Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial – Yves Simoneau/ avec Charlotte Gainsbourg

Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial – Yves Simoneau/ avec Charlotte Gainsbourg

hey guys come on come on separate the
officers for interrogation I’ll be damned yellow spots we meet at last rush
Marshall Goering my wife my daughter urate Air Force has destroyed my
beautiful Luftwaffe and leveled our beautiful cities even so I prefer to
surrender to a fellow Airmen Charlotte may I unbelievable those pictures were on
every wire service American officers throwing a party for Hitler’s number two
men what was the commander thinking I’m told it’s a code of honor environment
that transcends politics and brains apparently commander was reprimanded and
ICA’s ordered that occurring between you’d know differently than any other
prisoner of war excuse me I’ve been angled some real coffee from
the Chief Justice’s office Elsie’s the best scavenger in the entire building
you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble
Oh coffee’s no trouble now a set of tires that’s another story I still can’t
believe he’s gone for me it was like losing a father truly whatever I have
whatever I am because of Roosevelt I was in London seeing Churchill when the news
came with the end of the war in sight the president had sent me as his
confidant to discuss a rather tricky subject what to do with captured Nazi
leaders Churchill’s opinion he said they should be summarily shot for crimes
against humanity what’s your opinion well I think if it’s a crime for the
Nazis to shoot people without a trial how could it be less so for us to do the
same thing that’s the true ones feeling exactly and Churchill now shares less
you surprisingly enough so does Stalin you’re talking about a war crimes trial
which they attempted after the last war and it completely unraveled because it
had no weight but this will be an international tribunal come
the four powers America England France and Russia President Truman wants the
best prosecutor in the country one with the reputation for being tough but
impartial he wants you mob haven’t prosecuted a case in years President
Roosevelt chose you for the Supreme Court because of your integrity as a
prosecutor that’s right Truman has picked you for this because he wants a
fair trial not illegal lynching I like it right here Sam I mean this would mean
I would have to step down temporary leave of absence
you’ll be back in six months maybe seven is the president aware of the fact that
I’m completely opposed to the death penalty yes he’s not concerned because
you know you’ll do whatever is right as you know a fair trial means an uncertain
outcome if we don’t prove the defendants guilt we’d have to let them walk even if
we could smell the blood on their hands to the Allied powers understand that
Truman does you’ll have a chance to make it clear through them the trial is yours
to create Bob you get to set the rules hire the staff find the setting even get
to pick the defendants this trial could unravel too like the
last attempt if it is poorly planned if it is unsound legally or morally or it
could establish a basis for conduct in my Nations that would alter history for
generations to come the trial will be held in Germany that’s
what the defendants are the evidence witnesses whether any decent hotel still
standing I don’t relish the idea of spending months on some dreary army base
well you won’t have to worry about that no wives allowed at Army’s request bad
for morale you know all those been over there for years without there you don’t
want me there fine I’ll be downstairs whenever you ready get out of spots I’m afraid I have to
ask you to get dressed and packed for travel where are you moving us only the
rice mushroom being transferred to Batman Dorf well you know it’s a very
pleasant spa why must I go alone because that’s where the rounding up German war
criminals I’m sorry about that get dressed please
you must be brave very very brave no Eli is the Jewish of Krakow and we’ve
seen the camp’s through that she bastard Hamas say I was lucky when the arms
ministry was destroyed in an air raid in 1943 it ripped me off useless
paperwork’s and pencil pushers sir what do you think was a single most effective
thing you did during the war when Hitler appointed me as minister of armaments I
threw out the military chiefs and turned to the professionals industrialists and
engineers then I borrowed the ideas of Valtor Otto know the great Jewish chief
of the German economy during the last war sanitization of parts the division
of labor and the maximum use of the assembly line thank you dr. spear
gentlemen will now break for lunch obviously you’re under arrest for major
waters pay attention orders are in listen up
you all be taken to different places of detention the following prisoners will
go to bad monde or as defendants in future war crimes trials step forward
Field Marshal William Keitel Granta Admiral Karl dönitz Colonel general
Alfred Yodle follow me I haven’t left Washington since before the war I
couldn’t even remember how to attack it’s so worried about bringing out the
things that we need for the office I completely forgot half the things that I
need I’ve one set of nylons for the entire time and they already haven’t run
I mean I even traded ration coupons on my friend Louis so I could buy nylons
you are jittery as a hand what is the matter with you I’ve never been up in an
airplane before morning Robert morning gentlemen this is my chief
secretary Elsie Douglas Elsie this is a Tom Dodd who be deputy prosecutor it’s
nice to follow meet you miss Douglas pleasure Colonel John Harlan Eamonn will
be head of interrogations Douglas Colonel Telford Taylor will be the
liaison with the other prosecuting teams pleasure all mine and Colonel Roberts
story he’ll be the head of our documents division pleased to meet you man
colonel another roll here let’s go we really have military leaders
political leaders well what about the bankers and the industrialists who
funded the Nazis what about the soldiers and civilians who actually carried out
the atrocities and put the whole damn country on trial we do need to suggest
the scope of the crimes I want this trial to be the first of many well then
how about using a symbolic figurehead from each category we cover the whole
spectrum and that way no one group gets off scot-free
makes sense if we win convictions we can just keep right on prosecuting nasties
till the cows come home remember we may also fail to win
convictions in which case some or all of the defendants could go free I’m still
wrestling with the validity of this trial crimes committed during war have
never been called crimes let’s focus on existing law what existing laws did the
Nazis break not only broke peace treaties border treaties certainly
Geneva Convention and Hague Convention right
every time they invaded a country they broke the law my fear is that at the end
of the day when all is said and done this trial will be perceived as nothing
more than triumph of superior might the winner is exacting punishment on the
losers our task is to make sure that this is not the triumph of superior
might but the triumph of superior morality we’re in a very interesting
position here we’re in a position to fashion a future
in which aggressive war will be dealt with as a crime here here poor fool new arrivals identify yourself
Fitz cell phone sir head of labour conscription former head you lose
publisher of Sir I can’t pronounce it yes to its fifth bank us all Jews you
think I don’t know that Alma Horace really shocked formally present of the
rice Bank and minister of the economy I do not understand why I have been
accused here I’m you jail and not your lawyer you’ll get your day in court
funds free trip chief of radio operation in the Nazi propaganda ministry Rudolf
Hess former deputy Fuhrer you know Hawking fun not even that’s you Foreign
Minister you funnel business dr. Robert lie head of the German labor front your
Albert Speer yes sir what’s wrong with this man this mind is not vetted used he
said old drunk it finally caught up with him I said shut up
corner this man striker is a disgusting person the pornographer
in a true Bader I do not wish to be pals with him we
make no distinction they expect Phillipe or taste our arrest
we were only following orders nothing more as a fellow soldier surely you must
understand now you no longer suture you are all war
criminals Oh baccala nuts
bastards thanks Marshall Hammond going at your
service sir you are in the United States Army
stockade a bad Mandar did they tell you why because we lost the war and I assume
to be shot or hanged that’s up to the court
I’ve heard of this court its opinion does not concern me the opinion of the
German people that is what really matters that’s all it is so history will
show that everything I did was for the greater German right there were statues
of Helen going all over Germany in 50 years little statues perhaps but one in
every home there’s saddest house starting right now I’m putting you on a
diet you will be mentally and physically fit to stand trial who is it Hans fog sir try to cut his
wrists and throat these soldiers stopping before you could do any real
damage did you butch you of crack aha Barbara
take them to the infirmary heaven check out I want a four man watch on him
around the clock yes good workout what’s your name Gilbert sir you and
your men want a gel with us thank you sir
your surgeon psychologist what we’re faced with
so it appears is the secular equivalent of drafting the Ten Commandments now
each nation has its own criminal statutes but for the world at large
none exist none are necessary we’re trying war criminals whose guilt is
unquestioned by the government’s we represent general if we’re going to have
a trial must be based on law must be affair it’s must only determine degree
of guilt an appropriate punch a completely fair trial with opposing
counsel direct examination and cross-examination precisely before
judges that act as referees as in a sporting match that is not the way it is
done in my country nor in France lawyers merely help the accused prepare a
defense they have little role in the court itself in the United States a
defendant is entitled to his lawyers most aggressive representation yes in
Britain you would allow a man such as Ernst Kaltenbrunner responsible for the
Gestapo concentration camps for killing millions of innocent people to stand
before a court of law and declare himself not guilty that is precisely
what we would allow 20 million of my people was killed by these fascist
criminals half of them civilians killed without mercy how many died in Washington this way mr.
