Welcome to the most disciplined and honest channel , which follows its yearly upload schedule , Let me introduce myself, I am Süleyman Çakır and I will be your host today , The Small Will Lose a Few While the Large Will Lose Many! ~SÜLEYMAN ÇAKIR~ ISTANBUL’S AMBASSADOR~ Know my worth guys, who else posts video content as routinely as I do ? I noticed that since I have such a huge gap of time, between my regularly scheduled videos, that my voice has dramatically changed since the last post I made. Guys this work requires discipline and seriousness. Now pay attention, from now on I will step on the next year, and change my annual video schedule to only once per 10 months. But jokes aside, let’s get in to what this video is about. Unlike most other spy guides, this video will take a more chill and converse approach , focusing on a one sided conversation rather than a list of things to do. I know that this is an unconventional way to make a guide, but I believe that going through an extra mile to, show you my opinions and experiences will benefit you greatly. This also means that the typical : LooK GuYs tO TRicKsTß yOu JuSt NeEd tO ße , UnPrEdiCtaßle AnD kNow wHen tO tHrUsT yOuR KnİfE İnTo tHeM. Type of advice won’t be found in this video. I want to dive in to the psychological aspects of becoming a better spy. Let me tell you all about you, now listen. No one but Ibrahim Tatlises can put together this sentence if you blow me away, i’ll never let you go So you’re playing the game, but then POW, this guy stabs you with his knife, what then, You tell yourself: ”Wow this class is pretty good, while I try my very best to land my headshots, this guy can just slap a knife on my back and get away with a kill” What happens next? Well, you go on youtube, and you furiously start typing spy gameplay,
watch the videos, and say to yourself: “wow, look at this guy, he is cleaning the whole server” After that you start watching guide videos, “how to trickstab as spy”, finally, with the new acquired knowledge you go on servers but to no avail, you can’t do it , After getting dominated you start watching the guides again to see if you missed anything. This is an infinite loop with no end but sadness and frustration. In some cases you don’t find this to be enough reason and try to create excuses like: , “actually I wasn’t using the same hud as this guy did, he also was using a different crosshair as well, maybe that’s why I am failing. I had to pause the video for a second there , I got an idea which I wanted to check out, lets see if Toonhud is the top theme, (laughing) I had made fun of the hud and have written: “Guys if you use this hud, you will become the ultimate trickstabber” (Continues to laugh) Of course, I never did figure out why you guys asked me, a mediocre spy to make a spy guide. While there are many others who are at expert levels who have done guides before. You can find these very easily, a simple description of “hOw dO I tRick sTep” gets a ton of videos popping up on your screen. I asked myself why you guys would want a guide from me… And the question kinda answered itself, as I had been in your shoes before. Now I can’t give any promises if this video will satisfy you, But I intend to explain to you why you still seek to watch these videos even though you aren’t improving yourself as much as my experience and knowledge can provide you. AaAnD LetS bEgIn BoYs aNd gİrRLs. Our fIrSt sTaB is a mMmataDorR Watch how he walk towards us, and we with a simple move to the right we stab him. But you already knew this. If you did click on this video , you expected me to say something extraordinarily different than other guides, or else why are you here? You can watch as many trickstab videos or guides as you want, but you will not improve as long as you don’t understand one thing: You need to be adept to get anywhere. Now what do I mean when I say Adept?. Well, here goes… Let’s make a comparison between classes, shall we? We take scout, w+m1 and finally our star, the spy. And let’s draw a graph, say it’s called: “The Experience and Skill graph” Tell me in the comments if I got something wrong. Firstly, let’s have a look at scout, do you need skill to play as him? Well, if you had a medic in front of you and you wanted to take him down wouldn’t you just need to aim towards him and pull the trigger to take him down? Yeah. So you would need some skill to pull that off. And let’s assume that you play cs:go or any other fps game, would you be able to handle scout? Yeah, most definitely. But how much experience would you need to play scout need? Actually, let’s change the question to something more fitting. Every class needs experience to play, so instead lets ask ourselves this: “How fast can we get experience” You can become experienced enough with scout pretty quickly. Since Scout is a class that would require more skill over experience. Let’s move on to our second class, the w+m1. Does it require skill? A blind donkey would even be able to play this class. Cover the eyes of a donkey, and leave hay on the keyboard, even it would manage to take care of 2-3 players. Kidding around aside, w+1 does need some skill and more experience than the scout. And finally, the spy, does the spy need skill? -You can’t play spy? +You don’t need skill to play spy. Oh wow, experience? This is what I mean by saying that you need to be adept. Spy is probably the only class that needs the least skill to play. Give or take, you need to know how to move around, and know when to stab when you get behind someone how much more do you need to know? In most cases, you need experience. This experience