RMR: Rick at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

RMR: Rick at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

[upbeat music] [cheering and applause] Rick: Welcome
to Montreal, Quebec. I am standing on the track
for what is about to be the most exciting
non-motorized sporting event in the western hemisphere, and the only one that will
allow me to participate. Today, I enter the world
of extreme soapbox racing. It is fast, it is furious,
I am behind the wheel, and it’s all
downhill from here. (laughing) (♪♪) Rick: This is Andrew Markey.
He is the race director. Hello, Andrew, how are you? Good, Rick.
How are you? Rick: I am… excited to be here
and slightly nervous. I can sense
the anticipation. Rick: Well, you know what,
I’ve done soapbox before, and there were, like — there were
fathers and sons, and it was quite nice, and
there was a little tiny ramp and we all went down
and it was fun. But this is extreme. It’s a little
less traditional. Rick: So there’s speed,
but there’s also creativity, which is the design of your car
and your costumes. And plus there’s
a sketch component which I was not aware of. Showmanship. Rick: Showmanship. Okay. And how long is the track? The track will be 900 feet long,
all said and done. Rick: So it’s about the length
of Conrad Black’s driveway, and we’re just going to
go down that sucker. Yeah. Rick: Okay.
Now we’re on the track, and now we see
there’s a jump. There’s a jump. Rick: Now, there’s a lane
where you can go around the jump. -Yeah.
-Okay. We call that
“Chicken Alley”. Rick: Really? ‘Cause I was about to say
I’m taking that lane. Rick: Then we come down here.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Okay. Will people get air here? I say people
as in other people. Other people
will get air here. Yeah, we’re counting on it. Rick: Look at this! Yeah. Rick:
Oh my goodness. Okay. I’m just looking here,
’cause if anything goes wrong, where people will
lay flowers for me. Rick: Do you know, I would love
to do this, but hay fever… (♪♪) Rick: This is
a devoted individual. Hello! Hey, how are you? Rick: Nice to see you.
What’s your name? Robert. Rick: Robert.
Nice to see you. How’s the mid-life crisis,
Robert? Rick: Wow. How many hours
did you put into that sucker? (sighing) About… thousands. Rick: Really? No, honestly. Rick: You’re just, like,
always out in the garage? Yeah. My wife’s not even talking
to me. Rick: Oh, I bet. And does she have any idea
what this cost? No. -None?
-No. Rick: I bet she doesn’t.
-No, no, no. Rick: Now, I hope this is
an entry and not the real thing. Hello? (laughing) Rick: Anyone home? Okay, this is probably
my favourite car, la pothole. Look at this. Rick: Genius! The only problem is, of course,
there’s a chance the judges won’t see it
until it’s too late. It’s the big O! It’s the Montreal
Olympic stadium. Let’s get ready to crumble. Look at that. Whoa. It works! I’m Ginette Reno. Rick: Oh, you’re Ginette Reno!
(laughs) Rick: I should have
recognized Ginette Reno. ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ Terre de nos aïeux ♪ Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho. (♪♪) Rick: I just asked
a stupid question. I approached these men
and I said, why Tyde? Why is your theme Tyde? I didn’t get it.
The answer? Soapbox. Rick: Soapbox, of course! (♪♪) Rick: Is this the first time
that you’ve actually worn this? ‘Cause it is perfect. May I — like,
it is just perfect. Robin, of course.
Excellent outfit. Thank you. Rick: Excellent.
And we have — They will never make it down!
Never, Rick! It’ll never happen! Five minutes. Drivers,
we have five minutes. All drivers to your cars. Rick: That’s it.
Got to find my car. (♪♪) (cheering) (♪♪) (cheering) [intense music] Rick: My name is Rick Mercer,
and this is my ride. Get it? It’s my desk! Look, it’s got the computer.
Kind of like a desk. I’m in a lot of trouble. Go Rick! (cheering) Rick: Thank you. Thank you. This is where it all ends
in Montreal. (laughing) Rick: This is my game face. (laughing) Rick: Okay, here we go. Announcer: Rick Mercer. (speaking in French) Rick: If they’re screaming
and clapping, it’s got to be safe. Okay! All right. Hello, Montreal. (Announcer speaking in French) Rick: Okay! Oh, okay.
This is the control part. Okay. All right.
Hello, Montreal. (cheering) Rick: Okay! Okay! Ooh! Okay. Oh my gosh. Yes! Yes! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. (laughing) Rick: Hang on. (♪♪) Rick: Yes! Hello, Montreal! I’m alive! I’m alive! (cheering) Rick: And that, my friends,
is how you ride a desk. And done! Oh! What’s my time? (clapping)

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  1. Haha! The commentary was pretty funny: "Rick Mercer's vehicle does not seem to be taking much speed, it /barely/ jumps on the Canada jump" x)

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