Nuremberg Day 83-84 Goering (translated captions)

Nuremberg Day 83-84 Goering (translated captions)

What powers did Funk have in the issuing of regulations, et cetera, for economic administration in the occupied territories? I can no longer remember in detail now. The general directive he received from me. Proceeding from this directive, how far and to whom he issued departmental instructions in occupied territory, I cannot say in detail. However, they always resulted from my personal responsibility. Is it correct that Hitler set down the guiding principles for all policies, including foreign policy? That is a matter of course. Foreign policy, above all, was the Fuehrer’s own realm. By that I mean to say that foreign policy on the one hand and the leadership of the Armed Forces on the other hand garnered the Fuehrer’s greatest fascination and were his main interest. Should I conclude, therefore, that he was interested in the details of foreign policy as well? He busied himself exceptionally with these details, as I have just stated, and with particularly great interest in both of these two fields. Did Hitler expressly instruct you to keep secret the memorandum on Poland of August 30, 1939? He did not expressly instruct me. I do not know whether he knew that I had it in my pocket. However, he had given such instructions since he had ordered the one who would need to hand it over, namely, Herr von Ribbentrop, not to hand it over. Thus, I actually handed over this memorandum against the express orders of the Fuehrer, which constitutes a risk that probably only I-please do not misunderstand me-indeed, that I alone could take and afford.

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  1. This vid is trying to present a one-sided view of the trial as the truth. It ignores the ton (literally !) of evidence brought against these scumbags, almost all from German sources.

  2. This fat phuk should have been shot against a wall. If he and Shitler had been killed in 1941, say, the world would be a better place today. Germany never learned from their past mistakes.
    Nice of the Allies to keep him in hair dye…

  3. Dice: Por favor,poned algo mas de caramelos sabor Cola en la cabalgata de este año y a ser posible eliminad los bajos en calorías y que Melchor sea bueno y me regale una pelota.

  4. The shocking moment came, when Herman Goering admitted to sneaking chocolate ice cream from Der Furrer's personal stash after having been ordered to eliminate all snakes and to go on a strict diet of tofu. It's no wonder that the Luftwaffe was destroyed! How could any plane get off the ground carrying Goering's fat behind?!

  5. In the future, it will argue the ww2 event as did not happen due to the fact that Germany existed after the war. Naturally, a nation that is defeated always lost their country.

  6. What about genocide committed by British against sub continent people over centuries. These people induced feminine s to kill millions of Indians. No white skin people care for this.

  7. Some call this Hermann Goering a genius yeso was Ted Bundy and I wouldn't call either of them geniuses they're murderers and fact I would say they're on the verge of retardation

  8. Watching these I think of my dad, in that room somewhere, an Army photographer in Germany, documenting the death and destruction, concentration camps, and postwar trials.

  9. FYI out of the 3,000 that worked at the Nuremberg "Kangaroo Court" 2,400 were Jews. They started the War and they got their "Israel".
    Watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" and "EUROPA" to find the truth.
    Wake up GOY!

  10. Colonel Andrus failed to hang Goering, it's hard to imagine how he managed to get cyanide into his cell, Goering wasn't stupid, that's for sure.

  11. By Goering's own admission, he had some leeway regarding Hitler directives. Was he inflating his own ego before the court or was this a fact? Difficult to say but the German Fuhrer had previously eliminated his foes for less.

  12. Der Nürnberger Prozess gleicht einem Kriegsverbrechen demzufolge hätte man die Todesstrafe auch beibehalten können , somit ist der Ungerechtigkeit recht getan und zeigt wie der Mensch auf der ganzen Linie versagt und unsere heutigen Gesetze unglaubwürdig sind

  13. OKAY: I had to read through the comments to find ONE intelligent person who explained how to see the captions. A few dummies said there were captions WITHOUT explaining how to see them. HERE is the instruction: "Click on "CC" (closed captions). Then click on "English". This works well if you have a large monitor (at least 22 in.) and put it on full screen display." I tried it and it does work.

  14. Fucking trial shit, Goering and all his comrades in the Third Reich were innocent, they acted on behalf of the German State, they could not be tried by any other State, nor by any International Military Tribunal, only by German courts

  15. Der blutige Prozess der Scheiße, Göring und alle seine Gefährten im Dritten Reich waren unschuldig und handelten im Namen des deutschen Staates. Kein anderer Staat konnte sie beurteilen.

  16. Contrary to longstanding assumptions, Adolf Hitler was indicted as a war criminal for actions by the Nazis during the Second World War before he died. The previous month the commission — which began its work in 1943, prior to the formal establishment of the UN in 1945 — determined Hitler could be held criminally responsible for the acts of the Nazis. And by March 1945 — a month before Hitler's death — the commission had endorsed at least seven separate indictments against him for war crimes.

  17. Goering giving it the large, he was a lucky bastard if the ss had gotten a hold of him he would of got the Jewish treatment

  18. This wasn’t justice, it was a vendetta foreign to European culture but typical for the dark, demonic force that instigated WW2.

  19. I often wonder if the seeds of the next world war are from the unresolved issues of ww2. Communism as it is should have been destroyed during ww2

  20. It would have been funny if one of them guards had a bayonet and stuck it right in the back of his dome so when he fell face forward it was like symbolically straight up in the air.

  21. Goering is perhaps the biggest theif of all time. He stole from everybody. He didn't care who. He just loved to steal.


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