New Skill for a New Year – What’s next for our farm?

New Skill for a New Year – What’s next for our farm?

what new skill above all others do I
want to develop in 2019 so that’s it 2018 is in the books done
finito the end of the year it’s all over I don’t want to spend too much time
looking back I want to spend my time looking forward there’s a lot to
accomplish that’s not to say that we didn’t do a lot in 2018 I mean when I
think about the list of stuff that we’ve done here at the farm it’s pretty
mind-boggling I quit my job in DC I moved full-time to Vermont I took care
of a bunch of trees it’s chestnut trees looking a little
weak but pretty good I saw the trees grow a whole bunch this
one’s doing outstanding it’s already popping out above the tree tube I got
really frustrated by the trees grow trees you said it was gonna be so easy
you said a whole bunch of baby duckling showed up little little duckling first
real livestock on gold trough farm some of the Ducks got sick some of the Ducks
died but most of them made it and they’re either in our freezer or out
laying eggs and you guys are not gonna believe this like I can’t believe it man
I built a whole bunch of stuff here I learned some new skills I had fun with
friends and I started putting out regular videos on the YouTube for you
guys to watch so with all these great deeds in the books I’m sure you’re
wondering what’s next for 2019 well I was talking to my friend Kaylee over at
the farm on Quail Hollow and she asked me specifically what new skill above all
others do I want to develop in 2019 and I’ve given this one a lot of thought
because when I think about all the things we want to do here on the farm in
2019 it’s a pretty long list I want to start fixing the barn I want to grow
more trees I want to build a green house I want to hatch my own ducklings I want
to start selling duck eggs at a profit I want to start grazing geese on our
pasture and I want to start keeping bees William S Burroughs once said that if
you stop growing you start dying truer words have never been spoken I
mean one of the reasons I started this whole farm in northern Vermont is
because I felt like my life had reached a dead end
and I wanted to try to drive forward and develop myself and build a whole part of
myself that I’d never really explored and all of these things are gonna
require a lot of new skills and a heck of a lot of learning but there is one
skill above all else that I know I need to develop or I will fail absolutely
miserably that skill is organization because really when it comes down to it
I am a disorganized slob I’m a mess I have everything everywhere and if it
doesn’t get better I’m not going to be able to do all this stuff it pains me to admit this I’ve gone
through life as a disorganized mess I never put things back where I found it
I’m a total slob I have billions of unopened emails I
have receipts and notes and all sorts of stuff scattered everywhere and when it
comes down to it all that disorganization just creates a lot of
stress for me personally and it makes me not nearly as efficient as I could be
here on the farm I mean look at this bar does this look like the headquarters of
a well-oiled machine and just stop and take a minute to admire this whole mess and there’s a reason why I never showed
you guys the inside of this it’s the end of December why the heck is the grill
still out here’s our highly efficient and if you guys ever wondered what my
office looks like where I headed all my videos here it is and this is what my
closet looks like I live a very busy life I work a full time job off the farm
I have a wife I have friends I have family I have hobbies I have interests I
participate in my community I have a ton of stuff going on and my disorganization
is really slowing me down and making everything I’m trying to do a lot harder
given all my ambitions and goals I need to get better in this area of my life
this is one of those skills that’s gonna pay dividends for me across every facet
of my life and you know my extreme disorganization doesn’t just hurt me it
also affects Alison to her nature is to be a very tidy and well organized person
and I know I am almost the polar opposite of that so that’s why in this
new year my new skill is to get organized you’re gonna see me starting
to do something subtly I’m not gonna make it a big deal I’m not gonna do lots
of tutorials and just to be wicked clear about this one this isn’t like a New
Year’s resolution like oh I’m gonna do this starting January 1st this is
something that I’m gonna actually spend time trying to learn as a skill so
there’s actually two books that I’m gonna read or actually reread to help me
on this path the first book I’m going to reread is the Life Changing Magic of
Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and the second book I’m gonna reread is
Getting Things Done by David Allen I’ve read both books before and I started
using them and they helped me but for whatever reason I abandoned them this
time around I’m gonna really try to treat it like a skill and make a
difference here I’m really excited to tackle this challenge I know it’s not
gonna be easy and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but I also know that if I
want to make a farm that’s sustainable one that’s sustainable environmentally
when that’s sustainable economically and one that’s sustainable emotionally for
me I’m gonna have to get better in this area I’m making it too hard for myself
right now so what sort of skills do you guys want to learn in 2018 let me know
down in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond also if you guys have any
suggestions regarding organization and things I could do to get better
organized let me know I could really use the help and I’ll see you guys next time
here on Gold Shaw farm where we’re trying to start a farm in Vermont

