Stock Car Brasil [3ª etapa 2018] – Corrida 2 no Velopark

Stock Car Brasil [3ª etapa 2018] – Corrida 2 no Velopark

Hey, what’s up? We will show now the best moments of race 2 of the 3rd round of 2018 Stock Car Brazil at Velopark. The race began with the grid inverted, with Allam Khodair, 10th in the first race, on the pole, followed by Marcos Gomes, Daniel Serra and Gabriel Casagrande. Confusion in the back, with Vitor Genz stopping across the lane. Already in the second lap, Daniel Serra, devilish, ignored Marquinhos Gomes. The safety car came after the displacement of the safety barrier, result of this contact between Julio Campos and Sergio Jimenez. The two continued in the race. On the sixth lap, Serra left Khodair behind and took over the lead for good. Khodair, already in third, was surpassed first by Gabriel Casagrande … and then by Felipe Fraga. Tuka Rocha hit Felipe Lapenna and Nelsinho Piquet couldn’t avoid the barrier. Already after the stops in the pits, Rubinho Barrichello gave this touch in Valdeno Brito. Barrichello finished ninth. Daniel Serra has never been contested and got his second victory this year, followed by Marcos Gomes, Julio Campos, Átila Abreu and Felipe Fraga. After 3 rounds, the current champion leads the championship with 80 points, 15 ahead of Cacá Bueno. The two are followed by Felipe Fraga, Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta. That’s it. Next race will be in Londrina. Comments and suggestions on how we can improve the channel are always welcome! And do not forget, the place to race is on the track. Thank you guys!!!

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  1. O velopark é uma pista muito bacana gostaria de conhecê la um dia e a stock car está cada vez mais eletrizante!!

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