justice Jackson general it occurs to me that perhaps
separate trials might be the most satisfactory way to reconcile our
differences the United States and the British along with the French if they
choose will conduct a trial with the Nazis that we currently have in
captivity Calvin Bruner Franck spear Goering and
the Russians of course would be free to hold their own trial with the ones that
you have on hand there is no need to be so impulsive we
are after all allies we must try to bridge our differences well at least the
prosecution is a unified group now even if we did have to compromise but the
French and let the judges be the jury I must say you’re neat little trump card
turned comrade general into a pussycat well I didn’t enjoy playing it I didn’t
want to sanding poor guy I would have preferred to convince a young boy who’s
quite convinced by your subtle reminder but we’ve got most of a big Nazi fish
well they only have a couple of minutes nonetheless I couldn’t argue his point
my country was spared the worst of it no bombed-out cities no slaughtered
children I couldn’t begin to know how is it you can look out on all of this and
still want to guarantee these men a vigorous defense I want to put National
Socialism on trial so they’ll incriminate themselves
besides I don’t ever I want this to happen again
well it’s no question you’re the undisputed leader in all this today
prove that the only finished our work here you better go to Germany find a
place for the trial if anything still exists that is Robert I can’t believe this my brother
came here as a college student I still had the picture book he brought me it
was nothing like this this isn’t even the same city every medieval bridges and
gingerbread houses this was also the site of some of Hitler’s biggest rallies
Nuremberg was the spiritual center of the Third Reich general clay one of the
odds really of finding the housing we’ll need for the thousands of people that
will be attending this trial army guarantees that parts of the city were
untouched by the bombings as hundreds of fine houses some bacon others whose
owners are desperate for money what’s that smell there’s still around thirty
thousand bodies trapped under the rubble ready yep follow me Grand Old Palace of Justice landmark
more ways than one defy bomb hits but just shrug them off but rooms upstairs offices that whole
wing there and behind that wall all the jail cells you’ll need just right this way justice Jackson the
court this is a mess
take a lot of work Auto burn but it’s doable 10 commandments 10 commandments in the same building
with a nuremberg laws were to create the deprived old german jews of their rights this is it this is the place to hold the
trial give me the word and off General Patton moving 15,000 German POWs start
cleaning up the whole city I’m giving you that word right now
captain Kiley what do you think well leave double the size of the courtroom
I’ve take out that rear wall and come to the Attic for a visitors gallery saw
some terrific seats in an old theater here great chandeliers gotta go
threatens more practical on let’s talk power some justices going to see some
justice once again it was just forwarded from the base
thank you very much sergeant Fuchs Morris Fuchs Brooklyn New York well I
knew it wasn’t Wisconsin with that accent President Truman wants to appoint
Francis Biddle as the American judge for the trial are you serious
but he already fired Biddle is Attorney General why would he do that guilt maybe
probably I guess it’s this instead of a gold watch how do you feel about that
no be Truman’s wording unless you have a problem with this which means don’t have
a problem with this well I’ve got to go back to Washington a brief President
Truman anyway I can stop in Philadelphia along the way and try to cajole Biddle
into becoming a team player when do we leave I need you to stay here and set up
our offices find us a place to stay make those decisions without you Oh that’ll
be fine I trust you your name is Kong get your ass on the
truck von papen sure and we board the plane got a seat by the window there boy
it may be the last view we have of the Father Rosenberg
so annoyed rather prick I couldn’t face going back into private friends not
after all those years in Washington with the nerve center of the country the war
what is the current status of member we’re gathering evidence choosing
defendants we’ve settled on 22 men we’ve narrowed our targets to those who ran
the concentration camps good thinking splendid ones who gathered the slave
labor as well as those that used it this week absolutely right the judges will
have a great deal of work ahead of them with the pre-trial discovery yes yes
well of course you’ll be there to guide me through it I’m thrilled Bob it’s a
moment this means a great deal to me am i safe and calling the president and
telling him that you’ve signed off on me that I’m approved as chief American
judge I’ll arrange your flight this week we need you over there as quickly as
possible we need to gear up fast the trials in one month we’ll have dessert
the Nuremberg I’ve gotta say find a little unnerving
walking past 300 years carrying pick-axes that’s what a body gonna just
let one of them’s write a message no life from aside gives them a headache
this guy it’s my job it’s fine perfect well could you put some on
captain Kiley I want to know if the filing cabinets already sure thing first thing you must understand about
these men is that they are war criminals the rack means nothing there’s to be no
exchanging of solutes or any other military curse I know most of you men
saw combat he lost friends companions we’ve all
seen the bodies at the side of the road men who gave their lives in the service
of their country gave their lives so that we might have the opportunity to
bring these criminals to justice now our job is to make sure that these criminals
survive long enough have that justice served to make sure that our friends our
companions did not die in vain that’ll be all swab yourself I beg your pardon
yeah bucket and dad mop use them pick it up dr. arrest now his heart beating was up
to almost 300 beats a minute couldn’t let the heart failure that’s just what I
need there’s the biggest bull on the round
I’ve done it we listen I’m making this man your personal responsibility he is
not to exert himself as God is my witness he will be in the bestest house
when they hang him yes sir yes Ellen dearest with your permission I shall
call you tonight not it’s fine sir good thanks for the ride Fuchs Oh problem
Robert welcome back nice to be back really good to have you back so
quite a job you’ve done here you should see the inside national corps captain
Kylie what’s your background Kylie a couple of architecture classes never got
a degree thank you serious
you’re a Justice of the Supreme Court you know I practiced law for twenty
years with only a single year of law school my bill didn’t go around giving
away your secrets I won’t tell if you won’t tell are we
making out with these gizmos for the simultaneous translation IBM sort of
invented the process as we go sir but we’ll be ready for you I promise I don’t
doubt that excuse me question is will we be ready the whole team’s waiting in
your office they’ll feel even I missed you I missed
you too you know when I was home I couldn’t find you won’t have to worry
about that I’ll take care of it should be fun Tom I’d like you to do Speer also
like you to take sure funk in diapers ready to be served
yeah I say we hold off until the last possible moment until their indictment
we get to treat them like POWs we can interrogate them all they want once
their indebtedness they’re indicted there
have their lawyers present fellas this is gonna be a fair trial I’d serve those
indictments as soon as possible of the British deliver the indictments wouldn’t
be right for stopped the whole show now what if the defendants want Nazi lawyers
no hell no kind of crazy example with that said free speech for crying out
loud boys Nancy’s defendant Nancy’s when he ought
to be on trial themselves and we’re gonna pay them can’t help wondering what
these fellas would do if the situation was reversed and they have a section
well we don’t have to answer that question in this room right now the
judges will be here in one week we’ll let them decide would you excuse me it’s
just arrived he’s decided not to fly it’s coming over on the Queen Elizabeth
it behaves three weeks I’m a bit surprised at Biddle I’d never seen a man
so hungry for approval well yeah but then you approved above I
did learn a lesson there did I and how I hate learning lessons don’t you think this is a little bit
excessive I got it for a really good right thank you justice Jackson meet foul hustle and
hair hustle how do you do I have the five years in
America oh well it’s a pleasure to meet you from hassel please come in follow me
I will prepare dinner something light perhaps at this hour
thank you light means five pounds of lard in the dumplings instead of six some banker who no longer owns a bank I
think we’re his only source of income now come on oh thank you hair hostel
I’ll do that so where is your room upstairs it’s a cute little attic
apartment type thing is it all right well it’s nicer than what I have in
Washington mom I haven’t seen what you haven’t washed oh god I am so bushed
just hold on till dinner would you like a drink no maybe later oh don’t do that
all I’ve arranged a little breakfast meeting with the team tomorrow morning
good good just to go over some of the finer points
mm-hmm if I shall make a balls of it you just
fine open up good morning I am major Nev I’m
the officer appointed by the international military tribunal so your
position I am finally the civilized man Neve dear
what is your given name arrey arrey major early leave I have heard this name
before early like the wind why would I have heard this name I was
captured tortured by the Gestapo and escaped twice earned your given name I
am the officer appointed by the International Military Tribunal to serve
upon you a copy of the indictment in which you are named as defendant I’m
also here to advise you as to your rights to counsel I care nothing for
lawyers you can find one for me Vijay I of the wind women of culture we both
love the truth the victors were always be the judges the vanquished harvests
the accused yes open it up until I studied this I cannot speak to
the accuracy of the charges against me but I acknowledge that necessity of this
trial and accept my inclusion in it how can you say that before reading the
charges there’s a common responsibility for the crimes that were committed in
the name of the satirize no one is blameless apart from the victims but we
