Alexa stop. you gonna put on some sandals? hi! hi! bye! we go when we can it’s about to go…. alright we are headed to the livestock show, we are gonna check out the
livestock show which I haven’t been to in, I don’t know, eight or nine years? I think
the last time I went was when I did my very first vlog which was a livestock
show vlog. and we lived like right across from the stadium and we walked there. and yeah it’s just memories–do you remember that babe? yeah it was a really long time
ago! so that was the last time I’ve been to the actual livestock show we can see like
the baby ducks and all the cattle everything’s we wanna show Harper livestock show just one so sorry this is a Texas tradition okay agency our first first rodeo and they said is where all the way is it
in here that’s a shop so I don’t want to go to shop let’s go see the animals
first while she’s still awake I look at all this beautiful artwork sundry you’ll may not know this but the rodeo
has a lot of support for education Texas youth scholarships some rights going
into your first livestock show 2019 and yeah I don’t think they’re actual
rabbits are they oh wow yeah they are actual rabbits you see the red bunny let’s just say
take a log of land here say little bunny see the bunnies we’ll get her out in a little bit I want
to show her that no big step first petting zoo because the petting zoo there chickens is that a chicken you like it all right we’ve been waiting
for this she has been since we went to the ranch tired how pretty this one is a lot of teenagers learn a lot about
agriculture by what when you’re a teenager and you do the
agriculture thing with the raising or 4-h club 4-h Wow look at that big
black one there that’s so pretty really beautiful cattle hi beautiful in case any of you guys were wondering
there is a place to pump or breastfeed at the rodeo that is really awesome way
to go way to go Houston Livestock Show way past her bedtime Batgirl tired alright let’s exit stage right well and all I’d say pretty fun
definitely a lot better than I remember it
about my way Harper taken on their hand
you know what agriculture is all about it smells so good they have food outside or should we go
inside here and get some food real quick oh yeah there she needs to go to bed so
let’s just get some food now all right we’re back home and that was very fun so
now we’re just gonna chill out a little bit here at home looking on the Tanner
side for what I normally am because I used some of the San Tropez classic Tam
it is in this like marshmallow scent I will link it down below it’s delicious I
didn’t smell bad we once it was really really nice and it’s just a classic tan
and I’ll link this fun watch down below too it’s really fun oh my mom make it
out today I’ll just link everything down below how’s that yeah mouth got
something on your mouth okay bye bye alright so we’re back home we all had a
nap well I didn’t really have a nap because I never nap when the rest of the
family naps I have to like I have to like chill like awake like I have to
like emotionally wind down from the chaos of the day and I can’t do that by
napping for some reason like I just can no clothes off I should get into the dog
food so I’m gonna film a video now that was a person sometimes these selfie
things that flip up are just more disturbing because a toddler walking
everywhere now I mean she would prefer she’s just walking she’s not crawling
anymore she’s only walking and I’m really proud of her for that because
she’s walking and she’s doing it really well some baby’s walking really really
early she’s walked kind of within the normal time frame maybe unlike the
leader spectrum and she just is super steady super sure of herself of course
she falls and stuff but she’s just very careful which I like that was a strangest little gasp I’ve
ever heard poor baby you look sounded so sad yes that’s your diaper bag you want
to pull it up no pull it down yeah good job is that is that our old is that our
old car seat that we’re gonna put up in the Attic today yeah
all right so Harper is woken up from her nap and she’s been fed and I filmed a
video and I’ve edited the video and I’ve done the thumbnail and I’ve published
not published it live but it will be going live soon now we’re trying to
figure out what to do we’re gonna go out to eat since it’s no I kind of just want
to stay home play some music on the a LAX and um you
know like light some candles like put on the music have the ambience we just love
weekend’s where we just sit there like open the patio doors and just have the
music playing on the system and you know like drink a glass of white wine you
know it’s just oh there’s something really nice about that while cooking and
just hanging out with us as a family hanging out with us so I’m gonna do what
he went to the grocery store with Harper Harper gloves going in the grocery store
with him and it’s kind of their thing he loves going in the grocery store I
absolutely detest it comment down below if you’re a lover or a hater of grocery
stores I try to do instacart whenever I can because I hate going to the grocery
store but if you love it put it down in the comments if you hate it also like me
please please put it in the comments so I don’t feel like such a I don’t know
