RUMOR – Nintendo Direct Date to be Announced Soon & Reggie on NOT Wanting to “Age-up” The Logo!

RUMOR – Nintendo Direct Date to be Announced Soon & Reggie on NOT Wanting to “Age-up” The Logo!

What is up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and I want to remind you guys that today is always a
great day to play Fire Emblem three houses with the noose endured shadows
DLC coming out very soon here but we’re not talking about Fire Emblem today as
much as I would like to because we have a bunch of other topics that a lot of
you Nintendo Direct crazy fans are going to love so let’s go ahead and get right
into it right here guys and we’re starting off with just that the Nintendo
Direct there has been some reputable sources
out there that are stating that we should start hearing some direct dates
pretty soon so everybody knows one of the most prominent leakers out there is
sabe on twitter and here’s what he had to say recently about a Nintendo Direct
happening soon or at least dates coming out pretty soon from prominent leaders
heard a couple of things about the next direct from two people but nothing
concrete enough to write of myself I will say though keep an ear out for
reputable people posting direct dates would it be surprised if somebody like
zel or something gave a date soon and he’s talking about King Zell there so
this is very interesting because a couple weeks ago or at least maybe about
a month ago or so I talked about potential Nintendo Direct prediction
dates and all of that and Nintendo usually has three big directs in a year
they’ll have their early or spring style direct winter whatever the heck you want
to call it I probably just say like spring direct they’ll have their summer
III direct and then they’ll also have a big fall direct and I just find the
hilarious because people seem to not catch on that Nintendo usually has three
big directs scheduled pretty much throughout the year and people start
getting antsy about things and it’s like calm down they’re going to have their
direct when they usually have their direct in the same time window that they
have their direct so we should be getting something pretty soon here when
it comes to a direct date now another thing that you have to know what directs
guys that Nintendo announces them like a day before they happen or something like
that it’s always like the shows happening on Thursday and then they
announcer on Wednesday right the day before so
don’t expect like a week build up into this earth look out for a date in three
weeks or in two weeks of this massive Nintendo Direct I know sometimes people
forget these type of things out there but they announced it very close to when
the shows actually going to air Nintendo directs are not live they’re
pre-recorded and they just say hey we’re going to put this together this together
this together sometimes they have features whatever the case is then put
them pretty much in a presentation with Koizumi or with someone else basically
hosting the direct there so I’m really excited to see what happens here I’ve
been hearing some few rumblings myself that yes there will be a direct
happening pretty soon here I would guess it would be sometime in terms of us
hearing the actual dates or even it happening before Valentine’s Day so like
February 13th 14th somewhere in that area maybe we hear about something or
maybe it’s even announced in that time period I would like it to be early
February because I think that March is already set you have your big game with
Animal Crossing February’s kind of calm at this point some people are still
picking up stuff like Tokyo Mirage sessions but I think that with this
direct coming up I think that there’s a lot of opportunity to start talking
about games that have not been dated yet so games like xenoblade chronicles
definitive edition or even No More Heroes 3 because that game was announced
last year at this point so maybe we get a window for that game stuff like the
outer worlds on the Nintendo switch that’s a big third party game I think we
probably get a date for a game like that as well plus also new announcements
maybe some DLC stuff for games currently out and you never know there might be a
Megaton like a Mario Kart 9 or something like that or maybe we even get some more
information on The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild sequels so we’ll see
what happens here guys I know I’m excited to kind of get into the new year
2020 for gaming and for the channel so I think it’s gonna be pretty fun so what
do you guys think about a direct bean announced pretty soon here or at least
dates leaking out pretty soon let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys moving on to the next topic
here it looks like we’re going to be getting a demo for persona 5 scramble
the phantom strikers on the Nintendo switch on February 6 so this is a
pretty cool here because there’s been a lot of new information on locations like
Osaka and Kyoto and everything so you guys can check all of that out and
obviously the game is looking absolutely amazing this looks like one of the best
if not going to be the best warrior style game set in a major franchise like
Fire Emblem or The Legend of Zelda Gundam this is one of the most
impressive ones that I’ve seen based off of the RPG mechanics kind of some of the
platforming stuff they have in there some of the other mechanics are putting
into the game it really does seem like a full-fledged action RPG for the persona
franchise or at least for persona 5 so let’s go ahead and talk about this demo
that’s going to be coming pretty soon here guys February 6th and remember guys
this is a Japanese demo for the game so you’re going to need a Japanese account
in order to play this demo and down loaded the game is launching on February
20th in Japan so they’re getting it pretty soon here we do not have a
release date in the West for this game on the PlayStation 4 or on the Nintendo
switch but anybody because of the Nintendo switch being region free is
