Rodeo Clown In Obama Mask Defended By Limbaugh, Beck

Rodeo Clown In Obama Mask Defended By Limbaugh, Beck

now we have a controversy about rodeo
collapse was the first thing I thought of really apparently a rodeo clown dressers a dress up as President Obama the
Missouri State Fair and a cause quite a brouhaha I was a little skeptical about this
because they’re supposed to be cloudy so every dress up as bush own care dress
up as a bomb arm so what Stoli fine is the present yet to
make fava except it turns out that when you I’ll find out what the atmosphere there
was he got a little apparently disturbing and Perry beam explains that he was at
the fair and he says there now sir ass the
crowded anyone wanted to see Obama run down by a ball okay but again he’s a rodeo clown so so
far I can live with that not a big deal he
explained so that everybody screamed as well while he continues it was at that point I
begin to feel a sense of fear who was that level with Susie s there
now sir says here’s our O’bama dummy are dummy Obama the mission the president’s
name I don’t know a hundred times it was
sickening it was feeling like some kind of clan
rally you see on TV now II did make paired being sousa and I don’t know I was in there so on
the surface ovett its not something that I would have even on
a story about but wait to see the reaction so apparently
he certainly felt that their and then was a racial at all well he
also explained he said another clan ran up to the one wearing the Obama mask pretended to take a Lum and played with
the lips on the mask the lips on the mass tough that’s gets
to be a liberation rate and as Perry beam explain the fervor over the crowds scare dem and as he I just read you said he felt
like he was a Klan rally now here’s the interesting part perry be
miss white and he says quote even old country boy picks up on
something like that match or a person of color with it so
that’s interesting but he’s not a low the State Fair officials said yeah that
was not at all good that’s not how shoulda gone down they
said we strive to be a family-friendly event and we get the saudis rodeo badly missed
that mark and in fact even a lieutenant governor
the state lieutenant governor Peter kinder said it was disrespectful to the president
and he said we are better than this a surprise at you know republicans who are not
usually forthcoming with apologies in acceptance of racial issues etcetera to
jump in there say whoa were better than this okay so obviously
at least for the people who were there the where there were some palpable
feeling ok discomfort right I now it this has become a little
bit larger issue because that rodeo clown has been fired and he’s
been banned from the Missouri State Fair now some liberals are calling for him to
be banned from everything look I don’t know what the guys intent
was I don’t know but with on a ban them from
all future jobs ever RePEc be X so you know and you
couldn’t disagree about than are you about it but now course we’re gonna go the extra mile
opposite side here comes rush limbaugh and I want to
tell you what this is like and I’m not gonna pull any punches get
is ass this is no different than those countries reacting freakishly when there were cartoons of the Prophet
Mohammed that is exactly what this is it is as
though president Obama is a messiah or is a God the and this little thing to
happen at the Missouri State Fair his eight %uh a defamation the Delancey
Asian almost a religious sect alleged clip I would the president I status was
happening in the country that I was presided Paul I’m to stop to this now look again a look at them from outsiders in my a
national ok I rapid on the other hand even some white folks
who were there said if all the Klan rally so it’s not like liberals made it up for it is not like
people when there were like a job and we gotta
get this guy in this is some sort of plot and they made the the you the rodeo clown do this and then
they attacked them in so nobody’s Hugo set this up in some bizarre conspiracy
et cetera so bring it down about how liberals are
like muslims are gonna kill people for doing
cartoons et cetera et cetera right so but actually gonna make the sides I’m not
gonna be a damn buyer rush limbaugh I’m gonna go further in my solidarity
with this brother rodeo clown the rodeo clown its all rodeo clown it’s a let me say it again its rodeo
clown at a skate share now here’s how you
react to a rodeo clown at a state fair he’s a rodeo clown at a state fair you that’s what you’re saying gay if you’re
specially if you’re on the left your the elites here the elites you don’t care about the
middle of the country you’ve never gone to a state fair they even have those let me tell you something rodeos the
Rodeo Association Eve you go down this road you will for ever damage rodeos he’ll shut them down because who the hell is going to your
rodeos who’s going it’s not a bunch of people
whose are politically correct their their clear sinking common sense farmers Cowboys straight-ahead Americans that’s who’s going two-day I declare
myself officially a rodeo clown today I def officially declare that we
are all rodeo clowns hehehe speak for yourself buddy K agreed you’re officially a rodeo clown not the
rest of us by the way it is not the first time that
is officially declare himself a rodeo clown axes told the New York Times back in
2009 I’m a rodeo clown so Matt was pretty
clear already go I’m back amused by this straight ahead Americans where there’s some Americans a that
would go this way and then that way to get somewhere they would not go to a state fair nobler
rose ever gone to a state fair only straight
ahead americans have gone so don’t you do this you’ll destroy all
state fairs forever take calm down Glen ok bring it down
miss the rodeo clown keep a so I i began I don’t know people are overreacting to the situation
to begin with apparently again people that were there
were made very uncomfortable and and people were already apologize
for and acknowledge that that was the case and then you got the right-wingers who
are now all rodeo clowns today okay fair enough accepted you are all
rodeo clowns

