86 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine: Down Rodeo

  1. who ever gave this song a thumbs down obviously hasn't seen a brown skin man since their grandparents bought one

  2. @technoquail Actually I live in North Carolina and this song recieves a good amount of air play. One of my RATM songs,Oh who am I kidding I love all of RATM's songs. So much soul.

  3. Not that the song isn't good as it is, but that opening guitar gave my hopes up.
    Thought it would be a whole different tempo.

  4. Youst to be a person to listen to just rap, my homeboy let me play rockband 2 with him, played testify…ever since then I've been listening to these guys…I'm giving other form of rock a chance too

  5. but paul ryan is raging against the machine right now. haven't you heard? he's cool because he listens to rage while doing p90x. That alone qualifies him to be VP… What a tool

  6. Well go ahead and be apathetic and don't vote. That'll help. One is much, much better than the other. I've never seen a clearer choice.

  7. If you'd cared deeply you'd vote for a non republican. Ron Paul is an insane gynecologist that has some good ideas but he's still mentally ill like the rest of the republican party. If you cared so much about the debt you wouldn't have supported the wars.

  8. Well if you support Ron Paul then you support nothing. Why wasn't he voted as the republican nominee? No. You guys got Willard the magic underpants Romney. Thats really what you should be raging against. That's what you got an ex wall streeter that "gets" the middle class. According to Mittens the middle class makes 250,000 a year. Thats your representation! A rich mormon who wears sacred underwear.

  9. You are right about one thing Obama isn't far enough to the left for my liking. He's been forced to the right by the insane right wing movement in this country. I do like some of Ron Paul's ideas, but he's still a republican. WAKE UP. You're just like Paul Ryan, listening to Rage because you like the way it sounds

  10. You like to think you're some revolutionary part of libertarians that are going to free us from our troubles by "freeing" the market. How do you think we ended up here in the first place? And you are right about one thing, it was a mistake for Obama to compromise with any right affiliated politician it just made things that much worse. Remember your party's patriotic pledge to block the president? Thats considered treason in every other country in the world. Keep hiding behind free speech.

  11. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are Keynesians? How much Bill O'Really have you listened to? You are completely out of touch.

  12. Yes I do know what Keynesian economics are, and they actually work. Unlike Ronald Reagan's fantasy about supply side economics which DOESN'T work? Need proof? Look how great the Bush tax cuts worked out, They added a huge part to our deficit.

  13. Actually the election WILL show you that people favor FDR style government stimulus plans and have rejected the European style austerity measures. Game over YOU LOSE. The people have spoke

  14. tired of looking through the comments on all the RATM songs ajust seeing these boring as fuck debates about politics. Chill out and listen to the tunes.

  15. Fuck Keynesians you dumbass. When people finally realize we do not need government to function is the day people will be free. Just like people have realized we do not need religion to function properly. Religion and government are things humans made up to make us feel better about yourself and to explain things that were explainable.

  16. the people have been brainwashed into to thinking they need government to function. including you wake the fuck up

  17. Are you retarded? Somalia doesn't have a government and they are doing just fine, right? Deregulation of the financial industry caused the crash in the first place, this Ron Paul we can run without a government is pure fantasy shit and holds no water in the real world. You can't even define civilization without having some kind of government. You think people are just going to get together and build roads and schools? You "libertarians" really are stupider than I thought.

  18. The New Deal (evil government spending) got us out of the great depression. The banks got greedy and crashed the market due to massive deregulation by Bush Jr. There is a reason there were regulations put into place, so these greedy cocksuckers have limitations to what they can do, and anybody who votes Republican is enabling this behavior,free market my ass. Maybe if we let the wealth "trickle" down a little more we'll feel it. Lets give em another tax cut and watch the "free market" prosper.

  19. Somalia is the way it is because of western imperialism and intervention. People are inherently good think about it have you ever been in a subway car fulled with people? Why dont we all kill each other in a small crowded space? You just have a small mind. People get together and fix roads in their neighborhoods in Oregon. Also the government has a terrible monopoly on learning in this country that creates assholes like you.

  20. Please explain how we don't need government to function. I would really like to hear this. There has never been a society that can function without some kind of centralized government. Republicans hate government just how criminals hate cops, it makes it harder to steal with the pesky government in the way, so they have to convince simpletons like yourself to believe that we can function without a government. Absolutely moronic, go move to Somalia I heard they have a great system over there.

  21. We can function in communities like plenty of examples through out history. We now can learn enough through the internet that we can drive the economy through the consumer. With the advancement by technology we can make it to the end of history. Marx's end game is the same as a libertarian end game with out the bullshit. If marx was alive in 1950 instead of 1850 he would have been a libertarian.

  22. Did it ever occur to you that both government and business can coexist peacefully and benefit society as a whole? We don't need a large over reaching government "nanny state" I agree with you there, but you cant have completely unrestricted freedom either. There has to be a balance, and right now the countries doing the best have a mix of capitalism and socialism. Ikea has Americans in North Carolina build furniture for them, don't have to pay em dick compared to the Swedish workers.

  23. Well it can happen as long as the consumer drives the economy and the government does not use coercion to achieve any of its reach. Then everyone can be happy

  24. The entirety of human society is built around the formation of a centralized power or governing body. It's been that way for us for as far back as we are able to trace mankind. Humans aren't the only species to utilize government either.

    As long as we exist, there will be some form of government to follow. We would not be where we are today without some form of leadership, nor would we be able to move forward without it. You don't have to like it, but you're stupid if you deny its importance.

  25. You can trace religion as a centralized power as far back as possible and as you can see people are starting to realize it is not really needed. Same for government coercion.

  26. Religion is a side effect of sapience, used to attempt to explain what is otherwise impossible or difficult to explain.

    Centralized leadership is a side effect of a living being's tendency to group with others of its kind; while you are correct that a central power isn't always necessary, as there are many examples of small groups of people governing themselves without a decided leader; you are incredibly naive to suggest that such a system could work on a global scale.

  27. You are all idiots. Richard Nixon was one of the worst presidents ever and Obama would be doing alot better but he had to fix everything George Bush Jr. did Assholes! You got told by a 14 year old bitches!

  28. Really? That's what Rage is supposed to do, make you question your government/modern politics. Hell the majority of their songs are extremely political. What'd you expect?

  29. i realise how fucked the world is, and came the conclusion that its best to seperate yourself from the rest of civilisation fuckwits, who i consider insane. People who are brainwashed into thinking its ok to work 9 – 5 everyday, only to grow old and die, what do u accomplish from that? Its better to slack off and enjoy life, instead of contributing to a world invented by little short arse wankers in smart suits inventing all kinds of bullshit. humans are like sheep.have a good day sir 🙂


  31. sure lets chill and listen…but let's not forget the political, social, and economic discourse…it effects all of us…we are all connected not only in the US…but as well, with our brothers and sisters globally that suffer from similar injustices that in many cares, are far worse. we have serious problems at home i cant argue…but at the same time…we dont realize how good we have it.

  32. I heard this song in a porno, that's how I found out about it lol, I knew it was RATM, it was their sorta style


  34. rip my dad used to always say I'm rolling down rodeo with a shotgun these ppl ain't seen a brown skin man till their grandparents bought one

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