such an anti mother I guess cuz I hate doing it but anyway so I’m gonna go at
what I know he loves to have like the I don’t know like the music going and have
a nice clean surface to cook from and I don’t know what he’s making but I’m
gonna just try and help out and be a team player and just clean out clean up
this kitchen area so we’re gonna go ahead and do a quick little clean with he’s gonna definitely want to use this
cutting board so I’m just going to clean this off before him Wrigley ready for
him to use all right so this is the scene I have
laid out I’ve got fire is going to fires one inside and one outside and then it
smells nice in here I’ve like sprayed some like fresh herbal smells get the
get the palate going for cooking and I’ve got jazz playing over the stereo
this is just what he loves he loves this is his element I can’t wait to surprise
him I wanted to have a chat with you guys
because I want to convey a sense of realism about my life here you know it’s
I don’t know how else to say this but HP and I regularly sit down
you know when we’re absorbed in a moment and we say I can you believe that this
is our life like can you believe like it’s so sometimes most the time it’s not
but sometimes it’s just this snapshot of a moment that feels so unreal and happy
and wonderful and we’re like so thrilled with the life we’ve been able to create
and I just want you to know that I would have never thought even 10 years ago
that this would be my life and that I would have this wonderful house and this
beautiful daughter and this wonderful husband and a great job because so much
despite growing up living a life of privilege there were a lot of struggles
a lot of issues those of you who probably know but maybe you don’t my
brother died when I was in medical school he committed suicide and I had
some struggles even before that that I haven’t even talked about on my channel
but it’s something I do want to talk about eventually it’s definitely
something if you guys are interested in it but I just want you to know that
whatever you’re going through and you feel like you aren’t gonna make it or
you feel like you’re never gonna get there
or you feel like everybody else has this wonderful life and not me know that if I
were if I were doing the same thing I was doing ten years ago now I probably
would feel even more discouraged because of social media but because I started
all this before social medias even began I was a blogger before Twitter was
invented or before Instagram was invented just know that hard work pays
off and perseverance above all sometimes it doesn’t even just hard work it’s just
sticking through it and keep on going even when you feel like nothing is
coming of it or you feel like nobody’s ever gonna let you in or you feel like
you’re never gonna get there the hard you know the light at the end of the
tunnel is so far away just know that it is attainable eventually and it’s worth
it whatever you’re struggling for you’re you’re gonna get there and I just wanted
to say that because I know that the social media is full of a lot of things
and images that depict like perfect lives and stuff and there are truly
moments when HB and I look at each other more like is this really our life we
don’t share that part on social media because a lot of the times that would be
met with oh you know you self-important snob type of comment but really to be
truly appreciative and happy for what you have and what you’ve what you are
able to attain and what you owe and all of their goals and all of your hard work
and your blood sweat and tears for but more than a decade has has amounted to
is it’s really something to behold and something that you should always
appreciate always so yeah with that I’m gonna leave you here like I do most of
my videos and I try to remember to say remember to be yourself and own it
because that’s the best way to live your life
and it’s taken me decades to realize that and now that I’m doing that I’ve
never been happier in all honesty I’ve never been happier so remember to be
yourself and own it thank you for watching I love you guys bye

100 thoughts on “RODEO AND HEART TO HEART | VLOG #13.2019

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  53. Love this video!  Especially how grateful you are for your life.  I am so sorry that you lost your brother.  I can't even imagine.  My heart hurts just thinking what it would be like if I lost my brother and my heart hurts for you.  No matter what everyone's path is in life, or what environment they were born into, nobody's life is perfect and we all have struggles.  It is how we grow from it and continue to live a full life that will bring us some sort of peace that matters. On a lighter note…I am like you…The adult thing I hate to do most is go to the grocery store. I wish I could pay someone to grocery shop for me.  My husband goes for me every now and then but I get 50 phone calls from the grocery store asking questions.  I appreciate the effort but it winds up being easier to go with him.

  54. Wonderful message, Kristina. I am 67, and I have learned that even the most perfect seeming lives, have experienced heartbreak, grief, and hopelessness. Enjoy the moments of joy and perfection! BTW, there is nothing I hate more than grocery shopping!

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