17 thoughts on “Question Period – February 26, 2020 (with English interpretation) #QP #cdnpoli

  1. I twited this…
    Question Period – February 26, 2020 (with English interpretation) #QP #c…

    Hey #Trump and all other counties,#UN and #Africa, you want a good laught. listen to this….

  2. This is greatest joke i ever looked at and seen…
    Trudeau nees to go and Scheer no reason to be on the floor, he gave is resignation a good while ago…

  3. How can Trudeau do NOTHING but read scripts and blame Harper??? Trudeau needs to go back to being a part-time Drama Teacher, because he's only 'playing Prime Minister'.

  4. Can Trudeau say 4 words without saying Ah, um, ah, um.? He'll never make it in acting after he's thrown out of Parliament.

  5. How can Justin Trudeau go from Platitude to Platitude to Platitude??? Answer – Because he's hoping he'll just get away with it. So far his BS is working for him because he's still there. How long do Canadians need to be crushed before he is driven out!!!

  6. Raise your voice some more Justine.. when you raise your voice and move your left arm up and down .. you MUST be correct…
    selfies, socks and a head full of rocks

  7. During this time, Trudeau's terrorist friends put the 🔥 in the wood between the rails when a loaded trains was running .

  8. We are an English country why even have multiple languages so that those can confuse the people with shady governances

  9. WHY NO BLACK FIREFIGHTER'$ ? could be a long HOT $UMMER in CUNTTREE avec NATIVE UN-RE$T as they try to MATCH WIT'$ avec McMOOK'$ AGGRE$$ION…OUI !

  10. Amazing just a pattern I have noticed Trudeau shows up for question period no more than twice a week. No great loss though he never answers a question anyway. Trudeau has been fazing out yes I agree, fazing out Alberta British Columbia, Saskatchewan

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