100 thoughts on “Red Bull Gushers Taste Test | SNACK SMASH

  1. someone make a venn diagram between mythical chef Josh’s candy and Claire from the bon appétit test kitchen’s candy

  2. From now on every time I talk about Josh in the comments it will be only using the BIG BEEF nickname hahahaha

  3. Usually I'm right with ya on technique Josh, but I'm wondering why you didnt employ the old mold and inject method???

  4. “We just want a little bit of sugar”

    Proceeds to pour half of the sugar bag

    YeaH PeRFecT 👌🏼

    This is how to cook kids just remember this is the way just dump loads of sugar

  5. Remember when Rhett and Link ate space food? can you make them a whole meal that is liquid? like the liquid salt and pepper… but they will put the liquid salt and pepper on their liquid French fries and their liquid burrito? make some liquid testicles too

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