Pamplona Attack: Watch as bull gores three runners

Pamplona Attack: Watch as bull gores three runners

The ‘brave souls’ that enjoy running
with bulls were looking forward to the last run of the 2014 San Fermin Festival in Pamplona
in northern Spain when this happened. This bull had broken away and he weighed in
at almost 600 kilos. Scary. He gored two Australians and then one Spanish runner. Although most people were of course running
away from the breakaway bull and trying not to get gored, the police are still looking
for a runner who stopped to take a selfie. Some people are really tougher than us.

42 thoughts on “Pamplona Attack: Watch as bull gores three runners

  1. ahahah pissed my self  laughing at that man who got really hur good on the the bull
    it is funny because he hurts them because they give it animal crulty

  2. Only 3? Shame.These aren't brave as the narrator suggests,they are simply idiots who haven't evolved beyond the Neanderthal stage.

  3. Could someone please define "Gored/Gores" to me?
    I understand gore is under the same definition as gruesome but never heard it in that form of context…

    Never mind I used my stupid brain and google'd it xD

  4. Animals have more brains than people.  The bull was very reserved, he could have done a lot more damage.

  5. If they had died i would of suggested natural selection taking place, however seeing as they didnt ill just sit here and continue to wash myself with a rag on a stick

  6. fucking idiotic tradition that proves nothing.

    i'm a real man because i can run away from charging bulls while guys with sticks beat the bulls. 

    kill yourselves….

  7. Why did she say the Bull broke away. Isnt that the point. I hope those stupid people are sore sad and sorry. It's 2014 and about time idiots grew up and stopped this shit. And as for the selfie And putting other people in danger. WTF If they didn't want to be in danger they were on the wrong side of the fence. It's time some traditions died. Along with religion. They have no place in civilized educated society.   

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