Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

COMM: In Kruger National Park, these lions are looking for their next meal, and they’ve
decided it’s going to be this buffalo. But they are not prepared for the fight that their
quarry is willing to put up. COMM: With one big cat clinging to his back, the buffalo manages to fend off the second
lion, inflicting some damage with his horns. But it’s still has the other lion sinking
its teeth and claws into his flesh. COMM: Unable to shake the predator off, the buffalo starts to move towards the parked
tourist vehicles. COMM: The air escaping from the punctured tyre has scared the lion off. A lucky escape.

100 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

  1. Funny how the lions fans are getting quite annoyed by this intelligent buffalo video. The Truth is the truth! Buffalo's are capable of defeating lions but as nature 1v1 will never happen. NO FUCKING DOUBT BUFFALO RULE LIONS! And aren't you amazed that buffalo is this fucking smart? and the fericious strike at the tyre is fucking awsome oh, god..

  2. read some comments and thought
    tyre is spelled tyre ((even tho in my country we r taught the US English, but I never have a doubt that tyre is spelled tyre –> can't really remember which spelling was taught back in school))
    tire is becoming weary. this only makes sense, doesn't it? since tired/tiring = weary. so why on earth tire means tyre lol
    American English is so weird.

  3. Lions go for the neck and back to make sure its safer to kill the buffalo. Ive seen a group of male Lions take down buffalo in minutes, the new sound scared the Lions. Lions always kill before eating.

  4. This idiot is blocking most of the video with huge nonsense lettering! Got to rate this shit down! Thank you.

  5. The lion were not scared by getting kicked in the balls but they got scared of freakin air… Those lion are dumbass stupid man!

  6. and apes call the lion the king and just like the tired got deflated by the horn of bull so did the pussy lion..cats get scared the moment their ears get pierced by a sharp noise and run away

  7. Weird that a bit of escaping air so easily spooked this young male lion….he probably associated it with the hiss of a snake….
    This bull should spread the news…."when bothered by persistent lions, go for the nearest safari vehicle"…

  8. with all those people there someone should have a rifle and stop the murder.   wheres the dentist ?

  9. I don't know if I had an expensive SUV Land Rover I think I would have done something and get the lines away from and save the cow and save my SUV stupid people save the cows

  10. The buffalo was probably screaming at the people in buffalo language. Buffalo says what wrong with you sick fucks watching help me it hurts Help.While The people watch with big psychopath smiles thinking cool. Sucks the buffalo was not with his buddies to stop this horrible attack.

  11. Clearly, the water buffalo was seeking help from humans, but it was silently just ignored. Not one, attempt to help the hopeless water buffalo. When you already interfered with mother nature course by being there taking photos of them, you might as well help when they come to you. It may be a test from God.

  12. It's like disney world with all the tourists there, so much for letting nature be. How do you say hypocracy?

  13. Ayuden al Bufalo dejenlo vivir tranquilo en la selva . Saquen manada de Leones eliminenla/No se duviertan como deporte Esos animales quieren vivir tranquilos..Esas fieras tienen que iluminarlas.. Traduscan el mensaje wn ingles..Para que estos invesiles paren con esta burla hacia los animales indefensos..

  14. Jeez….. all the buffalo is a genius comments. I bet he knew if the tire was a Goodyear or a Michelin. He probably could tell how many pounds of air was in the tire also.

  15. He is telling us what we see in the video. He thinks we cannot understand what's happening. He thinks we are brainless.

  16. For sightings Kruger is just ok and the private Reserves in the 'greater Kruger area' with 'open boundaries' with Kruger are a waste of money.

  17. 01:05 idiot is in an area with hungry lions and yet he is hanging out of the car window. Too bad the lion didn't fk him up

  18. Jump on his back and slide under the neck to BJJ choke that old buffalo
    Damn I wish that lioness teach the skill to any other lions. She kept it all for herself to the grave.

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