going to be able to go on the eShop with your Japanese made account and download
the demo and once again the game is looking pretty cool here I like what
they’re doing with it and I like the fact that they’re giving us a demo so we
can kind of see the game how it runs on the Nintendo switch there’s been a lot
of talk about 30 frames versus 60 one thing that I will note though guys is
that most of the games that I’ve played on the Nintendo switch the Warriors
games I think with Fire Emblem warriors and also with Tyra wars both of those
have options for 60 frames per second with like a performance mode or whatever
right versus like a quality mode so hopefully this one has that as well the
scale of this game does seem maybe a bit bigger so maybe it’s not going to be in
there but either way I think that playing an action RPG with what they’re
trying to do with this game on the Nintendo switch would be pretty cool to
be able to play that anywhere but of course you have the PlayStation 4
version that’s probably gonna hit that 60 and stay at it if the switch person
doesn’t do it so you have your pick in terms of what you prioritize either way
it’s cool if the game is coming over to the intend o switch and maybe not what
everybody was looking for with persona 5 the vanilla or the Royale
the regular RPG here but I think that this game is looking a lot better than
some people thought compared to what we do know now so you can’t trial out
yourself and see what you guys think and of course there’ll be tons of gameplay
videos and I’ll be doing footage on my channel as well so what do you guys
think about persona 5 scramble the phantom strikers getting a demo on
February 6 are you guys planning on picking this one up when it eventually
gets released in the West let me know your thoughts in the comment section
below alright and moving on to the final topic here we have a very interesting
story coming from Reggie fils-aime a the former president and CEO of Nintendo of
America talking about he actually stopped Nintendo of America from trying
to age up the logo after joining the company so Reggie joined the company
around I think it was 2003 2004 in that timeframe and it seems like Nintendo was
saying okay well we got to do something to keep up with the Xbox and the
PlayStation they’re all about the cool kids and maybe this logo this is
something that we need to change which is by the way that’s the thing that
people talk about when it comes to marketing and all these are discussions
that happen all the time so it doesn’t surprise me too much but I’m really
happy that Reggie took the initiative and stopped them from doing that so
let’s hear what he had to say on the matter
whoa I’m a branding standpoint we had to be clear in what Nintendo as a brand
stood for as well as what the individual franchises stood for I’ll give you an
example when I joined Nintendo there was a sense of almost shame that nintendo
appealed to young consumers and the marketing team at Nintendo of America
started doing things with the logo the custom Tendo logo and in Oval they would
put it in a graffiti style or they do different things to try to age up the
logo and I put a stop to that because that is not our brand and what we needed
to do was yes appeal to a broad launch of consumers but we needed to do it
based on what the brand stood for and not doing it in some false way we went
through and cleaned up the presentation of the brand but we also created
messaged coupled with content that really brought in the reach broaden the
appeal and set the stage for all the great products we would launch like we
like Wii Fit and eventually the Nintendo switch so this was actually pretty
awesome from Reggie because I think that’s where
a lot of these companies sometimes fall into a hole right you’re trying to sit
here they’re trying to appeal to the co D fanbase you’re trying to appeal to the
fake hardcore and I need to do all this and mature all of that stuff and it’s
not you and it’s completely not you and then when you start thinking that way
with your logo and other things like that it affects your products
imagine if the Tendo tried to age up everything and tried to be cool do you
think that they’d actually launch something like Wii Fit and sell 40
million with Wii Fit Plus do you think they’d actually have what they have at
this point with the Nintendo switch that they wouldn’t have tried all the
different things that they did even with the failure of the Wii U trying that
type of technology being able to play off of the TV which led to the switch I
don’t think they would have done all that so it’s very important that you
stay true to who you are and not try to have some type of false premise in terms
of what you’re going to deliver right because it classes and it goes against
it so I’m very happy that Reggie feyza may actually put a stop to that and
Nintendo is what it is it is a company that delivers content for all ages it’s
a company that can have a game like Bayonetta 3 or Bayonetta 2 on the system
that’s a mature rated game but then it can also have something like Animal
Crossing which can be played by any age that’s how Nintendo’s always been that’s
what I think their logo and their company has always been and there’s no
need to change that and there’s no need to really mess with that at all to be
honest because Nintendo makes fantastic games for all age ranges and that’s how
it’s always been so what do you guys think about everything that we talked
about here from Nintendo Direct dates possibly happening pretty soon here to
persona 5 and also what Reggie had to say about the logo and tendo trying to
age things up I love to hear what you guys have to say in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here thank you guys so much
for watching make sure you check out the link in the description below
follow us on at Twitter we got a pretty active Twitter page look for you guys to
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51 thoughts on “RUMOR – Nintendo Direct Date to be Announced Soon & Reggie on NOT Wanting to “Age-up” The Logo!