54 thoughts on “New Skill for a New Year – What’s next for our farm?

  1. You didnt mention tools but for me a proper tool cabinet (or 3) does wonders especially for when i need to repair things one in my garage one in my house and one i can take with my if i need it at another place.

  2. Oh man organization thats a good one. Good luck with that, hopefully you find some systems of organization that work for you.

  3. Happy New Year GSF! Do you have a tractor and proper implements? Learning that equipment will be a skill that you will really rely on and will make your life easier. Peace.

  4. Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈. I hate when you get frozen eggs. You and my husband are kindred spirits he is terrible with organizing. Best of luck to you in the new year.

  5. Oh stop it! It doesn’t look that bad. You’re not a hoarder. Real life is a little messy. You going to reorganize everything and rearrange stuff and then you’ll never be able to find a thing. Not saying you couldn’t tidy up a little bit. But I wouldn’t start downing myself over that.

  6. Love love love the quote! And it's so true. We have been homesteading for 26 years. We are 51 and 53 and just finished building this shed living homestead and at our age tackling another homestead build. Great video!!!

  7. Great video!!! I looked over at my chair piled with random as I watched this lol! I tend to watch the tv show “Hoarders- Buried Alive” to help me purge! Lol cheers to a New Year!

  8. Organization is surly a skill or trade as is carpentry they need to be learned. Every thing has a place and that does not include behind doors or kept out of sight. 😉

  9. Organization is a great skill! Both of the suggested books are great ones. You've got this! I started organizing room by room and it's helped a ton. Also purging first is a great way to start.

  10. Happy New Year! 🎉
    Organization is an excellent (and underrated) skill, I struggle with it also 😫
    With the hope of establishing a homestead this spring on some acreage we just purchased in Maritime Canada, my list of skills to develop is too numerous to comment on (😬) but once I get there, maybe I'll be able to short list a few choice ideas!

  11. Hey Morgan, did you hear about VT giving $10k to people that move to the state from outside the state if you brought your home office job with you? Just heard a blerb about it recently on the news. Sorry I can't explain more but it sounds like you might qualify. Check it out with your state government labor dept. Hey, for $10k it's worth a little research! BTW, I could still see floor in the shed so it's not really that bad …. yet! Organization is easy but committing to it is hard. My first recommendation would be to start in the area that you would benefit the most. For simplicity just move all things to one side and then systematically move them to the other side. Getting a overview of your "stuff" will help you catagorize it and start grouping like things. Good luck! Happy new year too!

  12. Aw. This is fun to see the highlights of videos from before I knew you. I’ll have to go back and watch some oldies. What a journey. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished. I’ve said it before, but your story is so encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on all the 2019 goals. You’re gonna crush em!

  13. I am so annoying. I'm forever saying put it back. When I forget something the family's right on me. But in the end it all works.

  14. looking forward to seeing more about both trees and ducks. for beginning organizing principles I strongly recommend "Sink reflections" by Marla Cilley, because the underlying principles help going forward with getting organized. its partly changing the way you think. I also suggest "taming your gremlin" because the ability to notice/observe clearly helps in prioritizing anything. I know these suggestions seem a bit off the wall, but I feel they lead more quickly to Doing the organizing. Its brain change. 🙂

  15. Wishing you a happy new year to you and the mrs…as you continue to work on your goals…remember little steps…much success in 2019..