94 thoughts on “Rodeo Clown In Obama Mask Defended By Limbaugh, Beck

  1. That's so stupid, the deficit has gone down under Obama, and there was never a 100 million dollar vacation. He has cut spending. Bush blew a surplus and Obama is on path to create one.

  2. Does Rush know that Muhammad isn't the messiah? I mean he obviously knows, but does he know nobody thinks that?

  3. I'm not sure how the either/or fallacy works here, and I've not spoken about racism or called anyone "evil." Facts can also be politically correct (which is really a fancy way of saying respectful) and vice versa. Just because one CAN say/do it does not mean one SHOULD. Not sure why you set off the word "professor," either. On your essay: if you wrote with the oddly snide tone you show here, or if assumptions governed the argument in lieu of academic research, then earning a "C" makes sense.

  4. No doubt he shouldn't face consequences in my mind – it's simple ridicule which any man, president or otherwise, should be able to face. However, if the crowd reacted with almost ecstatic fervor, frothing at the mouth at the thought of trampling over Obama with a bull, I'd say that's cause for concern. I don't know if they really did react like that, but the point stands.

  5. Please report when a stampede of rodeo bulls invade DC looking for Obama. OR report if the Obama family visits a rodeo that isn't on tv. Report exactly how 1 can abuse a bull instead of unrealistic bull crap.Only then will I take a bullfighting rodeo clown's jokes seriously. I do go to hear famous singers at rodeo concerts. But at a small fair, no way.

  6. Maybe the Queen of England can give our country tips on how real royalty deals with satire. Obama knows a herd of bulls won't stampede the White House. Stampede seems to be in a house of cards over reaction to cowboy jokes at a fair. It's ridiculous. Like Obama cares about the media hype over bull-crap. Ban comedy for the miscroscopic few who can't take a good or bad joke. I don't care what a clown says at a rodeo nor believe Missouri bulls will attack Obama. A spectator got attention, so?

  7. My essay was base upon the concept of self-ownership; it was similar in that manner to the pro-gay marriage essay that I had written. Can political correctness be factual–yes. Can we say it is always factual with the same confidence that we can say that the sky is always blue–no. I would cite socialists fight against the study into racial differences as an example in which the politically correct news-speak is vehemently anti-factual and anti-science.

    Perhaps my tone was a bit militant.

  8. and for good reason – both of his elections are suspect (esp 2000), his needless war in Iraq, the wiretappings, his response to Katrina, the economic collapse, etc…

    The difference is people blamed Bush for things he had actually done or not done depending on the situation. With Obama much of the criticism is so off base and ridiculous particularly those accusing this conservative-leaning president of being a communist. Good grief!

  9. And you knew this how you say?? By watching the video I suppose..?? Exactly… I don't care much about what people who can not think before they speak are thinking about me, so that's ok dude..

  10. I remember the guy who dressed as Bush and got himself kicked in the ass by everyone just to make fun of Bush. I never heard liberals getting angry over it.