were just following orders nothing about crimes against humanity
here is a list of lawyers Jews I want to be defended by a German naval officer I
was a lawyer myself full of ideals why did you just showed us now a lot of guard posted it to porthole of
every cell there to be watched around the clock I need to pick up the document
from the document I’ll meet you office finally any
directives on the toll of slave labor Oh take your pick it was some peculiar
about the German character that makes detailed records every dance thing they
do it’s downright perverse the Nazis put in right every criminal thought they
ever had and every criminal act they ever did right here this room is enough
evidence to hang half the country I’ll settle for 21 clean conviction get what
you need more than I’ve arranged all your random notes for the opening
statement into something less random legal somatic anecdotal precedent theory
you really are something well when you decide what let me know Oh I’ve noticed that this case is really
inspired the orator in you well I’ve tried to capture me a tone a mood a melancholy grandeur if you will well
it’s all here we only have two days left to finish the
speech maybe you should start dictating right this simultaneous translation business
like taking a room in the Tower of Babel and this I can assure you whoever
designed those electronic ear map designed them did not try them over a
barristers we’re not to worry I knew there we must become he’s a psychologist
the army transferred him over here to consult him the suicide was good
prisoners Bob Francis I had arranged for a flight
to pick you up you were meant to be here two weeks ago what happened you
developed a sudden craving for shuffleboard I just needed a little time
to get myself up to speed I worked the whole way over probably prepared any my
colleagues here I’d like to meet perhaps later on I need to talk to you about
something oh but we do it on the remain your help mix it oh we doin rush all the
time in France thank you look at this part it was a gift from my
family after the trial I’m going to donate this along with my papers to my
alma mater I think future generations on the subject of who’ll serve as president
of the court but the British are prepared to support you but yes but it’s
not in the best interest of the trial the Americans are far too dominant in
this they already the trial must be viewed as a joint effort I really do
have the qualification I know you do if not me then who Sir Geoffrey Lawrence
the British share our sensibilities and it’s a hell of a lot better than having
to Bob or God knows nikka chenko I think I can sell the French on this idea to
everyone back home assumes that I will be head of the court Francis your role
here will be of incredible importance this is probably the last appointment of
my career Bob this is how I’m going out with great honor advances he won’t be
camping here come here wait on it not it lays themself in who should be
get to replace I mean the dog it’s not a Broadway show Johnny we don’t just bring
out an understanding you’ve still got 21 left 20 ones good salt number boys
they’re coming back Biddle doesn’t look too happy
well can you blame them gentlemen if I may I’d like to introduce George Francis ladies and gentlemen please a salute to
my colleagues in the law how fortunate we are to be in a profession where we
may speak our minds not like diplomats who must behave like dogs on a leash this morning if you care to dance with
me I’m not much of a dancer let’s go embarrass ourselves it’s my opinion head-shrinking has no
place in this man’s army if you’ve been assigned to me captain and I plan to
make full use of you you’re gonna help me make sure I don’t lose any more of my
prisoners well from what I already know of your setup here colonel I can safely
say that you’ve created the perfect suicide Ward what are you talking about
these men have nothing to do all day but sit around and think about their fate
you should think about it if you want to keep them alive and sane you need to
keep them occupied both mentally and physically small library for instance
libraries a library would make all the difference in the world so what an
exercise yard well I had something quite different in mine I thought I might put
you in their life give him somebody to talk to open up with I’m sure they’ll
jump at the chance the jibber-jabber with somebody as bright enthusiastic as
yourself they’ll tell you what they’re thinking what they’re planning you
report everything you hear to me currently I don’t wanna get anything
about morals and ethics captain these men are prisoners criminals not
patients that’s the deal captain take it or leave
it the librarian the exercise yard sir you got this place is worse than I expected what
a nightmare what do we pick up a press passage the Palace of Justice
what’s the metal bar in the front of their Jeep do it works like a knife to
cut the wires that Germans string cross the road at night several GIS have
already been decapitated lovely here we are gentlemen I’ll take your bags to the
hotel all right thanks a lot buddy ready to show you will be given press passes
and transfers find lodging Veta you put it on the wrong foot yeah yeah
this seems completely mad it is an act he is being clever if he forced so
clever he wouldn’t have spent the last four years in an English prison
I turned my Diaries over to the Americans
voluntarily you see they prove that I tried to resign as governor-general of
Poland did not approve of the persecution of the Jews anyone reading
my Diaries they will know what was in my heart
civil understands that those things I wrote about chose the orders I signed I
said I’m not sincere I believe you have bank and yet you did do those things how do
you explain it I don’t mean legally I’m not a lawyer or
a judge I mean how do you explain it to yourself I don’t know it’s just though
I’m two people so hon trunk you see here and hunt Strunk it’s a Nazi leader I
wonder how that other Frank could do such things
this front loop said that funk and says you’re a terrible man and what does that
Frank say back he says I just want it to keep my job friends when we begin this
protest fast tomorrow my friends never forget that we are here for one reason
and one reason only we lost the war but someday a grateful German nation will
honor our legacy doctor what do you have you have one gem you have a fine man two
Germans I want three Germans a war are you really in such a good mood hair
going where’s this your way of handling fear yeah what do I have to be afraid of
I have ordered hundreds and thousands of men into battle knowing full well that
not many would return why should i their leader tremble when called upon to face
the enemy I know that I am a condemned man that is of no consequence there is
still work to be done and mark my words it will be done one Englishman an idiot
two Englishmen a club three Englishmen an empire I spoke with some of the
translators today to get a sense with a piece you need to maintain that’s a
little tricky because it’s not just about taste it’s about to give them
pausing at the end of phrases we should probably rehearse a little tonight not
the whole speech I need to save your voice for tomorrow unbelievable you good morning like this morning sir it’s
time to go reichsmarschall how do I look you look fine sir how do you feel
excited I’ve waited many months minutes of
silence now at last I’m being heard shall we
I’m not allowed to do that sir oh of course all right sergeant search the cells Oh so Jeffrey with my respects after you this trial which is now to begin is
unique in the annals of jurisprudence the defendants all having been served
with copies of the indictments are now to enter their pleas Hermann Goering
statement which will now reach the court the defendants are not to make a speech
they are only to enter a plea Rudolf Hess record that as not guilty
your keen von Ribbentrop Miss Julie Wilhelm Keitel nice surely Ernst
Kaltenbrunner this surely Alfred Rosenberg neat chili
hunts Frank Miss Judy Wilhelm Frick Nick surely Julius Streicher nice shooting
father folk mr. Lee Jana shocked with should Karl dönitz the
shooting Erich Raeder this hoodie Baldur von Schirach huge shortage Fritz
Sauckel this shooting Alfred yo Nick Shirley
France von papen mr. Otto Zeiss in fact mr. Slovak Albert spare mixture is
Konstantin von Neurath shooting and hunts future Miss Julie all the please
have now been entered Justice Jack’s your opening address please they please or honors the privilege of
opening the first file in history for crimes against the Peace of the world
imposes a grave responsibility the wrongs which we seek to condemn and
punish have been so calculated so malignant and so devastating that
civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive there
they repeated that four great nations flushed with victory and stung with
injury stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies
to the judgment of the law is one of the most significant tributes that power has
ever paid to reason if these men are the first war leaders of a defeated nation
to be prosecuted in the name of the law we agree that here they must be given a
presumption of innocence and we accept the burden of proving criminal acts and
the responsibility of these defendants for their commission we have no purpose
here to incriminate the whole German people Hitler did not achieve power by a
majority vote but seized it by an evil alliance of revolutionists reactionaries
the militarists the enormity the horror their acts the prosecution will give you
undeniable proofs of these incredible events if I count myself as one who
received during this war most atrocity tales with suspicion or skepticism no
more the catalogue of crimes will omit
nothing that could be conceived by their pathological pride cruelty and lustful
power you will hear of the repression of organized labor the harassment of the
church persecution of the Jews the conversion of mere anti-semitism into
the deliberate extermination of the Jews of Europe you will hear of the long
series of German aggressions and conquests broken treaties the terror
that settled over Germany the havoc wrought in the occupied territories and
you will know that the real complaining party at your bar is civilization
civilization asks whether law is so laggard as to be utterly helpless to
deal with crimes of this magnitude by criminals of this order of importance it
doesn’t expect and you can make war impossible
it does expect that your juridical action will put the forces of
international law its precepts its prohibitions and above all its sanctions on the side of peace so that men and
women of good will in all countries may have leave to live by no-man’s leave
