[CC/FULL] The Undatables EP03 (1/3) | 훈남정음

Are you… Kang Hoon Nam? Then the relationship guru that he mentioned… was you? You were the one who told him to date multiple… What are you doing? Guys. Buy me some time. Let go! – Hello. – Hi. Oh, my gosh. Chul Soo? What are you doing here? Yook Continue Reading

Fogo na Editora – Bom Sucesso 13/01 a 18/01/2020 – Resumo Semanal Penúltima Semana

Primo Piatto Breakfast – Vegan & non-vegan food review – Riviera Resort – Walt Disney World

Hello everybody, Princess and the Bear here! Today we’re back at the Riviera! At the Riviera to do another round of Primo Piatto. Yes, breakfast! so we’re gonna check it. Princess has a couple of things she wants to try and we’ll see you soon/ Be sure to have three Continue Reading

Pender Hill, Pender Harbour, BC – Realtor Tony Browton

Pender Hill is a “must do” trail on BC’s Sunshine Coast. A short 30-minute hike will reward you with spectacular ocean views! The trailhead is found in Garden Bay which is 45 minutes north of Sechelt. Once at the trail, you’ll find a well-worn, uphill path that winds through forested Continue Reading

Teamwork (and bribery) gets you everywhere in World Tag League! #njwtl

どうだ!2連勝だ それもこれもレフェリーに たんまり払ったからだ ちょっと みんなの前でバラすなよ 優勝は逃してしまったが 残るチームの足を片っ端から引っ張ってやる 矢野&コバナはただのコメディアンだ でもバッドラック・ファレにコメディは通用しない こいつには グラネードもバッドラックフォールもある 俺はお前らみたいに ふざけたりしない 俺たちが闘ってるのは 新日本プロレスのリングだ!真剣勝負だ! それから… ザ・フレッシュ・プリンス

Ghost In The Shell The New Movie Review – Scrambled Thoughts

Okay. I Just got back from a screening of Ghost in the Shell The New Movie, and I have some thoughts. Ghost in the Shell The New Movie, not to be confused with Ghost in the Shell The Old Movie, takes place in the continuity of Ghost in the Shell Continue Reading

Crochet Spectrum Fashion Scarf

And welcome back to the Red Heart.com, as well as The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey, and we’re gonna be working on these gorgeous scarves that you see here. This is called the Spectrum Scarf. And it’s a free pattern available on Red Heart.com. But let me save you Continue Reading