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  12. I think we're talking community standards, values and perceptions in this case. Does this community have a right to feel this way about this kind of entertainment?

    Really this goes to the heart of the discontent of many in the U.S. at the way this president has lead us into the future.

    We're sitting here looking at the end of civilization and politicians are worried about political incorrectness.

    Do you see a problem there?

  13. Eh, liberals do pretty similar stuff with Limbaugh, Palin and a bunch of other right-winger politicians. Just move on, this really is nothing other than political satire that you bunch feel like taking too seriously.

  14. Gotta love BS propaganda…

    This is what the rodeo clowns have done with probably every president since they started having rodeos.

    Seems if you disagree with anything Obama’s administration has done it’s labeled as racist by most modern “Liberals”…

    And the white “Liberals” who act like that are totally brainwashed.

    Do they really have that much BS white guilt???

  15. Dude, I'm not the first guy to come to the defense of TYT. I've ragged Cenk on a lot of fluff & a lot of shit, but these folks speak their opinions, regardless of predetermined left/right trends. They are not controlled like Fox News or MSNBC. At least, not so far as I know.
    The whole white/black race thing…it's just a set-up, anymore. It's an illusion designed to divide Americans. ALL Americans!
    Remember, their Rights are our Rights, & our Rights are their Rights.
    That alone should end racism

  16. Yeah, I've seen lots ob Bush masks and Nixon masks, but when someone wears an Obama one they cry racist. Why does Obama deserve immunity and privilege based on his race? Liberals and Dem's impute a false guess of racial motives to try to stifle legitimate criticism and mockery of that socialist doofus in chief we have now. And silly fools cower under false charges of racism? Why?

  17. Well, that first paragraph is because these TYT folks aren't complete sell-out shills for Obama & co. They've shown level heads on some of the issues, and they'll certainly call out injustice better than you can expect the mainstream to do. The important thing is to remember your own convictions, and not take a complete all-or-nothing stance on every issue. Let our Bill of Rights be the standard to which we set our principles

  18. The 1st amendment is a bad thing now apparently, a least while a democrat is currently president according to some…

  19. The Young Turk trying hard to make this an issue of race basing their entire story piece on some idiot liberal attending a state fair. There will always be idiots that can't take a joke and try hard to find something racist about it to try and demonize those that don't like Obama.

    Obama is a failed president on failed policies; to the point Carter is looking good in recent interviews. STUPID FUCKING stories of A CLOWN is the distraction.

  20. That's what he said it felt like, human perception is a very subtle nuanced thing, there are many layers of meaning and psychological insight you can get from an audiences laughter and jeering. Whether the tone is, light-hearted, thoughtful, thoughtless, mocking, derisive etc etc. He says it felt like a klan rally, so I take him at his word and the fact that he doesn't sound like a bleeding heart liberal adds credence to his statement.

  21. Look up horse and cow tripping, there is TONS of evidence as to how there is a huge amount of abuse towards the animals at rodeos.

  22. I appreciate your reply and believe me if I thought this was racist I would be condemning it as well. But if a bunch of people who hate the president are mocking him then it will feel like a mob, whatever the race of the clown mask.

    I see no evidence of racism. If I saw some I would be saying how disgusting it was.

    I think what people are reacting to is that a white man is wearing a black mask and inviting everyone to mock him. The fact that the mask is the president seems to escape them.

  23. Because people are still sensitive about racial issues within America. How is this a legitimate criticism. It's just plan old mockery of the president which is fine but a lot of people in the crowd and the fair itself weren't okay with the over the top performance.
    That's all. Nothing to get angry about.

  24. Slavery was 200 years ago, instead of dwelling on past issues maybe it's time for America to move on and stop trying so hard to be PC.

  25. My ancestors were both primarily Scottish and Indian, so yeah.. that doesn't mean I'm gonna go around holding grudges against people who are English or European because their ancestors treated my ancestors like assholes, that makes no fucking sense. As long as they understand that what their ancestors did was fucked up, there's no reason why they should be burdened the guilt of what their family did in the past and had no control over. (cont.)