underneath the law the court is now a giant Jackson’s speech pedantic tiresome lot
of nothing another dog cries today you think
they’ll beat us like this every day they always feed you well before they can
tell us well soldiers have to shoot us please we
must concentrate on how defense if we’re not going to eat Frank give it to me
it’s a crime to have such good food look what they have done to your beautiful
city Nuremberg is not mine but it was was anything ever more extraordinary
than the part I tagged and you staged every September the night skies light up
like a bonfires who carried our torches through the streets quarter million of
us on the way to the Zeppelin fiends I remember standing there for hours
basking in the radiance of the funeral then take a group of my Hitler young
into the river or we bathe together he had to cool off the fire somebody within
it but now that just seems like a dream a strange wonderful frightening dream
was not a dream it was a nightmare of our own making and it’s time to wake up
from it the look in hitler’s eyes was not radiance it was madness is the British prosecution ready yes
indeed we are your honors with your permission I wish to read from a sworn
affidavit by one Herman Friedrich Graber a German construction manager who in a
civilian capacity was employed by the German army in occupied Ukraine from
1941 1944 on several occasions he observed the mass murders of local Jews
committed by the SS or should stuffer the Nazi party’s police and security
organization one such a case he writes took place on October the 5th 1942 near
the city of Domino that morning her gray Bay was informed that all 5,000 Jews
from that city were to be taken by SS trucks to a place near his building site
where they were to be shot and buried in large pits continuous thereupon I drove to the site
and saw near it great mounds of Earth several SS trucks stood in front of them
I heard rifle shots in quick succession coming from behind one of the earth
mounds those who had just got off the trucks men women and children of all
ages had to undress upon the order of an SS man who carried a whip all these
people had the regulation yellow patches on their clothes and thus could be
recognized as Jews without screaming or weeping these people undressed stood
around in family groups kissed each other said their farewells I watched a
family of about eight a man and a woman with their children and two grown-up
daughters an old woman with snow-white hair was whole
the youngest perhaps one-year-old in her arms and singing to it and tickling it
and the the child was cooing with delight all the people around were
looking on with tears in their eyes the father was holding the hand of a boy
about ten years old and speaking to him softly the boy was fighting his tears
the father pointed to the sky stroked the boy’s head and seemed to explain
something to him at that moment the SS man at the pit shouted to his comrades
the latter counted off about thirty persons and instructed them to go behind
the Earthman among them was the family that I have mentioned I will remember a
girl swim and with black hair who as she passed close to me point you to herself
and said 23a then walks around the mound and found myself confronted by an
enormous grave people were closely wedged together lying on top of each
other so that only their heads were visible nearly all had blood running
over their shoulders some of the people shot were still moving some were lifting
their arms and turning their heads to show that they were still alive the pit
was at least two-thirds full I estimated that it already contained about 1,000
humans the victims completely naked went down some steps which were cut out of
the clay wall of the pit and clambered over the heads of the people lying there
to the place where the SS man had directed them
they lay down in front of the dead or injured some crests those were still
alive spoke to them in low voices then I had a series of shots I looked back into
the pit and saw that the bodies were twitching and the heads lying already
motionless were on top of the bodies that way beneath them when I walked back
around the mound I noticed another truckload which had just arrived this
time is included the sick and the infirm an old very thin very frail woman
terribly thin legs was undressed by the others who were already naked while two
people held her up the woman was obviously paralyzed the naked people carried the old woman around the mound and the shooting continued signed three
Rick great did any of you ever hear of this graver Earth Day – Michelle on the contrary we
had an excellent lunch nice for the city and in the courtroom we have the best
seats in the house they go on about this gravy person it doesn’t customer us we
were not even mentioned of us a Jew now I am sure we’re on trial of course
they’re gonna say terrible things about us they have not even begun your honors
I would like to read into the record document 294 PS which describes manpower
initiatives and how they were direct Mr Justice Jackson you have already read
into record eight nearly identical documents on this subject do you really
feel it necessary to introduce some nights I do very well please continue
document 294 PS begins his father’s license I have come to the conclusion
the sentences are already being carried out
justice Jackson hints to bore us to death in his succeeding beyond his
fondest over now the Fuhrer ah what a speaker but a rally here in
Youngberg he held an audience of 250,000 people in the palm of his hand for an
entire afternoon as legal strategy your documentary approach has been on sale
but as drama it is I regret to say absolutely start to fine well as you
know it’s not meant to be an entertainment it’s meant to be a trial
and it’s ours to lose a trial is a show Robert I’d like it or not it’s a show
and those four learned men sitting on the bench are as impressionable as any
audience you’re pushing for witnesses witnesses
will give this trial a human face one compelling witness can I weigh a ton of
documentary evidence mr. petulant while you were imprisoned Netcom were
you at one time asked to participate in a medical experiment yes and the Nazi
doctor who supervised that experiment dr. Rosher did he ever explain to you
its purpose he said the Luftwaffe had a problem that its pilots shot down over
the North Sea often survived the crash into freezing waters only to die later
after being rescued the purpose of the experiment was to prevent these deaths
and what experimented he devised first I helped to strip the other male inmates
naked and put them into water tanks were forced to do this to fellow inmates yes
and then then he added large pieces of ice we put thermometers into their atoms to
make sure the men were freezing then some of them we plunged into hot water
others in warm water others we put next to naked female inmates so the doctor
could learn which method would best revive them step back a leg would you be
so kind as to read this conclusion from dr. rashers meticulous records rapid
rewarming was in all cases preferable to slowly warming because after removal
from the cold water the body temperature continues to drop rapidly rewarming by
animal warmth was too slow Thank You mr. pack alike do you recall whatever became
the subjects of dr. rashes experiments on behalf of the Luftwaffe most of them went into convulsions and
died thank you in 1942
I was arrested interrogated and then ordered to sign a fourth confession I
refused the German officer threatened me I told him I’m not afraid of being shot
he said we have means at our disposal so far worse than being shot please continue murder
soon afterwards I found myself packed with 230 other French women in a sealed
train on our way to a schvitz a sealed train no food no water nothing at
Auschwitz the trains ran almost all the way to the gas chamber
they unsealed the cars and the soldiers let everyone out I saw men women
children old couples forced apart from each other mothers made to abandon their
children none were aware of the fate that awaited them those selected for the
gas chamber were immediately driven to a red brick building I saw my friend and
it on that truck she called to me think of my little boy
if you ever get back to France then she put her arms around his another French
woman and they began singing in the master years one night we were awakened
by horrible cries the next day we learned that the Nazis had run out of
gas and the children had been thrown into the furnaces alive of the 230 women
on that train how many returned from Auschwitz 49
thank you much excuse there you are the film came in late last
night and I was up until dawn watching it now very few people have seen this
film Bob you have got to enter this into evidence this morning what’s the film
you’re not gonna believe this may it please the tribunal the United
States now offers a film and evidence it was compiled from motion pictures taken
by allied military photographers as their armies liberated areas into which
concentration camps were located you know it was such a nice day laughing
joking and then they showed that hard soon propaganda anyone can do it
little of this little of that and before you know it those films you know I bet
any number of affidavits reports statistics but I didn’t really
understand until I saw those films I still don’t understand I don’t think I
ever will how could civilized human beings do that
to other civilized human beings maybe civilization is overrated you Netley
good night right Smosh then for shearing scene V some touching
to hear those shots brow miss me to do blacks to have signed our made a little
thing think think today in the goo rings ability to
dominate and intimidate without possessing a real shred of power yes
well how do you explain that habit instinct something in the German
character that responds to authority real or imagined that’s it that’s all it
is yeah what about the ideas he expressed the words the thoughts they
had no impact what that is what thoughts there were only platitudes Nazi Germany
was built on empty platitudes a man like you
you were seduced by empty platitudes of course because you can hear in them any
meaning you want you said earlier you wanted to tell me something I have been trying to encourage some of
the other defendants to join with me in accepting guilt expressing remorse my
progress with Frank and I have had high hopes for you and for Sheila the girly
means to bully them into joining him and I fear now he will succeed unless
someone stops him I understand they’re going do you believe that the
Nazi Party came into power legally I do and I’m happy to explain in detail the
history of those first elections but I will add that once we came to power we