  16. wow that snow sounded pretty crunchy it must be pretty cold! love watching the cats play. Good luck on getting organized that makes everything much easier. Happy New Year I hope 2019 brings you all you hope for.

  17. The frozen eggs is a bummer… you need someone broody to sit on them! My chickens have been laying and there's a couple hens who are a bit broody so there's usually someone sitting on the groups' eggs, keeping them from freezing. Of course it means fighting with said hens each day to get at the eggs underneath them, but by collecting right before dark and with the somewhat-broody mamas I've avoided losing too many eggs to the cold. And I've got a good feeling about when spring hits and I leave the eggs, I should get some baby chicks!

    You had a great 2018, and amazing growth for your channel in that year. Good luck with your 2019 goals, I'm sure you'll make tons more progress!

  18. Hire a true organized person/company to help you focus on organization. They can be worth it! Enjoy your videos!! Love the kitties…they are so fun to watch. 😊

  19. In the winter quiet time, you could build some raised beds to grow your vegetables in the summer. You could make use of all the cow droppings in the barn, I am sure they would be a good growing medium. May be a poly-tunnel to extend your growing season. Lots of people are starting to use Geothermal Heat to warm their poly-tunnels.

  20. Awesome Video. That is a great skill to have. I think we all have some issues with organization. The skill or skills I want to get better at is getting setup with one of the regional colleges that has a free online course setup for Goats. From what I have heard it is pretty in depth and would allow me to be well versed in Goat care and maintenance for our little herd.

  21. A few quick tips. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have to find out what works for you. There are pilers, some are filers. It's all about decisions. The mail: trash, (delete) keep, (file) action (leave in inbox).
    Again, it's all about decisions. The biggest one? Put it back where you got it. If you don't, ask yourself WHY? You may have to find a better place for it, or you may need to ramp up your commitment.
    It's the decisions you make every time you go to put something down.
    Happy New year!

  22. Organization is a tremendous skill once you get the swing of it. Congratulations as it will serve you well.

  23. I believe organization is more about routines and choosing to become more efficient. Little changes and beginning new habits make new routines and before we know it we've made positive changes.
    It's wonderful that your wife is organized, she can help you figure things out and help keep you accountable. Being that your on the same team, these changes can only benefit you both.
    And your cats are adorable…i'm allergic but they do look soo soft and cuddly. ✌

  24. I need to begin down sizing. I started by donating some of my books to the local library. Best wishes in organizing. Start with one small area.

  25. oh, I get this! You are critically right about it paying dividends throughout your life. I turned 60 this year and I've gone after elements of organization (of clutter? or of necessary tools?) and of purging/decluttering/minimalism. Because I am also extremely frugal I tend to collect for someday, so that I do not have to purchase later. I also dislike being wasteful or in creating trash (like plastic). I also want to have extra to provide my (adult) children with what they need…. obviously this all becomes a terrible spiderweb of values and skills. The first (vintage, ha) book I ever read on the subject is by Don Aslett, "Clutter's Last Stand". A Youtube channel I watch and enjoy for the thinking focus is which is the Messy Minimalist (I think she has a couple of Pugs). So, the first part you probably will deal with is how much you need to organize (and the systems to go with that, to make it easy) and how much you need to purge. For the latter I do better doing it with my daughter or mother; it's like I need permission, and also reassurance that no one needs this stuff. Then, it's just about spending time regularly doing it. I think this is a great skill to focus on in 2019!

  26. My tip for getting organized is start in one small space. Can be as small as a desk or even just the desktop. Get it all cleaned up, and commit to keeping it up. Don’t allow yourself to set anything down in that space that doesn’t belong there. Then work on another small space. Eventually you will get out of the habit of just setting things down without thinking about where it belongs. You can do this! (Spoken as a reforming disorganized slob😁)

  27. You just need a routine. Put things away in the same spot after using them. When you bring something new in get rid of something old. It,s all about routines. I want to learn how to use a mitre saw and a table saw this year so I can build more things around my place.

