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Putting Bulls In With The Cows on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, today is time to restart a new cycle on the ranch. Calves are born every year and one of the most important parts of that process is bringing the bulls to the cows. Moving bulls is so much different from moving cows and working with them can Continue Reading

Matador Gets Gored

israel launcher visa status bullfighter and uh… as the bull fighters to uh… they’ve up with the bulls and they do a lot on the line and they stabbed more over the place in the bulldogs play and eighteen developments uh… well then everybody does that do you know move Continue Reading

Gored! Running of the BULLS – Everything to know – Pamplona Spain

We’re in Pamplona Spain for the Running of the Bulls. Whoo! Behind me is Plaza de Toros, which is where the Bulls get run to. We’re in Pamplona Spain for the Running of the Bulls. And I’m going to run with them. Maybe he’ll run? Maybe he didn’t? That’s why Continue Reading

Third Bullfighting Festival Kicked off in S China

I think the one named Guanjun (champion) from Sanjiang County is the most impressive The two bulls have been fighting for over six minutes but you still cannot see which one is likely to win. It’s quite a scene

Graphic video: Two men killed during bullfight in Colombia

Shocking scenes from a bullfight in northern Colombia, after participants are gored by the animals, with two men even being killed whilst trying to subdue them. Doctors said one of the victims, 46-year-old Daniel Cardona, was killed when the bull’s horn pierced his heart, while another died later in hospital. Continue Reading

A Day To Remember – Bullfight (Sub Español)

Qué desperdicio te veo de vez en cuando Nosotros pretendemos que ya no somos extraños pero tampoco es como si fuéramos amigos. Entonces decimos lo que tenemos que decir para tratar de escapar de la tensión que creamos. Por qué no podemos decir las cosas, las cosas que nos hubiera Continue Reading

Hua Chenyu ” Bullfighting”/Reaction-SoFieReacts-

hello that’s a wonderful day today I’m going to be watching you fight him as I watched you guys I’m gonna watch it I think that was in his latest console last concert and I’m looking forward to it some without pas de turista into this video I turn on Continue Reading

Bhallaldeva Vs Bull | Hindi | Baahubali: The beginning | CliptoManiac INDIA

Your Majesty, It is just been two days since we caught that bull in the forests. We haven’t broken it yet. It is quite dangerous… Minister! It would take 10 such bulls to intimidate Bhallaladeva. Please come. Stamp it out, Bhalla! Yes! Kill him, father! Did you see, grandfather? Glory Continue Reading