were determined to hold on to it under all circumstances we did not want to
leave this any longer to chance two elections and two parliamentary
majorities it had always been our plan once we came to power that we would
eliminate the ice tag dissolve the regional Parliament’s and individual
rights rather the idea come from to combine the ceremonial head of state the
head of government in one person either if Hitler that’s quite simple we took
our example from the similar dual roles of the President of the United States and the idea for concentration cups the
idea was mine it was a question of removing danger only one course was
available protective custody how could the party rule until it had established
order and how could it maintain order with its deadly enemies particularly the
Communists running free no further questions I don’t get it it’s tightening the noose
around his own neck I don’t think he really cares he’s got bigger fish to fry
this guy is talking ID over the head of the tribunal directly the German people
I suggest that you isolate going from the other defendants room I don’t understand why you’re doing this
inside me I’m just following orders Julie promised hit current quick and
hard put him on the defensive right away never let him dream I see no point in
that at all he’s blatantly incriminating himself all I need do was ask direct
questions and let him answer them be prepared with a tough line of
questioning cases needed thank you sure why am I being punished like a schoolboy
spare spares behind us he must have talked to Colonel endless persuaded
mental this line of action how do you know it wasn’t me why dr. Schmidt is
there some kind of rivalry between the two of you he is ashamed of being a Nazi
I am NOT he wishes to infect the others with the shame you have no shame
the world is now seen proof of the horrors committed by Nazi Germany you’re
comfortable defending every bit of it I’ve seen so many horrors already the
carnage of the first war thousands of my countrymen maimed degraded starved
no my dear doctor I am NOT an inhuman monster who has no regard for human life
these atrocities are not indifferent to me you know yes accused so many
appalling acts it is hard to keep track did you try my concern was war but in
war each nation has its own selfish interest you have to be practical I am a
practical man and I’m a soldier but a soldier’s code is obedience obedience this is blind obedience without
responsibility is there nobody in this country that will take responsibility
for anything nobody who can say no take a look at every cell in this block what
do you see yes men all the know men are six feet underground what is this you’re
not Jewish I yes I am I see this is a very interesting situation for
both of us so what’s his plan I’m gonna clue will the witness repeat this earth after
me I swear by God the Almighty and omniscient I swear by God the Almighty
and on this earth that I will speak the pure truth and will withhold and add
nothing that I would speak with pure truth and we were told and you are perhaps aware that you are the
only living man who can expound to us the true purposes of the Nazi Party and
the inner workings of its leadership I am perfectly aware and you from the very
beginning together with those who you were associated with intended to
overthrow and later on did overthrow Germany’s previous government they by my
Republic Act was my firm intention upon coming to power you immediately
abolished parliamentary democratic government in Germany we found out no
longer to be necessary is it not true that people subsequently were thrown
into concentration camps without recourse from the courts you must
distinguish between two categories those who had committed some kind of treason
against the new state one naturally turned over to the courts the others
whom one might expect such acts but who had not yet committed them such as the
functionaries of the communist party who were attacking us in the thousand answer
the question thank you I need to explain further well you’ll have the opportunity
to explain further and to reexamination from your own counsel
now did you prohibit all court review of the cause for taking people into what
you were calling at the time protective custody that I answered very clearly but
I should like to make an explanation in connection with my counsel will see to
that now about the concentration camps Mr Justice Jack’s the Tribunal thinks
the witness ought to be allowed to make what explanation he thinks right in
answer to this question the Tribunal thinks that you should be permitted to
explain your answer now and it will listen to that explanation I want to say that I issued a decree
that those who had turned over to the concentration camps should be informed
after 24 hours of the reason and allowed an attorney after 48 hours this by no
means rescinded my order that a court review of these measures was not
permitted by protective custody you mean that you were taking people into custody
who had not yet committed a crime but you believed might quite possibly commit
a crime in the future yes just as extensive protective measures are being
taken in Germany today I didn’t answer you about Germany jail Mr Justice Jack’s the witness may finish his explanation you say that you were against the attack
on Soviet Russia that you gave no warning to the German people
you brought no pressure to bear to prevent the attack you did not even
resign to protect your place in history we were at war and such differences of
opinion could not be brought before the public during war this was the case in
your own country as to your second question that will suffice I’m not
finished secondly your honor please the witness
must be allowed to have his say secondly as far as my resignation is concerned I
do not wish even to discuss that for I it was an officer a soldier I served my
country now I ask that is I was not the man to forsake someone to whom I had
given my oath of loyalty every time he was not to my way of thinking your honor
it never ever occurred to me to leave the Fuhrer your honor the witness is
adopting a contemptuous attitude toward this Tribunal but giving him the trial
that he never gave a living soul nor dead ones either objects in your honor I’m ready for the next question I think this is probably a good point to
adjourn for the day enough goals from the bench well totally
round one think you need anything don’t forget I’m as the week ends there’s a consensus
among all present that Herman Goering now appears to be in control of the
court will Jackson will anyone be able to stop him yes well you know judge I didn’t leave
Supreme Court to come here and be afforded by a fellow countryman that
sounds like sour grapes very young become so an outsider it might appear
like you were deliberately trying to sabotage me you gave Goering an open
forum during direct examination I must be able to control him during crawl
listen Bob just accept the fact that you weren’t at the top of your game today
you have the weekend to prepare for the next round make good use of it not hungry sir oh that’s too excited to
eat did you what I said I reply when he asked me why I did not resign I lectured
him about lawyer thing you should have seen Jackson’s face his face
– totally fallen concept to him you know if I didn’t know better I would say
Jackson was a Jew no no keep it keep it my initials see engraved it’s real nice
I’m never gonna forget this I know reluctant I know huh you know my friends call me text all
right tags let me tell you something Dex
America was so down that they are backing their whole philosophy here we
should both be together fighting the forces of communism you think no you
think yeah yeah yeah I think we both think huh yeah I’d like to dictate a
telegram president harry s truman the White House
mr. president please accept my resignation as chief prosecutor for the
Nuremberg trials Bob and appoint a replacement at the earliest possible Bob
I’m not writing this I won’t you saw today that I’m not up to this task now I
could stay out of pride and unravel everything that we’ve all worked so hard
to accomplish here or I could step aside Bob you are this trial everything it is
everything it represents is from inside you your thoughts your value I tasted
failure today and realize what that would mean not only to myself but to
everyone connected with this proceeding the only way they can triumph over you
is if their values are stronger than yours if they believe in their ideals
more than you believe in yours is that true von dis Hermann Goering
actually believed in his ideals more than you believe in yours you’re right welcome yeah yeah what what happened wasn’t entirely
your fault God knows I’d be hard pressed to defeat a clever defendant who allowed
to say whatever he wants to as long as he wants
well now that you’ve finished with the niceties let’s have the truth well it
was very damaging Robert when you’ve introduced this trial from a position of
moral superiority and as a result you’ve become its chief symbol now if you can’t
maintain that or if the balance shifts ever so slightly it could be a disaster
Hermann Goering is using this trial to present himself as a philosopher
Statesman on the level of Hitler do you see Goering as a statesman no I do not I
see him as reprehensible as inhuman then treat him as such treat him as the vile
conniving bloody fascist bastard early years all right where the hell is he he’ll be
here mr. chief prosecutor if you’ll read name
from the very beginning you regarded the elimination of the Jews from the
economic life of Germany is under your jurisdiction did you not yeah
elimination from economic life that is partly correct large industries also
armed industries under Jewish Turks was that the first of your legal measures
against the Jews I believe removal from office was first
in 1933 then in 1936 you personally drafted an act making it punishable by
death to transfer property abroad that is good and another that all damage
caused to Jewish property but the anti-jewish riots of 1938 must be
repaired by Jews at their own expense with their insurance claims forfeited to
the Reich I did sign a similar law whether it’s exactly the same way did
you not say about those riots I show you this transcript
did you not say I wish you had killed 200 Jews instead of destroying such
valuables that was said in a moment of that temper and extreme excite with
spontaneous sincerity in other words did you not also personally sign into Korean
September 1940 ordering seizure of old Jewish property in Poland I assume so if
that decree is that and another which provided the Jews we see no compensation