  28. I claim to be a wanna be perfectionists. LOL. What helped me is two things. If you touch something…. put it where it belongs. Dirty hamper, dish washer, mail in box, etc. And number two is to put 6 things an hour away that you usually don’t touch. Old magazines in trash, summer shoes by black door into the closet. Those 6 little things take a couple of minutes but add up. It could even be a candy wrapper on your desk into the trash can. 😉

  29. I agree totally about struggling with staying organized. It's so hard for me. Thanks for sharing & I look forward to what 2019 has in store for your Farm.

  30. Just listen to the crunch of that icy snow! Right there with you and we’re supposed to get dumped on again next week.

  31. I have a similar goal to get organized. I have the first book you mentioned a third read. I just changed jobs a month ago which will give me more time to concentrate on my garden, flowers and crafts for a craft show this year. I also want to preserve what I grow. In the past l never had time to put food up. This is the year. Hears to 2019 and to the both of us working on our goals.

  32. have you thought about raising soldier flies for you chickens and ducks treats? check out Justin Rhodes on the subject. blessings to you and yours you have a nice farm. good job on your videos!

  33. I'm a Getting Things Done believer as well. Until you mentioned the book, I was going to suggest it. Implementing GTD practices & habits is my goal for this year too.

  34. Kudos…good video…looks very cold…I was an educator for 43 years…very organized…now retired…all I want to do is garden…plants…seeds…books..
    catalogs everywhere…thanks to Jess at roots and refuge…I love them so much…that's how I found Gold Shaw Farm…I will be following your organizational skills goals…I really need some pointers …LOL…you remind me of Jess's Sweet Miah…Cara in Indiana

  35. You should read Dana White. She has 2 books and a lot of YouTube videos. Decluttering at the Speed of Life has changed my life.

  36. New to your channel and have subbed. Love the humor and seriousness in this video. I at time deal with organization. What helps me is practice, practice and more practicing keeping things in order. Where I get behind, is when I move things around to start a new project and I get interrupted with a Honey do list, or a phone call, or what happens in most cases, someone that is part of our ministry comes, or a friend that wants to visit. That's where I need to get better at. Geter done.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  37. Omg that cat in the background was cracking me up. I do miss having a cat my heart is almost ready for that commitment again. I enjoy watching my neighbors cats hunt in my fields and during the big fire when the town was evacuated like 20 cats showed up.. we didn't leave we stayed to care for animals so I know living here a cat or kitten will probably find us in the near future lol khaki campbell ducks are one of my favorites! Had them growing up made money selling babies to the feed store.

    I love looking forward and bettering my skills as a mother, wife, friend and farmer. I really haven't thought about goals for 2019 because things have been so busy and crazy… lots of unexpected curve balls at the end of 2018. So it really snuck up on me… early in the year I was like let's plant 20 trees next year! and i'm going to start a YouTube channel for friends and family! Now i'm over here just trying to catch up my house needs good scrub, taxe time, calving is about to begin, etc… I didn't have enough time in my day before a toddler lol

    #1 I will focus on a simple healthier sustainable lifestyle and be even more prepared for emergencies such as power outages and fires.

    #2 I will be more organized and teach my toddler & husband better organisation skills without getting frustrated.

    #3 I will add heifers to my program this year so I can stay on track and contribute more to our family.

    #4 I will take more pictures and find time to breath deep and enjoy my family without talking any business.

    #5 I will do my part to keep us on track and communicate. We are 3 years into a 5 year plan so things are getting good and change can be scary. Sometimes you have to have faith and jump in or you will get stuck.

    Happy 2019 and good luck

  38. Take some time for yourself, meditate, not about any one thing in particular. I used to overthink things and was afraid of what would happen if I didn't have those many thoughts to fill my mind. Then I found a meditation practice more than 20 years ago called Falun Dafa. I have "received" clear ideas after clearing away my numerous thoughts. Those clear ideas gave me many shortcuts on things that needed solutions, which I had not found through regular channels. In a way, it has been one of my best organizational tools.

  39. Mr. Gold, I got rid of anything I wasn't using and added shelving. It lends itself to organization if it looks like your things have a place to go. My grandmother would say: "A place for everything and everything in its place" 🙂

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