yup but it’s just let it all back with another video now this is how you guys know this video is an absolute fucking bragger government within the camera also i’m going to come around challenge got me going to run the camera ID pic thing with fucking 40 k i’m super excited about having one on your life tool i like that that fast that ok ok ok that’s been follow it wow you’re overdoing it I just want to be a priority and she did not use what you need to do that however down your story is written here fascinating doesn’t and all my life of gp41 thing can we hit us great strikeout bad ok so there’s been a trend that’s been going on but everybody gets the whole bunch of shit and liquid nitrogen and it matches with a whole bunch of things we just finished filming a video for Wolfie and David we have a whole lot of liquid oxygen leftover ok you want you’re probably wondering how much you got right Oh draw probably has a lot of liquid nitrogen right who dangerous we need more oh just that blue we have 45 litres you okay you’re probably wondering what we’re gonna be putting liquid nitrogen pollution will have right here got a NATO you know one ball obviously the ping-pong paddle we got our three qk i love the things i know that David favorite up yellow on the outside white on the inside that right right not bad right hey good right next I’ve seen other people do this i want to give it a shot we got our cool whip Cooper what your doesn’t come here for football alright next time you guys cry back everything I wasn’t ready finding you’re feeling right now that mom and dad you’re watching this we are all right this is gonna be amazing and it’s very hot I’m probably more fingers for the wall we got our little red bull our big red bull ok i forgot to mention our weapon selection here so of course the girls usually mouth we gotta act gotta pick axe or tack hammer what everybody all right now it’s nice to get started okay the first time we’re going to go with boom got Tomatoes got to be safe guys you need at least two gloves you know how haha alright guys get you might not be the number-one priority but it’s still firing all right red liquid nitrogen look at the blue she move tomatoes like what the clock it’s like come on and we need more liquid nice of him alright I want liquid nitrogen to be completely surrounded in this thing so I’m going to just fill it oh my goodness it’s about to get real look at that guys are always getting there and it’s hard started to my house for my hall was definitely going to the malady assignment systems middle perfectly 400 is just shit looks already the whole way just started it we cook it I’m going to rise yeah oh my god you’re glad to be inside is definitely this I photos from your car I don’t let a and you want it you wanted a class division alright guys the next up we got it okay to liquid nitrogen skillshots all right you’re gonna drink that David is typical family area to put that’s it to you bitch oh ok yeah dad had a guy on my life for my garden was not granted we’re not good or not good select a change there are you frozen look at our students oh my all the dollars that’s so like you stop it stop it white she’s 10 you’re right i’m not a bitch you to repeat delicious rice noodles done next up we got our twenties alright only one in that if you have to fight for dominance he has that you can be like a frozen desert you know what this one with the rapper- representing but specifically so we’ve got a rapper and then three rhad on the rookie and this is the best this guy does good in school i don’t know i missed this one is the base in ensuring hundred percent boy yeah whole bag shrinking fire call their brought it like deep frying them oh my god yes for years I that sound ok Jack I’m a LeBron mal again oh that building state though not so cool no other way other way more about the horrors I don’t you want to know we’re not like that way because that’s why oh right now you want to run the bed you cut it I don’t overheat this I don’t know if I can use this is like I have to be okay yeah I don’t want this you want to oh that was clean you want to be and you know what that is that good good all right next up we’re going to try out some ping-pong balls at all great way to I heard if you ladies on fire but it’s actually really see ya tonight yeah we got this Oh to guide please check out this life back over that and the event is coming out just like so boom oh and you fucked it up best video inside video que that’s on its bad nice and slow oh my god ok ok they’re promoting their floating boards the levitating focus ago let me don’t touch me i’m not gonna grab that the wedding down more liquid nitrogen all right reserved oh I got or David may think on another one dad alright not using that piece then that piece about he’s doing whatever you guys do don’t hit this way your day that’s right I said it is this way this one with aw you got smashed to provide medical community got one with the machete yeah if you can cut it directly on out i’ll give you five dollars better give me a backhand in 50 sick at the broken ball to first job by moving on next carpool with yeah I’m not for liquid nitrogen mission one won’t know it all so close one direction oh when they’re nowhere and eat it if your man solar to burn burn low ball how did or not really a giant toothbrush i got laughing retried for the Red Bull you think we got our village and spice and you for help me out alright we’re going to do try to get for the liquid nitrogen now i’m going to try to shoot the philly strength through the waterfall and hopefully it’s been turned solid in here we go oh oh ok yeah everything but what we really just a lot better in your head that’s what you’re all of your pretty good looking over there ok so we did solve it something here again nice little silly stream balls I present moment you’ve all been waiting for the Red Bull ok just don’t make the process from the thumbnail but we gotta make sure it’s super-super cold we’re going to take a fresh new one and what we’re going to actually do is I’m going to take this too is a little different thing here and put it directly in back to cancel the entire thing gets throws this let’s give it a shot the gorilla tape is gonna go around it ok and what I’m going to do is I’m going to fold this part so that when it comes out i can easily pull it off you are a genius for you it worth it oh that’s what I’m talking about no game you’ll be making it 20-7 not far enough in here we go I can still get the meeting sunday night last night when do I get it okay yeah it doesn’t it’s not i guess i can’t pull it up right now you can’t know ok guys there he is bullshit the first people get their help me get right there yeah I never said it was a joke but I just want you to die today can you really the pressure of it all whoa oh my god bro the Gorillaz he was a bad idea that you’ll get cut the fucking relativity but it’s when outputting directly anymore alright the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put this inside here right a lot of paper we can put a lot of liquid nitrogen in and I’ll get really cold so this is a lot better Jesus fully shit not much necessary alright let’s move it is gonna get real cold ok well there’s only one regarding the savages don’t wear glasses alright guys it’s a really good chance it’s going to explode so we’re gonna go to the garage what are the choices we gotta get the brakes lock normal then we’re gonna see what’s inside 31 exactly are wonderful work credits so don’t let it get don’t need that don’t need that energy giant get the big one is that wasn’t big enough don’t worry we got you we got the big red bull and we got the big glass yup we’re going to crack the glass the glass if Julie is tracking people about how about I don’t just weeks back great what yo yo yo yo yo yo shit that’s what you get all I think it actually a special class for you like pirates are not given it doesn’t have the backdrop for me what are you doing out here case it like i was saying I was not the best new feature but as you can see the glass instantly craft and it could explode at any moment to go back into the danger zone I think the coast human let me know how oh why draw so hope probably sit y’all what’s going on what was going on this man just clearly written fiberglass yeah I can’t believe it you just need to get this diet is a nice to it she’s won all right go up here at the book literally do it like boom who use and redbull I got to still have a giant lighter and I know how to make you black selected this video to 10,000 light and comment down below whatever you guys want to see me do not know make sure I’m a little bit different times don’t worry not obviously I gotta give a show or movie right behind camera great and very common your ethnicity by letter-writing go ahead if you have going to the error you’re probably new year and all right go figure it out ladies and description down below them religious in the bio cricket we just filled to liquid nitrogen bankers on both of their channel the link will be in the description down a little go check them out now have you got no I always like to leave on a high note

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