for damages caused by enemy attacks or by German forces if the law passed my
name then it must be son did this your signature it appears to be is it or is
it not your signature it is your signature on a decree dated
July 1941 asking him ler and Heydrich and the SS to make plans for the final
solution of the Jewish Question that is not a proper procession
I said total solution not the final solutions are your words to him but I
charge you to send me before long an overall plan concerning the
organizational factual and material measures necessary for the desired
solution of the Jewish Question is that an accurate translation of what is
written in this order from you to Heydrich and Himmler
that had to do with integration and evacuation of the jail you ordered all
other government agencies to cooperate with the SS in the final solution of the
Jewish Question did you not there’s nothing in there about the SS there’s
document States you personally ordered all government agencies to cooperate
with the SS you sent this letter to SS gruppenfuhrer Heydrich
that doesn’t mean that the SS had anything to do with the solution to the
Jewish Question Thomas said is clearly I did not know
anything that took place or the methods that were used in the concentration
camps later these things were kept secret for me and I might add that in my
opinion even the Fuhrer did not know the extent to what was happening witness there is evidence before this
court that nearly 10 million people have been exterminated murdered in cold blood
you mean to say that you did not and in your opinion Hitler did not know what
took place in the concentration camps you know that Hitler said in 1943 in a
recorded meeting I read you his words now quote the Reich’s Minister of
Foreign Affairs declared that the Jews should be exterminated or taken to
concentration camps there is no other possibility the Minister of Foreign
Affairs Ribbentrop talked with Hitler about
extermination and you were above Ribbentrop you were Hitler’s
second-in-command you were in charge of the economic 4-year plan so you knew all
about the gold wedding rings and the gold teeth and the gold eyeglasses that
the victims left behind and you have heard that it took five extra minutes to
kill the women because they had to cut their hair off to be used in making
mattresses and nothing was told to you about this material that came from these
people that had been murdered no no how can you imagine such a thing I was laying down on the broad outlines of
the German economy but this is excused I’m not finished witness is excused the
witness is excused know what would have been a great touch
hermann goering showing up in Santa Fe probably do it after all he was the
third rise chief Barbie home jersey pictures occurring at hitless mountain
retreat just like a Tyrolean chorus boy out under desk operetta leaving so soon some of the defendants
asked me to come by tonight when a Christmas Eve chat with their rabbi you
know the trial is about to enter a new phase a very important one in which the
defendants will have to choose between stonewalling and evading or taking
responsibility for their actions know you well the best chance we have to
influence that choice here husband Bravo sir is something wrong
don’t ask me to serve the Russians please they’re our guests my son was
killed on the Russian front okay I’ll take care of this go to the
kitchen try these little sausage things general
forget what fry also calls them but I hear they’re mighty tasty
madam 20 million of my people was killed by the Germans
you think I could be offended by the snub of a house from I don’t know what
to think general frankly I can’t keep track of all the politics in his room Russians don’t disappear in a crowd
Julie suffered more in this war than any other country must be doubly painful to
attract such which was sympathy and Jackson decreed no wives could come home worked out quite nice well for him
wouldn’t you sleep this is a very nice gesture I figure
it’s probably the last Christmas Merry Christmas I’m so glad that you are here please sit
I’m not the only one I can IET talk to but you don’t talk to me field marshal
not really I tell you everything about my family yes but not about you I would
like to understand how a man like you a man of your background could have
drafted an instrument like the command to order allied soldiers found behind
enemy lines were shot rather than captured or the night and fog decree
suspected resistance members were arrested in the middle of the night and
secretly murdered because of you I know I am dying of shame don’t you
think it’s time you admitted that to the rest of the world you were signing orders that broke
international laws and treaties how could you not question what you were
doing does a lieutenant say to his captain just a minute sir I have to
consult The Hague Convention to see if I am allowed to carry out your orders if
we had disobeyed we would have been arrested under eglise and you realize
without the support of his generals Harry ertle Hitler could not have waged
war it is a soldier’s duty to obey artists that is a code i have lived by
all my life and that code extends to the people who ran the death camps I’m sorry sir oh thanks thanks come in
thank you I know that Christmas time can be a longer thing away from home
Merry Christmas reichsmarschall oh oh my what luxury hmm so what would you be
doing man hey back in Texas ah on Christmas morning we open our presents
and then go to church and after that we head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a
big roast turkey dinner after that dad grandpa and me we go out back hunting
for pheasant quail ah hunting hunting was my passion I was Germany’s chief
gamekeeper no kiddin oh the shootin on my estate said Town Hall was wonderful
did Hitler ever go hunting with you I shouldn’t value this but Hitler did
not approve of hunting he felt that killing animals was immoral he was a
vegetarian yeah yeah but that did not stop him from being the most gracious
host in Europe ah his dinner parties were legend I was the finest caviar
champagne although he did not partake he was not in power and he would dazzle his
guests with every view under the Sun until dawn I don’t know I remember once
we were celebrating the triumph of champion where we say what the sweet
revenge of the French having surrendered in the very same railway car that the
Germans have capitulated in in 1918 I must have been Sultan oh it was believe
me it was you know thanks I have made my career as
a military man and I have to say you remind me of some of the finest young
German soldiers who served under me thank you hello America
as Christmas descends upon this sad and broken city I’m here inside her great
Palace of Justice and on this Christmas Eve as we’re filled with thoughts of
peace on earth it is here that the future of peace may well be determined airphone Ribbentrop would you agree that
as foreign minister you force Czechoslovakia to surrender its
territory by the most intolerable threats of aggression I do not agree
were you threatened to send your army in in overwhelming strength and also bombed
Prague what further pressure could you possibly have put upon war for instance
whoa what is that but war Ribbentrop should be and were stupidity
but that is the greatest crime of all in your newspaper her sheikha you wrote
that the jews are a nation of blood suckers and extortionists do you think
that that’s preaching race hatred no I do not think it’s preaching hatred it is
simply a statement dr. funk you were president of the Reich Bank during the
war I was yes and you accepted unusual deposits into your bank didn’t you I do
not know what you referred to I am referring to deposits sent to you by the
SS from concentration camps I I have no knowledge side the Reich bank vaults
there were literally piles of jewelry gold watches gold earrings gold eyeglass
frames and gold teeth many people deposit valuables in the
bank and the bank is not required to look into them prior to 1939 exactly how
many of your customers deposited their teeth into your bank you’ve heard a guard at Mauthausen
concentration camp testify that you watched while a gas chamber was
demonstrated on inmates I never set foot in mouth housing and we have heard
eyewitness testimony from three people that you were at Mauthausen three times
and before he died the Commandant at Mauthausen signed this statement that
you ordered him to put sixty-five thousand Jews in a tunnel and seal it
off rather than allow them to be liberated by the Allies yes not is it
not a fact that you are simply lying to the tribunal about this as you have lied
about everything else in your testimony Calton Brunner has asked the Commandant
of Auschwitz to testify in his defence if that’s a joke I don’t get it I don’t
get it either but it’s no joke the British haven’t been custody and they’ve
agreed to transfer him here to testify maybe calls me Bruno just figures he’ll
look better by comparison wait a minute we’re not really gonna allow this are we
let the guy walk in say God knows what on the stand give Colton burner an alibi
might be a cheap price to pay though for the opportunity to cross-examine him
later on during the entire time you were
Kommandant of auschwitz did else carton burner ever visit the camp no not once never thank you
one minute please mr. house how long were you the
Commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp from the beginning and what was its
purpose at that time to house prisoners who are being held in protective custody
and after that I was called to Berlin by my boss rush fever Himmler in 1941 and
he informed me that the Fuhrer had ordered the final solution of the Jewish
Question I was not sure what I was supposed to do so adult Eichmann advised
me to visit a camp at Treblinka to learn from its operation and what did you
learn there actually I was not impressed it was taking the Commandant there six
months to eliminate 80,000 Jews using monoxide gas I had a better idea one of
my outwits guards had accidentally sniffed a chemical disinfectant called
cyclone bay and that passed out immediately it occurred to me if a
little of this chemical killed lies enough perhaps would kill a human I
tested it on Soviet prisoners of war locked in a home and it worked within 3
to 15 minutes they were dead and then I built gas chambers to accommodate 2,000
inmates at a time compared to Treblinka 200 and I built for large ovens to
cremate the remains it became possible to eliminate 10,000 people in 24 hours
but that was a peak operation which was exhausting for my staff on the average
we would dispatch 2,000 people a day how many men did it take to dispatch 2,000
people a day I had a staff of approximately 3,000 men and during your
