Super Pit Bull Ace Undergoes Surgery | DOG DYNASTY

MARLON: This surgery is extremely important to my business. This is an extremely valuable dog. What makes me nervous is any time you put something under anaesthesia is waking back up. MARLON: I’ve been breeding these pit bulls for 15 years. MARLON: You’ve probably heard of the Hulk before, one Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]Hua Chenyu -Bullfighting-BBF Music Festival 20190518 华晨宇 斗牛 高清纯享版

>Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Pei Yu Arranged by: Bernard Zheng, Hua Chenyu Follow Follow Hey Enter in a parade In the name of the matador The glory of toréro never fades Under the magnificence of Iberia Air is shredded by the blazing sun Countless audiences are cheering For the winning Continue Reading

Guinness World Record for world’s largest arcade

It’s the largest arcade machine, and it’s made it into the Guinness World Records. The network engineer, Jason Camberis, took nearly two yeas to build the machine. It measures a whopping 4.41 metres and it’s more than a metre deep. ‘I tried to make to 2.75 times as big for Continue Reading

Minecraft Pe Mini Serie Survival #2

muy buenas a todos chicos y chicas qui gabriel gamer en un nuevo vídeo de la nueva serie en el segundo capítulo de la mini serie lamento no haber traído el capítulo 2 tan pronto que es un par de problemas miren acá tenemos este debe haber un intercambio pero Continue Reading

Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) at Cabrini College

Dr. Michelle Filling, Faculty, Realizing Dreams LLC: “A Living and Learning Community is a concept where first-year students live together in a hallway in a residence hall and then they take linked classes together, so they take a series of four to five classes over the fall and spring semesters.” Continue Reading

Perfect Technicolor Palm Springs Home, Spanish-Style Home With Every Color Of The Rainbow

Perfect Technicolor Palm Springs Home, Spanish-Style Home With Every Color Of The Rainbow

AMC – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine revving) – It’s the indecisive underdog that couldn’t figure out what kind of car company it wanted to be. While the big three was running Detroit, this little indie outfit quietly made (beep) cars in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Any Kingfish fans in the building? Yeah dude, I love heading out Continue Reading