100 thoughts on “Outtakes From Trump’s “Bunch Of Bull” Campaign Ad

  1. "Impeachment is a waste of time and tax dollars"
    Went golfing atleast 220 times during his presidenthood, costing ~110000000$.

  2. "You're an actor..act like you like him"
    Dude…there's not enough weed in existence for me to be baked enough to make that performance believable.

  3. LOVE THIS and the actor in the watermelon bonnet portraying the convict making license plates as the typical Trump supporter.

  4. I like this actor so much, I love him, he was hilarious when he pretended to be Whytman. He is awesome. I always wait for his new jokes.
    Thanks from Bangladesh. Keep up the good work! Stay awesome.

  5. dRUMPf turdLICE will keep supporting the Putrid Pumpkin Pusillanimous Putin Puppet Potentate-Poseur.

    delusional morons that they are.

  6. Christians be like “do not curse,” “god wants Trump to be president,” and “it’s okay for Trump to curse because he’s our president.”

  7. Ignore how we voted – Dont you mean ignore how the electoral college (a bunch of rich guys, sticking to party lines) voted ?
    Wonder where this sudden sense of respect for votes went during Obama's presidency, remember how they desperately tried to make a scandal out of a marine holding an umbrella over his head, but yes snowflakes your poor p_ grabbing, tax cheating, but beer boofing judge with boundary issues appointing, porn star affair having, campaign finance law breaking, Russian comrade is being treated so unfairly , poor you.

  8. Ignore how we voted? How about how my vote was completely ignored because I don't live in a swing state? How about how the 3 million more votes for Hillary were just *ignored*? Completely take away my voting power then complain about theirs.

  9. I just want to know if the right is only pretending everything is great OR do they actually believe it?
    They have to be trolling. Right?

  10. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
    Snowflakes everywhere.
    The president clearly committed a crime,
    He's running out of time,
    Yet you all moan and cry out "It's fake news!"

  11. Now I’m trying to figure out how much money they would have to pay me to pretend to be a Trump supporter in a Trump ad. Maybe pay off my student loans. That might do it.

  12. 00:10, the look that sticks to every little southern boys face because his daddy made him suck his drunk uncle's cock. that scared of everything look, scared somebody is gonna find out about him suckin' his uncle's cock a few times and liking it

  13. Ever watch the real outtakes from the daily show? Pretty easy to edit someone into stupidity… I just want to thank Stephen for really closing in on the bias of the hoi polloi and how much cognitive dissonance rules their big brains in the echo chamber of broken neck agreements, as you all eagerly patronize this content with your views and fucking TURN YOUTUBE INO TELEVISION!!!! SERIOUSLY, GO WATCH THIS ON THEIR NETWORKS YOU STUPID FUCKS.

  14. “Waste of time and tax dollars.” Meanwhile, Trump has spent more taxpayer dollars himself and his family than anyone else to ever occupy the Oval Office. 🙄

  15. Liberals talk about diversity, white privilege and yet here you have it.
    Another white guy. But I'm sure it doesn't apply to him. Who's the front runner for the Democrats? Oh wow, another white person. Forget about the black ones, the hispanic and the asian. 😂😂😂
    What are the liberals offering? Nothing economic? That's covered.
    So then? Free education? By all means, you have multi millionaires that should put up those colleges. Plenty of people will take what they can while others prefer that real college experience. Duke, Texas, UCLA, Notre Dame, Alabama, Wisconsin and so on. Or do you actually think that those colleges will be free.😂😂😂
    Wait until you need a Dr. See where he graduated from.
    University of the US or Columbia? Yeap, that's right.
    There is a reason that the saying "You get what you paid for" exists. I don't remember ever seeing a speech by Dr's that came from socialist countries. Hmm, I wonder why?

  16. "Impeachment is a bunch of bull."
    "It's a waste of time and tax dollars."
    "They can't get over the fact that Bill Clinton won."
    "Ignore how we voted."
    "My President."
    Whoops. Wrong sitting president. 🤷 Heh.

  17. yep, lol. trumputin has to make sure that even his commercials are hate-filled and threatening. he makes his supporters look like they are all dangerous lunatics, a continuation of the threat to use the police, military, bikers for trump, against the rest of us. remember this from back in march:
    "I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad," Trump said.

  18. Imagine the cost of all the McDonalds and KFC Trump ordered during the first week. And all the angry food orders when his thinnest skin makes him cry like a baby. If Trump had been born an inbreed like his voters 🤔 (dot) (dot) (dot)

  19. Wait, so the initial footage was from a real ad? I literally thought that was the Late Show's comedic actors doing a spoof as well.
    So that was a real ad. Someone saying that a very important process that is written into the Constitution and which holds the POTUS accountable for illegal actions… is "bull."
    Break the law? Meh. The law is bull!

  20. That's the thing though,

    they were hired actors, do.. republicans know what that means?
    i mean, they seem kind of stupid, and like the guy in the fake beard said… They seem insane (and that's putting it lightly)

    I so hope that trump goes away, and i mean to jail, not under the ground…

    This skit was golden though.

  21. I usually don't find the short clips very amusing, but this one tickled my funny bone, one of the best bits I've seen this guy do (sorry actor, I don't know your name…)

  22. To all Republican voters – your reps didn't read the Mueller Report, didn't read the whistleblower report, are most if not all are refusing to read the deposition transcripts, and of the 68 Republicans entitled to be in those closed door sessions, only a small handful bothered to show up. Whatever you think about Trump, it's their damned JOB to find out what is going on! Your are literally PAYING them to avoid doing one of their most important duties!

  23. Wait a minute, where were the POC in trump’s video? I would expect an African American since he allegedly has done so much for us 😂🤣😂🤣😬💀

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