tenure at Auschwitz how many people did you dispose of in this fashion
approximately two and a half million no further questions I wish to make this
clear I did not tolerate Cotuit s cruelty by men were there to exterminate
people not torment them any misconduct by the guards was punished I can assure
you witness is excused what is adjourned
until nine o’clock tomorrow morning my life was entirely normal
even while doing this extermination work I would say I led a perfectly normal
family life how would you describe that life I’ve always been happiest alone I
never had any real intimacy with my parents my sister Alan don’t do you feel
that the Jews you murdered deserve their fate I have always been taught that the
Jew was an enemy of Germany so when you were ordered to turn your prison camp
into a death camp you never once thought what you were doing was wrong I was an
SS man we were trained to obey orders without thinking there’s a ratcatcher
think it is wrong to kill rats a rat catcher catching rats is that the
kind of thinking it takes to carry out state sanctioned mass murder not just
blind obedience but also a belief that your victims are not human let me ask
you this what was her Oshima was it not your medical experiment would Americans
have dropped bombs as easily on Germany as it did upon Japan killing as many
civilians as possible I think not to an American sensibility a Caucasian child
is considerably more human than a Japanese child America was at war with
Japan a country that had attacked it without provocation you murdered
millions of your own citizens and what about the American citizens of the
Japanese race who were put into protective custody in your own
concentration camps that was wrong and why was this not done to American
citizens of Italian and German descent I said it was wrong and what about the
Negro officers in your own army are they allowed to command troops in combat can
they sit on the same buses as the whites the segregation laws in your country and
the anti-semitic laws in mine are there not just a difference of degree let me
tell you from the beginning of the century through the first war until the
rise of Hitler the Freemasonry of the Jewish merchants consistently undermined
the German economy and the nationhood of the fatherland that is why we made
anti-semitic laws and why you my friend can never understand anti-semitism why
because you his defense counsel ready to proceed
whether you order house outfit for March 1942 you will in charge of procuring
labor for the war effort all right yeah you are aware that it was
a crime under the Hague conventions to forcibly deport citizens of other
countries to drop money as workers yeah how many foreign workers came into
Germany during your tenure five media many important element that’s
20,000 did you issue cease directors calling for a decent treatment I did
yeah our city’s be marked as exhibits and accepted into evidence so ordered
that’s outlaw who ordered you to procure these workers spare Albert spare
minister of armaments you give orders to you yeah and you have to obey them
yeah every worker you brought in it was under spares orders it was no there’s this unorthodox mr. duck to
request an audience with you the man assigned to cross-examine me
well there is nothing very Orthodox about this whole trial dr. spear my
lawyer has been trying to talk me out of confessing to war crimes that might
incur the death penalty but I do not wish to hide the truth just to save my
life only to hate myself for the rest of their life well I wish the other
defendants shared that view some of them do but many are still in the gern’s
influence he’s a chief rival for the souls of the other defendants if I may
put it so dramatically Goering was cross-examined by the chief prosecutor
justice Jackson well I am to be trusted by you a subordinate this difference has
been noticed by the other defendants in their rise it puts me in an inferior
stages to Goering that’s a peculiar measure of status dr. Shapiro’s not to a
German war criminal I hope you don’t have a problem with it no no no I got no
ego riding on this I’ll present your request to my superior mr. Jackson
doctor spare did you disapprove of sulcus recruitment of labour on the
contrary I was grateful to softly for every worker he provided whenever we
fail to meet armament quarters because of shortage of workers I will blame
soldier do you wish to limit your responsibilities to your own particular
sphere avert No this war has brought an inconceivable
catastrophe as an important member of the leadership of the Reich I share in
the total responsibility for the disaster of the German people but
doctors there near the end of the war did you not refuse to carry out Hitler’s
order to raise Germany to the ground I have no intention of using my actions
during their phase of the war to help me in my personal defence but I would like
those who said in judgment of me to understand that period in March of 1945
Hitler intended deliberately to destroy the means of life for his own people if
the war were lost he said let the Allies conquer nothing
but ashes but you resisted his wishes sending him instead this memorandum lead
it to the port please nobody has the right to destroy industrial plants coal
mines electrical plants and other facilities we have no right to carry out
destruction which might affect the life of the people signed for disagreeing
with Hitler is this true let it happen and yet not only did you
disagree with him but early in 1945 you actually made a plan to assassinate
Hitler is that not so yes it is so this so
because of what I feel does his insane destructiveness what did you do what was
your plan and you have on the air-intake shaft in the Reich Chancellery garden
that ventilated the fuel bunker below I went to the head of my munitions
department and said there’s only one way to end this war and asked him to get me
a poison gas to drop into the ventilating system but the next time I
went there they had built a 12-foot chimney protecting the ventilator and
there’s s cots about patrolling there so it came to nothing mr. chief prosecutor dr. Spier you acknowledge responsibility
for Germany’s large policies but not for the details occurred in their execution
is that a fair statement of your position yes sir
very fair may I ask the witness a question in order to clarify this answer
please you may do you want to acknowledge guilt under criminal law or
do you wish to record an historical responsibility before your own people
and before history the question is a very difficult one to
answer it is actually one which the tribunal will decide and its verdict you would assassinate the Fuehrer I tell
you this you coward if you get out of this alive you put together our own
court then execute you for treason so German officer I consider it my duty
to answer for all I have done it will not always be possible to survive guilt
from the fires of destiny of an end in the front lines cannot be charged with
guilt for how the highest leaders reject responsibility
that is wrong it was my guilty on hoodie which I carried before God
and the entire German nation that I nted the youth of Germany for a man who I
considered to be an impeccable leader and head of state but I educated the
youth of Germany for a man thousand years who committed murder a million
formal dispute of Germany are not yet dearest the prisoners aren’t allowed visitors
marshal getting this is his daughter no exceptions ma’am
Frogger okay hi my name is Captain Gohmert hello nice to meet you would you
have a moment to spend with me talk yes we could this is ADA hello ADA
captain Goomer do you like chocolate it’s been very difficult for you these
last few months especially with you little girl
it could have been worse I suppose Hitler could have survived you’ve
obviously come to terms with the truth I only wish your husband could do the same
but he persists and remaining loyal to his memory
yes you cannot understand it either such loyalty man who wanted us dead
I’m sorry Hitler ordered all of us to be shot how a man myself
our precious child that is why we surrender to the Americans why else
would we have done such a thing I went through my notes last night I’ve
spent all these months trying to find a way inside their minds hoping to
understand how those people could commit such atrocities against my people I
believe there are a couple of factors that explain a lot of it first Germany
is a country where people do what they’re told you obey your parents
teachers clergymen superior officers you’re raised from childhood not to
question authority so when Hitler comes to power he has an
entire nation that believes it’s perfectly natural to do whatever he says
second propaganda for years Germans have been bombarded with ideas like Jews are
not real human beings or they’re a corruption of the race so when the
government says it’s permissible to deny Jews their rights and then says it’s
imperative to kill these inferior people they comply even if they’ve been your friends or
neighbors anything else I told you once that I was
searching for the nature of evil I think I’ve come close to defining it a lack of
empathy it’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants but genuine
incapacity to feel with their fellow man evil I think
is he absence of empathy I call on the chief prosecutor for his
closing argument mr. president and members of the tribunal it is impossible
in summation to do more than outline with bold strokes the vitals of this
trials mad and melancholy record for no time as if a witnessed
slaughter on such a grand scale such cruelties and in humanities such
wholesale deportations of people’s into slavery
such annihilations of minorities events which will live as the historical text
of the 20th century’s shame and depravity terror was the order of the
day civilians were arrested without charges committed without counsel
executed without hearing villages were destroyed the male inhabitants shot were
sent to forced labor and the children scattered abroad the Nazi movement will
be of evil memory in history because of its persecution of the Jews the most
far-flung and terrible racial persecution of all time so thorough and
uncompromising was this program that the Jews of Europe as a race no longer exist
thus fulfilling the diabolic prophecy of Adolf Hitler at the beginning of the war
generations to come will remember this decade if we cannot eliminate the cause
and prevent the repetition of these barbaric events this century may yet
succeed and bringing the doom of civilization the time has come for final
judgment and if the case that I present seems hard and uncompromising than it is
only because the evidence makes itself a glance of the doc will
