있었는데 역시나!!! ㅋㅋ 덕후들 맴은 통하나 봅니당💛

  18. 항상 잔잔한 영상 감사해요♥ 오늘 오프닝도 영상내내 나오는 브금도 너무 잔잔하고 여유롭고 좋네요 조급해지지 않으려는 수린님의 마음이 잘 담긴 노래 같아요☺️

    저도 에어팟 프로 투명케이스 끼는데 제 건 끼우면 습기가 너무 차서 그런데 수린님건 괜찮은가요? 어디서 사셨는지 알 수 있을까요?

  19. 슛뚜님의 여행에세이!!!! 저도 꼭 읽어보고 싶어요~ 매번 영상 볼 때마다 차분하면서도 신나서 좋아요😀
    수린님의 조급해지지 않는 연습 응원합니다😁 🥰

  20. 수린님 영상 잘 보고 있어요!
    혹시 공부하실 때 시간체크하는 어플 어떤거 쓰는지 알려주실 수 있나요?.?

  21. gosh, that's what i've been feeling every day… thank you for the vlog at least i have something to do which is watching it!

  22. ㅠㅠ 진짜 힐링영상이에유 … 고삼인데 같이 공부해요 영상 같은 거 맨날 보고 쉴 땐 브이로그 보고 … ㅠㅠ 넘나 조아여

  23. 스티커 사기를 스티커 사기 당했다는 걸로 보고 헉 하면ㅅㅓ 들어왔어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안당하셔서 다행 ㅜ

  24. 수린님도 일상애 최애가 콕콕 박혀있네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하얗고 단정한 화이트톤의 세상안에 최애가 중간중간 스며들어있는 모습이 괜히 덩달아 힐링되고 행복해집니다,,, 제 방의 벽이나 엽서모음에도 최애가 중간중간 들어가있는데 가끔 시선을 돌리다 눈에 들어올때마다 행복해져요 헤헤 그나저나 오늘도 힐링인 영상 잘 봤습니다 – 🙂

  25. Hi! My favorite study with me pencil asmr by you has the comments turned off, so I just got here to thank you for your time and effort you put in your videos!

    I haven't had the time to watch all your videos yet, but they look so aesthetic and useful. I've played your study with me videos at lest tens of times, and I wanna let you know that I am SO THANKFUL. I've been lacking motivation lately, and your videos are all I need to get productive 💜

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