Shiva – Full Episode 28 – Bulls Attack

Shiva – Full Episode 28 – Bulls Attack

Yes. How much does this cost? No, no. Not that one. Listen! I’m talking to you! How much does this cost? Here’s your money. Hey! Hey! Fresh spinach! Fresh spinach! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Scram! Nothing comes for free over here! Don’t you know just how costly
vegetables are now-a-days? Scram! Oh! He tossed us in the air! Run! Run! Help! Help! Run! Help! Take that! And that! Help! Someone please help! Run! Hey! Why are all of you running? Help! You’ll find it out right now!
Look in front! My name is Laddu Singh! And the word ‘Run’ isn’t
there in my dictionary. Help! Help! I’ve found the word ‘Run’. Pedaram! Quickly write down the
word ‘Run’ in your dictionary! Run! Or else you’ll never ever
be able to run in your life! Run! Run! Oh my God! Oh my God! Enough! How much will you toss me? Oh my God! Enough! Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you! Hit me now if you have the guts! Do you really feel that I’ll
get scared and run away? The term, ‘Getting scared
and running away’… …isn’t there in my
dictionary at all! Oh my God! He’s after my life! Someone please help me! Wow! What was the need
of challenging him? Jump in quickly! But how am I supposed to jump in? Hello, Shiva! A bull has got
out of control in the market. He’s after my life!
Please come here quickly! Inspector Laddu Singh,
I’m coming right away! Faster! Faster, Pedaram! Faster! Someone please help me. Help! Pedaram! What happened, Laddu Singh? A bull… …has got out of control. Look! He’s coming right here! Recall the days of your youth… …and run as fast as you can! Hold on! Hold on! Hold
on, my dear bull! Hold on, my dear bull! Hold on! Hold on! Hold
on, my dear bull! Hold on, my dear bull! Grandpa! What are you doing? Hold on, my dear bull!
– Hey you! Over here! Hush! Hush! Hey!
Hold on, my dear bull! Hold on, my dear bull!
– Over here! Hold on, my dear bull! Reva, a bull is chasing
me in the market. I have a plan of
catching hold of him. Yes, yes. Okay, okay, Shiva. You bring him in the
lane behind the house. We’ll be ready with
the arrangements. Shiva, we’re ready. Oh my God! Reva, the wings of my
cycle aren’t opening! Then how will you fly over
the top of the net, Shiva? I can’t cross the net
by flying over its top! Quickly open the knobs of the net! Inspector Laddu Singh, we’ll have
to open the net and drop it down. The wings of Shiva’s
cycle aren’t opening. Oh my God! Where are you taking us? Someone please help us!
– You bull! Will you take me away… …and use me for
ploughing the farm? I’ll surely save you all! But who will save me? You’re a tough competition
for a horse too, you bull! Oh my God! Oh my God! Hey! Where are you taking us? Hey! He’s taking us out of India! Oh my God! Shiva! Inspector Laddu Singh, we’ll
have to hatch some other plan. You’ll come down. I’ll
take care of him. What nonsense is this? He’s still talking
about hatching plans! What kind of a weird
boy this Shiva is!? He never accepts defeat! Sir, stop crying and
come down quickly. Run! Run! The bull has come! Run! Run! A bull is coming! Run! Run! Help! Help! My baby! Run! Run! Shiva, animals are scared of fire. Why don’t we light up
several torches… …and scare him out of the city? Very good idea! You all
do the arrangements. I’ll take this baby to its mother. Thank you, Shiva! Thank you! Run! Run! Run! Here we are! Come on! Come forward! Come forward now! Let me see how gutsy you are!
Come on! Come on! Hey! Grandpa, what are you doing? Run! That bull is right
in front of you. This time I will sing
Raga Shantibela to him. Stop, bull! He is coming towards us. Grandpa, we must run now.
Come on, run! Run! Stop! Stop, bull!
– Grandpa, run! Stop, bull! Mr. Laddu Singh, do something!
Please! Who set my rear on fire? Grandpa, now quickly
sing Raga Barsaat. The fire will be
extinguished with the rain. Hey! Over here! Sing, Grandpa. Extinguish the fire. Quickly extinguish the fire. It’s hot! Call the fire brigade. Get
the fire extinguished. Idea! I am going home. It’s not a good
day for shopping. Mr. Laddu Singh. Mr. Laddu Singh, that
bull broke down my car. He broke my scooter. He damaged the
shutter of my shop. Mr. Laddu Singh, why
aren’t you doing anything? This way he will ruin the
entire city within a day. Who will pay for the damage? Who will pay for the damage? He has broken my bones. And you are worried about
your compensation. We are trying. He
will be caught. He will be caught very soon.
Understood! Mr. Laddu Singh, I am taking him
to the ground outside the city. Come there with the ropes… …and capture him in a trap. He will be caught
when many people… …will try together. Okay, Shiva. I had learned to make a noose… …during my commando training.
Yes. I am coming there with everyone. Friends, that bull has
caused you so much loss. Come on! Who all will come
with me to catch him? This is your chance
to show your bravery. Come on! I said come on, not leave. He is very clever. All of you, throw the noose. Very good! Very good! He get caught! Pull! Pull with force. Oh! Oh! Help, Shiva! Help, Shiva! Let the rope go, Mr.
Laddu Singh. How should I leave it? I am unable to leave it. Mr. Laddu Singh, do something. What should I do? As you can see, I am in
a very bad condition. But sir, you are a
very brave inspector. In the radius of 50 kilometer… Forget that. My life is in danger right now… …and you are talking
about kilometer. Shiva, be careful! Mr. Laddu Singh. – Yes.
– Throw the ropes. We have to get him out. Do you think, I am crazy… …that I would
invite trouble again? He is right, Shiva. This time
he has caused so much damage. Who knows what he would
do after getting out. Shiva, let him be there. It’s better for us. No, we must get him out. We can’t let any animal
drown like this. How would you feel
if you were there? Come on, throw the ropes. Oh! Shiva is the root cause
of my every problem. I don’t know… …what will that bull do
to me after coming out? Mr. Laddu Singh, put more effort. I am putting all my effort. That bull is very heavy. Everyone, pull together. Shiva! Get us out! Here, sir. Shiva, it’s useless to try. This bull can’t be taken out. No effort goes in vain. We can’t leave him here… …no matter what. Tie all the rope’s
ends with my cycle. Run! Run! Shiva! Hello, friend! I don’t know why are you so angry. But give up your anger now. All of us are your friends. Yeah! Yay! It’s good that… …the bull calmed down. Calm! Pedaram. He had to calm down. Everyone gets calm down… …in Laddu Singh’s area. I was joking. I got so beaten up. So I have a right
to crack a joke. Never mind! Never mind! You do whatever you want. Just don’t get angry. Shiva, thank you very much! You not only saved us… …but you did a great job
by saving him as well.

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  1. shiva is good series but bro kal mere dost ka bhai shiva jaise stunt karne ki nakal ki wajah se cycle se gir gaya
    us ko mana karo to nahi manta kehta hai shiva mere jitna hi hai so please episode ke shuru mai warning likh diya karen ke koi ye stunts ghar pe na kare i like this cartoon thanks.

  2. I love Shiva cartoon
    But plz Shiva or unke friends ka dress b to change kren aik do episodes men or unke parents ko b to laye plzzz

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