show that despite quarrels among themselves each defendant played a part
that fitted in with every other and all advanced a common plan it was these men
among millions of others and it was these men leading millions of others who
built up Adolf Hitler they intoxicated him he of the psychopathic personality
with power and adulation they fed his hates and aroused his fears they put a
loaded gun in his eager hands it was left to Hitler to pull the trigger and
when he did they all at that time applauded Hitler’s guilt stands admitted
by some defendants reluctantly by some vindictively but Hitler’s guilt is the
guilt of the whole doc and of every man in it these defendants now ask this Tribunal
to say they are not guilty of planning executing or conspiring to commit this
long list of crimes and norms they stand before the record of this Tribunal is
blood-stained Gloucester stood by the body of his slain King he begged the
widow as they beg of you say I slew them not and the Queen replied then say they
are not slain but dead they are if you were to say of these men that they are
not guilty it would be as true to say that there has been no war there are no
slain there has been no crime captain Jews escalate fight for homeland
ironic well after everything that’s happened over the past ten years I don’t
blame the Jews for wanting a homeland one of the many ripples we’ll see from
this war and from this trial shall we yeah
the defendants may now make their final statements defendant Hermann Goering this has been a poor excuse for a trial but firstly I must reiterate my lack of
knowledge for these terrible mass murders which I cannot begin to
understand and furthermore I condemn wholeheartedly as to the trial the
statement of the defendants were accepted as true only when they
supported the prosecution they were treated as perjury when they refuted the
indictment this is not a basis of proof why am I in the dock being treated as a
common criminal I said my judges have no illusions since the three greatest
powers on earth together with other nations for against us we finally were
conquered by tremendous enemy superiority justice has absolutely
nothing to do with this trial defendant albert speer how could so advanced so cultured so
sophisticated a nation as Germany have fallen under Hitler’s demonic sway the
explanation is modern communications no longer does a leader have to delegate
authority afar to subordinates exercising independent judgment given
modern communications a Hitler can drool directly and personally thus the more
technical the world becomes the more individual freedom and the self rule of
mankind becomes essential this war has ended on the note of radio-controlled
rockets aircraft approaching the speed of sound submarines and torpedoes which
can find their own targets atom bombs and the horrible prospect of chemical
warfare in five to ten years this kind of warfare will offer the possibility of
firing rockets from continent to continent with uncanny precision through
the Smashing of the a turn it will be possible to destroy a million people in
New York City in a matter of seconds with the rocket serviced by perhaps ten
men a new large-scale war will end with the destruction of human culture and
civilization that is why this trial must contribute to the prevention of such
wars in the future a nation believing in its future will never perish may God
protect Germany and the culture of the West we are agreed 3 of 12 votes will be
required for the finding of guilty agreed agreed
now if the judgment is test might we not consider the firing squad for the
military defendants I disagree most strongly the bullet is for the Honorable
adversary not the butchers I say hang I agree agreed we will take the defendants
in the order they were indicted curry let’s talk that you will o be hanged
I will be hanged but I assure that legend
perhaps socotra centred on women’s like Elma and we could join you there go on eat eat do you think that we would
be allowed to take some of the food home with us I can’t sue I love the Charter clearly
states that following orders may be considered in mitigation of punishment
maybe not must be you have become such beautiful young ladies Silvan are they going to shoot you papa
arms fawn is the most urgent figure in my view his penetrance is obviously real
it would be a meaningful gesture for us spare his life
no he should hang each defendant will stand as his name is
called to hear the judgments on the four counts applicable to him and the
sentence if found guilty on any of the counts
the counts numbered one through four are conspiracy to commit aggression the
commission of aggression crimes in the conduct of warfare and crimes against
humanity defendant Hermann Goering the tribunal finds you guilty on all four
counts and sentences you to death by hanging Rudolf Hess on the charges of crimes
against humanity the tribunal finds you not guilty but we find you guilty on
counts one and two and thereby sentence you to imprisonment for life Admiral
Wilhelm Keitel guilty on all four counts the tribunal
sentences you to death by hanging defendant Hans Frank tribunal finds you
guilty on counts three and four and sentences you to death by hanging
Julius Streicher guilty on count for crimes against humanity death by hanging
defendant shocked the Tribunal has come to the conclusion that the evidence
against Hjalmar Schacht has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt
therefore finds that shocked is not guilty on this indictment quiet please the defendant Cal Donuts
guilty on counts two and three the tribunal sentences you to ten years
imprisonment foreign minister von Ribbentrop guilty
on all four counts the tribunal sentences you to death by hanging anst Kelton Berlin guilty on counts
three and four the tribunal sentences you to death by hang Baldur von Schirach
guilty on count for 20 years in prison Alford yodel on all four counts guilty
death by hanging hands feature not guilty mom’s mom happen not guilty
Walther funk guilty on counts two three and four the tribunal sentence you to
imprisonment for life defendant fritz occur guilty on counts three and four
death by hanging defendant Albert Speer the tribunal
finds you not guilty on counts one and two but you have been found guilty on
counts three and four Albert’s fear the court sentences you to
20 years imprisonment the work of this Tribunal is now
complete licensed My dear tax by this long face
mhm I were not told who there’s a special place in Valhalla waiting for me
I don’t know I just thought things might have turned out differently that’s all
well you know they might have done but my one very unfortunate thing those mass
murders I must tell you I could not see their purpose they were absolutely
unnecessary they made no sense from a nationalistic point of view our legacy
has been forever tainted but make no mistake
everything Hitler did before the war was right the German people knew it and one
day they will eventually remember it and you must remember it too my dear tax
when you remember me remember that ya know the practical matters there are few
things I know please please hmm where I’m going I must travel I’d subscribes
he is my name take it take it the few valuables I have they are in my
blue briefcase in the baggage room can you retrieve that for me with the
attacks yes sir I have only one question to ask you
there’s absolutely no possibility that I may be allowed to face a firing squad
and die or soldier’s death none Justice well I hear the Americans have very poor
shots now if you’ll excuse me I must for the rest of my life Erik’s Marshall
people will ask me what your final thoughts were we’ll have nothing to tell
them you can tell them this I say for now and all time the foreigners who
impose the sentence upon me may murder me but they have no right to judge me
that I deny them no it must excuse me if I do have to write this letter thank you my one and only sweetheart my life came
to an end when I bought you farewell for the last time do not grieve my dearest
one since then I have felt at peace with myself and consider my death a
deliverance all my thoughts are with you and our own dear sweet child
my last heartbeats of our great and eternal love no ma’am you got what you want
I got it sir gentlemen follow me get rest cyanide state your name yeah I keep fun even if
anything to say my last wish is that Germany realized its destiny
I wish peace to the world you have anything to say now join my
sons Dutchman who bear-alis I’m dying an innocent man I ask God to accept me this mercy every cells to be scrubbed clean are
things to be left Thanks you know when we get home we’ve
got some decisions to make personal just say Bob let’s just wait till we get home well you do you know it may sound
strange but I can’t help feeling a touch sentimental about all this I understand
I got a letter from a friend today saying that because of what we’ve done
here none of it could ever happen again what do you think we can hope covering you

One thought on “Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial – Yves Simoneau/ avec Charlotte Gainsbourg

  1. Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial – Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox, Christopher Plummer and Charlotte Gainsbourg/ Nuremberg/Alec Baldwin/Canada/ Nuremberg/Alec Baldwin/Nuremberg (miniseries)/ Nuremberg (2000 film). Genre: Docudrama. Written by: David W. Rintels. Directed by: Yves Simoneau. Starring: Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox, Christopher Plummer, Jill Hennessy, Matt Craven, Colm Feore, Christopher Heyerdahl, Michael Ironside, Max von Sydow. Composer(s): Richard Grégoire. Country of origin: Canada/United States. Original language(s): English. Production/Producer(s): Mychèle Boudrias/Ian McDougall. Cinematography: Alain Dostie. Editor(s): Yves Langlois. Running time: 180 minutes. Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Release/Original release: July 16, 2000.

    Nuremberg is a 2000 Canadian/United States television docudrama, based on the book Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial by Joseph E. Persico, which tells the story of the Nuremberg trials.

    Film relatant le procès de Nuremberg, après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, au cours duquel 22 hauts dirigeants du Troisième Reich furent jugés pour crime contre l'humanité notamment.
    – La première partie va de la reddition volontaire de Göring aux Américains avec sa femme et sa fille jusqu'au film des camps de concentration montré durant le procès.
    – La seconde partie va de la poursuite du procès (avec notamment le duel Jackson-Göring) jusqu'à son dénouement.

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