[singing] Let’s rescue the dog! Welcome back to Porco Princesa and in today’s Mad Max episode we’re finally gonna save the dog we should’ve saved on the last episode, huh? And this time Max’s gonna enter hunter mode. Hunting all the cars we see in front of us. The problem is, we’re gonna be hunted too. I hope you like today’s episode, and, let’s go! Trained as a fight dog. [suspense song playing in the background] Beaten by his owner. [suspense song playing] A friendship forged in battle. [suspense song playing] Two beings rejected by society became friends. [freedom/suspense song playing] There were those who didn’t believe in the dog/man friendship Ok, so now, he’s like, the dog’s best friend? A lifelong friendship that started like 2 minutes ago? His friend was hurt. He faced many to help him. [adventure song playing] And everything seemed good. [temporary victory song playing] However, the old owner thought that if he couldn’t have him, no one else could. [suspense song playing] But he knew, he would face the world to bring his friend back home. [“no one’s gonna stop me” song playing] Nothing would stop him. Neither the desert worms who wanted to destroy his car. Nor the lackeys who wanted to destroy him. He would be back to find his friend. It was his destiny. He knew it. [Victory song playing] We already saved Dinki-Di. Beautiful Dinki-di. Now we have to find the body. Let’s get the car. Always on the wrong side. Now we’re gonna, I don’t know why, but… I have to find this body; Which is not Die Rolla, which makes me sad. So we can built the car which is… It seems… the classic of the wasted land. I have to find this other body. I have to go there and take this other body. What’s this? What’s this? What’s this?’ Was this me? No, I don’t even remember this. Let’s look here. We like to see disgrace, that’s what we like. Woow! They are trying to run me over!!! Oh no sir, please don’t run me over. N, n, n, n, n, n, no… Oh yeah? Then come! I can’t hit the car. And I can’t run people over. I’m listening to weird noises all the time and I think… Oh, there are people here allright. Let’s get out of the car! Wow, one… One punch. Where’s the other guy? Wow, this is… This one is a big boy, look! Oh, it’s just the body there, there’s no inside, the place? No, what… what… Was this what I was supposed to do? I don’t get it, you shot up, crazy man? Our mission now is to built this car that’s called the Jack. To build this car I need… 500 more scrap I think. So the road hunter saga begins… He searches for scrap, dust and blood… Will I be able to get that convoy there? [singing] Let’s get this truck! Wow! I’m very skilled, look! And then the most stressful moment of this game started. Three minutes of pure tension. Wow! [nervous laughter] Hehhe I’m dyiiing! Guys I’m not gonna make it! The truck is gone. [nervous singing] And these cars are breaking mine! I won’t be able to wait for Chum to rebuild it. And it’s already on fire again. And it’s like this, you crash a little. Then you stop for him to fix it… Wow! Now I’m dying. Drink the water. Drink the water. Drink the water! I’m gonna die runned over. Drink wateeer! Guys, how is it that I’m still alive? Wow! I honestly don’t know how it is that I survived that long. [laughs] Will we, at some point, be able to break some cars in this episode? [laughs] It’s impressive how I can’t even crash the parked cars. Oh, but parked cars don’t count, right? Look, the guy is hitting me inside the car. How? How? Hitting me inside the car, no! Took a hit. And you’re gonna take some. No no no no no no no no. What are we going to do? Even Chum wants me to be more careful because I’m an idiot. (I almost did a donut)
I’m full of cars trying to kill me. There! I almost did it! FI. NAL. LY. I got a car! Many cars later the desert gave us a gift. A car full of scrap. Wow, this car is… like speacial… Oh, I killed the guy! FINALLY! Let’s go to the fort… Gutgash. Gutgash. On the next video we hunt a convoy. So guys, this was today’s episode. What’s going to happen to Max? If you want to know what’s going to happen to Max on the next episode, subscribe to the channel so you can get notifications each time I post a new video. If you liked this gameplay give me a like, and if you have this game or have played it and would like me to try something, just leave a comment down here too, that’ll be looking the comments for next episode. Thanks and until the next episode! [grandiose song playing]

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  1. I have to catch up on mu Piggy backlog! This was a good one, I love the look of glee on your face when you blew up the car!

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