will only come by with very frequent gaming sessions, which will make you adept. If someone who is new at the game would play scout, and if they were very skilled in other fps games then he could demolish the server. If it was someone who barely played a couple fps games, they could still cause mayhem with w+m1. But, let Xantres the king of cs:go come by to TF2 he can’t do s*it with spy, as long as he hadn’t played with him before. Lets extend this a little further. There is a very common phrase most spy guide videos, what is it? Let me mention it as well because they beat up the ones who don’t talk about it. “trickstabs are optional” Wow that’s surprising, thanks guide. “When playing spy don’t panic, don’t get too excited” Woooooow really? Thanks a bunch, now I don’t feel excited when I play, unlike before you told me. What I mean is, you don’t get this knowledge by listening to it, you get it through experience. Let’s pack what I have said so far: Spy isn’t a class where you watch 2 videos and start getting trickstabs, fartstabs and whatever. You have to play and be in the game. Just look at my hour count, I have 2 hours, can I play spy properly? Well, I can say that I am at most mediocre. Well, is it worth it? Guys, this is definitely not worth it. I don’t recommend you become a spy main. Actually let me rephrase, I do not suggest you main any class. This is because, after a while; you tell yourself “ I am a main of this class” and rob the fun out of the game you play. This is why I will get rid of the biggest mistake I made in this channel, I will take this video down soon, so if you want to check it out before it’s gone, you may after this video. This all boils down to me not wanting you guys to get involved with competitive, highlander tf2. Unlike csgo, lol or pubg, competitiveness isn’t the bread, and butter of this game, this game is about having a fun time. If valve was intending this to be a competitive game they would have taken larger steps in the last 13 years. This game doesn’t go well with rage and frustration, it’s just not in it’s spirit. I don’t really get the people who spend their time on contracts, it never made sense to me. I would also tell myself: wow this guy has 4 thousand hours in tf2 but he couldn’t play scout medic or spy.” It would baffle me. But now I know better. Don’t try to master a class, pay attention to having fun instead. Don’t go and spend 3 to 5 thousand hours to become a pro with spy, you are no labourer, don’t spend that time to work on yourself, spend that to have fun. Those who don’t become losers. They have a ton of friends on the internet but on the street they are a nobody, a nerd. No one respects them for what they’ve “accomplished”. On the internet, they demand others respect, while on the streets they are the ones who are on the ground. I’m not trying to harass anyone, just myself. Out of all these years, why did I do this to myself? ”TF2 Center this, highlander that and I’m going to trickstab everyone to make a good video. I wanted to make a video out of my gameplay, didn’t I say the same thing at the beginning of this video? The spy frag videos we watch make us want to play as spy. Just wait, let me give myself as an example; now you think that,I sit on my chair and boot up TF2 just to get 100 stabs in half an hour, because I am a GREAT player. Don’t be fooled by me or my fellow streamers. In the end all we do is boost our ego through these videos. Those videos don’t just pop up every session, sometimes it takes days, even weeks to get good content, which I have to cut through. And you, the viewer buys it, “wow this guy is a god at playing spy, I should also be as good as him” this is just how your downward spiral starts. Aaand ladies and gentlemen we might have insulted a couple people along, the way and the words I spout might sound harsh but it’s the truth, deal with it. Actually the reason why I haven’t played this game in a while is because of this. I didn’t know how to play the game. Ever since I started playing this game, rage, stress and the desire to be the best as well as grinding my ego had been my curse. I had times where I would only play spy for 2 weeks straight. I had put near impossible goals to myself, for example getting 6 to 7 stabs in a row, not just any stabs, they had to be a matador one.I needed to slash and dash through my opponents. After all that time I noticed this monstrosity of a mistake and asked myself, “What are you doing?” Whenever I would play a game with my close friend Bullet Phobia games were different, we would run around for hours on end holding nothing but a sandwich in our hand, this would give me an enjoyment no 25 killstreak with spy could have. The magical secret isn’t Bullet, but any good friend who knows how to have fun, though your friend should have 2 feet instead of 4 since it would be difficult for them to use the keyboard. When you do join a game, “CMON PUSH THE DAMN CART, GET THAT POINT, LETS WIN THIS GAME” type of behaviour, would only distance you from the enjoyment you get from this game. If you really do want to play competitive, tone it down a little, and when you do play it, don’t forget to have fun. I would like to apologise if I offend anyone in this video, I tried my very best to deliver this message in a respectful manner to you guys. I don’t know when I will post my next video. This is a mystery, a mystery even I cannot solve. Subtitles by, Bullet Philia. If you want to watch more TF2 content that’s analytical like this,(also in english) please do so in the links down below. Cheers 🙂


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