  26. Racism will always be around, but that doesn't mean we need to turn every issue that happened to involve a minority into a racial issue. All that does is divide us further, hell I've had an idiot call me racist because I acknowledged someones skin color when I describing someone. That's the kinda shit I'm talking about that should stop.

  27. Yes, this clown's stupidity is proteced under Freedom of Speech. It's just distatseful, and more likely than not, appropriate for Texas assholes.

  28. Obama almost carried Missouri in 2008… and anyone who lives in the deep south or has been there in MODERN times knows that the people there are millions times more friendly than northern liberals, also the south is more culturally diverse

  29. this is ridiculous… this exact skit has been done for years, yes at the MISSOURI state fair. they did it with Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan too…. exactly the same

  30. Can you prove that? No, we hate Nancy Pelosi for the same reasons we hate Obama. Her liberal big government policies, her pro-union, pro-deficit spending, pro-welfare agenda. Same thing applies to Obama, but you call it racist? Prove that or apologize for the insult. In this politically correct culture of diversity that is one of the worst insults to give. So you better have ironclad proof of racism; otherwise, you are immoral. You have just ruined your own character by committing slander.

  31. Can you prove that? No, we hate Nancy Pelosi for the same reasons we hate Obama. Her liberal big government policies, her pro-union, pro-deficit spending, pro-welfare agenda. Same thing applies to Obama, but you call it racist? Prove that or apologize for the insult. In this politically correct culture of diversity that is one of the worst insults to give. So you better have ironclad proof of racism; otherwise, you are immoral. You have just ruined your own character by committing slander.

  32. How? That is not an argument you inbred pseudo-intellectual ignoramus! Get a fucking education before you start spouting off ad homs.

  33. Its the TYT. Liberal Obama apologists who first reaction is to cry racism so they don't have to discuss the real issue's like Black Crime in American cities or Obama bankrupting this Country faster than any President in History.

    Liberalism is based on lies and denial.


  35. Stop lying about Trump. He also had an economic policy that would revise our tariffs on China. Trump was right about Obama having the initial burden of proof of his citizenship. Obama failed to prove it. The "birther" stuff is just the ad hominum attack, a cheap insult to those who are right to ask Obama to prove his citizenship. The bio of one of his writings in college touted Obama as a foreign student, born in Kenya. You forgot? See Dinesh D'Souza's movie. You are looking at things wrong.

  36. you're totally right,the basis of his campaign was about where obama was born…anybody who puts any stock in the BIRTHER nonsense should really just kill themselves.he doesn't have to prove don't think the FBI check out the candidate that might have the nuclear launch codes?also,i'm not sure if you know this or not but obama's mother was a white woman from kansas.he could've been born in a hut outside nairobi and he'd still be american by birth.

  37. Yes, they do. When someone wears an Obama mask do they call him a pothead, a college communist, a tax-the-rich welfare liberal socialist hack buying votes and wrecking the economy? They could.

  38. This whole controversy is ridiculous. People have sent this poor man death threats and called for him to be investigated by the FBI for hate crimes. The man doesn't even have anything against Obama, they have been doing this with every president since Reagan. Even if he did dislike Obama-whatever happened to freedom of speech. Getting this angry over this just worsens the problem of racism and makes us liberals look irrational and authoritarian.

  39. you do realise there's a line between criticism and derogatory name calling….. to say some ones a dummy not criticism… it's just petty name calling.

  40. So let me get this straight. Make fun of Bush or any white guy and you get a pat on the back and everyone applauds you, but make fun of Obama and you get infringed on your civil rights with fascist tactics. Who's really infringing on our civil rights…

  41. Let me get this straight, when you make fun of a Democratic president it's perfectly okay. But when you make fun of the Republican President, your in a world of trouble? Something tells me the Dixie chicks didn't deserve the treatment they got. This rodeo clown needs to be given a lesson or something.

  42. Once again, I'd like to thank Cenk for bringing to light facts that are conveniently left out by the right wing media.

  43. Tuffy grew up in my hometown, I saw him a few days ago. He is a nice guy that loves to make people happy, this was just stupid to overreact over this.

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