  1. Changing the Nintendo logo would be the video game equivalent of changing the Disney logo. You can make slight tiny changes here and there, but it’s so iconic that any change is going to be received quite negatively

  2. I don't like it when people talk about rumors and leaked because i prefer and rather be surprise than being spoiled the surprise being ruined for me i just hate being spoiled with leaks and rumors that's just me i know that some rumors and leaks turn out to not be true but there are most of them that do turn out to be vrty true but i know that the nintendo direct will be soon i'm a very patient person i don't mind waiting for a nintendo direct next month

  3. I think a Direct probably won't happen this week, but it will come soon. I'm personally hoping for next week.
    Persona 5 Scramble looks good. It's not on my radar yet because I'm waiting for P5R to come out to play the series for the first time.
    Very cool that Reggie didn't try to age things up and helped steer the company and improve their standing.

  4. The Direct will either be on February 6 or February 13. It not gonna happen this week due to Nintendo 3rd Quarter Earning Report.

  5. Is this even a rumor? Everyone knows a Direct is coming in January and February. Given it’s the end of January, of course we will get a date “soon.”

    Sabi (or however you spell his twitter name) isn’t really going out on a limb.

  6. 4:42 I know right? I don't remember ever being excited for a Musou before this
    I was skeptical for a while when it was announced but the first trailer was enough to convince me

    Might pick it up on the JP eShop get it early and practice my Japanese

  7. There is either gonna be 2 Directs, (one that is for Animal Crossing) or if there is only one it will be longer and have a 15min focus on New Horizons. That’s just my guess, they have almost always had a AC direct so if they don’t that’s why I think they would have a big portion of the regular direct focus on it. So considering that, you would think it would have to happen by the middle of February

  8. Yo PE Ninja Master wassup.

    I think the big Nintendo Winter Direct will come mid February after the Sony PS5 Event.

    The P5: Scrabble Demo I will check out.

    A Nintendo Graffiti Logo would have been hella cool cuz it would've been so unlike Nintendo but Reggie is the man and a smart move too stick with a clean quality Nintendo Logo.

  9. I do like worriors games, but I'm so tired of seeing Persona 5 and I never played Persona 5 and Scrabbled takes place after the game so I wouldn't get the story. I guess its a pass.

  10. I was expecting a direct would happen this week, and I guess it still could lol, but probably will be in first or second week of February

  11. I will definitely be getting Persona 5 scramble for the Switch. Ps4 has been a complete letdown for me this past year as far as their whole censorship nonsense is concerned. I have been buying all of my 3rd party games on the Switch instetead. So even if the game has 30 fps I am fine with that. I WOULD RATHER SUPPORT THE NINTENDO SWITCH…

  12. I’m just hoping for Super Mario 3d world to be ported to the Nintendo switch to be announced at Nintendo direct soon

  13. No lie I will be getting P5S on the Switch when it makes it's way over..I prefer my Warriors style games portable thanks to the Switch as it means I can take it with me without having to worry about if I can hook it up at a hotel or something..I just need to bring the charger and I'm good to go..I remember the days of carrying a VHS player on long vacations so I could watch my favorite movies while I was with my family so we didn't have to pay extra for movie channels or be stuck with what was on TV if the weather was too bad to get out and do something on the beach..this is kinda the same thing in my's carrying a portable DVD/Bluray player vs lugging your large does the same thing albeit on a smaller screen but it's easier to carry and you can take it on the plane.

  14. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That not only applies to Nintendo's logo, but also companies like Sega and Capcom.

  15. The only time Nintendo announced a direct like a week before the day, was the time an earthquake hit Japan and they had to postpone. They usually announce them two days before the day

  16. Nintendo did change the logo for a while into black and white but with Switch they returned to the classic white and red logo.

  17. Nintendo does appeal to kids.. and big kids! :), those big kids who still love video games!, and theres no shame in that, that's a sign of fun and purity no matter what age you are

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