NEW RODEO in Amargosa Valley

NEW RODEO in Amargosa Valley

Let’s get them loaded. Let’s go! I almost said a bad word right there. (Reed) Hi. You sure are pretty. (Amy) I’m not as pretty as you are handsome. (Reed) Oh, I beg to differ with you. (Amy) Yeah, I don’t think so. Barr T Rodeo Company that we’re working for up there, they have not bought their steers for the season yet and so We’re going to drag a trailer and 15 head of steers up there to help them out So let’s get them loaded let’s go Next stop a couple of tires. Pretty threadbare. If you’re ever in the Apache Junction area and you need tires look at this right here Those are all truck tires and I think they’re mostly used tires We’ve got a lot of good used tires from this guy right here. Lots of tires. [Reed] We’re back on the road now. That’s better than blowin’ one up the road a few miles [Amy] Yeah They said that Kyle’s had two kidney transplants. He had one when he was four and another one when he was [Amy] 19 [Reed] 19 so what I, what made me tear up a little bit is thinking about him and how he has never ever complained about the hand that he was dealt in life, but I have never ever heard him say one time that he was mad or upset or felt like he was cheated or anything. He just deals with it. And uh, it’s just, you know we all have little things in our lives that we don’t like. Some of us have big things in our lives that we don’t like but That’s just a good example right there that you just take what’s dealt ya, and you do the best you can with it. Just a little stop right here for a second, in fact one thing I want to do is check on these cattle They were caving around quite a bit when we first got started, but I think they’ve kind of Settled down a little bit now. Check these tires They all look good Hey, so this rodeo we’re going to is a brand new one it’s a PRCA Rodeo, in Amargosa Valley, Nevada We’ve never been there, but I can guarantee ya they won’t have a print shop or any place to print day sheets So while we’re coming through Kingman right here I’m going to stop and get my day sheets printed I almost said a bad word right there, and I look over and I got two red lights on on my seat. Yeah. Amy heated it up. [Amy] If you can’t handle the heat, get outta the kitchen. [Reed] I don’t want to get out of kitchen when it’s rollin’ 75 miles an hour. Jeff with Bar-T Rodeo Company tells me that where the arena is set up. It looks just like this There are miles and miles of nothing out here. So it’ll be fun, but you know, everything Has to start from nothing. And I was telling Amy earlier that who knows In a couple of years this could be just like the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Off out in there somewhere. That’s where we’re headed. There’s going to be a rodeo [Reed] We’ve got 11 more miles, and then we turn left for a little ways [Amy] Look at all that dust. [Reed] Yeah. That’s the arena. We are almost there. We’re just uh, I don’t know five or six miles away I think. [Reed] Ron Wayans? [Amy] Yeah, I got him them. [Reed] What’d ya get? [Amy] Flamin’ Hot lime and We have arrived. Hey, by golly, I think we’re going to have a rodeo here award-winning bucking stock of the Bar-T Rodeo Company a great lineup on the day sheet Some great contestants coming, it’s going to be It’s going to be good they say that there’ll be quite a few folks show up here to watch so We ought to have a fun time. Alright. I’m going to go unhook this trailer and We’re going to go to the room and see what the accommodations are like Oh check this motorcycle out. It’s all carved out of wood I haven’t had a hotel key like this for a long time [Reed] Well, what do you think about Amargosa? [Amy] It’s cool. Somethin’ different [Amy] I like it. [Reed]. It’s kinda like steppin’ back in time a little bit, isn’t it?
[Amy] Yeah. The hotel we’re staying at [Amy] is a little older but it’s got some pretty cool things about it and [Amy] It’s kinda like Windy was saying, an oasis. [Reed] Good night everybody. [Amy] Flake out. [Reed] Is he a bull?He is a bull. Small testicles. [Whistling] HOY!!

44 thoughts on “NEW RODEO in Amargosa Valley

  1. Love your videos. The cowboy life is the only way of life. Keep up the great videos and God Bless.

  2. ridin bulls is a dream of mine, but ive never even got a chance to see one…great. 14 and already cant do my biggest dream….

  3. Amen to that Reed! Someone somewhere always is having a worse day than I am, or more problems then I'm having.

  4. I have dual seat warmers too and it feels like someone put a cutting torch on your rear after about 5 seconds. Deadly stuff lol. My drink tends to hit it sometimes if i have have a large.

  5. Reed – you and Amy seem pretty handy with computers. Have you considered a small portable, maybe even blue tooth printer for when there isn't a print shop handy to do your day sheets?

  6. Thanks for sharing about Kyle   I always say that as bad as it is I'll take the hand I'm dealt because someone has a worse hand.   Amy you are very polite and saying the hotel is a dump lol     thanks Reed , Amy, ad Jeff for the vids

  7. Hmmm heated seat = tying a knot in a straw, I think your even on the practical jokes. Safe travels. Love your videos.

  8. I'm getting married this Saturday and will be in Aruba next week for our honey moon , I'll be sure to bring my iPad along to watch your daily videos . Love the videos

  9. I just watched this video, i know it's a bit late but prayers for Kyle. 👍 to the Flake family, i enjoy the videos.

  10. You guys are cute 😂… they always say life is what you make of it and I say Kyle is making the best of it

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