New Animal Planet T-Rex Dinosaur Invasion Set Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

New Animal Planet T-Rex Dinosaur Invasion Set  Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another New Animal Planet T-Rex Dinosaur Invasion Set Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys Oh sometimes I opening today hi I’m WD
and welcome to my toy channel let’s see what we have to date wow this
is animal planet dinosaur envision that looks totally awesome guys and later we’ll have to a secret work
and an awesome and card lot more fun videos wow go ahead and open this guy up haha boy it’s sure fun sitting up here my
Tower and shooting those stupid dinosaurs down there that no idea what’s
happening and none of them were tall enough to reach me haha check out the skull the skeleton of
the one already got down there I’m going to get a lot more of that Oh what is this it’s an over raptor oh he’s trying to protect his leg he’s
taking it to his new nest how cute haha there’s one now come here little
doggie bag oh no he got out what’s gonna happen to
the baby oh here comes to Triceratops he doesn’t know what’s been happening
around here he’s sniffing around haha I like shooting fish in a barrel
all bank me and that guy is so bad he’s just
shooting them off for the sport of it oh here comes the Velociraptor maybe
he’ll have better luck here we go and here comes a mighty t-rex
oh he thinks he sees a free meal picked up the Velociraptor to bring it back to
feed his babies ok maybe he’ll get the bad guy bang back he’s attacking he’s going down his poor
little baby is gonna help them haha boy this is a lot of fun none of those suckers are gonna get me
Oh check it out – beautiful Spinosaurus yeah no he’s firing again but I think you got
em poor spine out haha I could do this all
day man this is a lot of fun up here comes
another scavenger Dino oh he thinks he’s got a free meal – man
I feel sorry for these guys so much free food is just learning them in and then
he gets that as this guy is feasting on the t-rex oh I got it oh man look how many do I know this guy
just white . just for the fun of it not even for food or anything me and I
guess it’s gone role of villain oh but what is this
creeping up behind him Oh check out the size of this guy oh he’s peeking in he’s peaking right in
there he’s right at the guys hi he hasn’t seen
him yet oh all again he swallowed a ball ok guys this dinosaur invasions it is
also i didn’t review on another one but this one actually has the t-rex and the
Oviraptor comes into action figure that has a lot of our accessories comes with
the skeleton set you could put together into a dinosaur skeleton a TV and the
watchtower with the white or the guy could watch off she and down okay i’m going to go ahead and take
these guys out and then we’re gonna have some fun ok guys let’s check this out first of
all come to the really cool tower here this is animal planet here it’s got a
light it’s got a battle broke here on the back
it has a ladder for the guy to climb off to the tower so that’s really cool it comes with a
nice little action figure out his arms and legs move he’s in like a safari type
off it so he could just climb right up to the tower and from here he could
watch for dinos cool talking about cool it comes with this awesome t-rex which
is a pretty good-sized I mean it’s about the size of my hand it does have action feature here so if
you pushed on the arm I chumps its teeth together if they did
a great job with the teeth for all less expensive set nice coloring black and
orange it’s got like bumps everywhere and it’s
a it’s actually a really cool dinosaur mean I i really like the job they did
with that i mean it it looks better than a lot of the drastic world dinosaurs
which are much more expensive and then it comes with a cool oviraptor I mean I’d love this guy he
looks so cool check it out he’s got an egg here he’s holding in his
hand so he stole that from one of the dinosaurs ness really cool coloring like
a tan black blue red green and yellow so I mean they went all out in coloring
this guy really like they’re ok then on top of all the
at they got a bunch of accessories that come with this guy first you got this
thing here like opens and closes I mean this is probably some type of a shocking
device to like shut are you clamp the dinosaurs in their
shock them into submission you got cool binoculars you got a flashlight that he holds and
the backpack that clips to his back and then on top of all that he comes with a
cool a TV or a four-wheeler whichever one you like to call it which he fits
right onto and he could use this to chase down the dinos he is hunting cool and then like I said
on top of all that you caught it comes with the cool skeleton here you go ahead
and pop this out and put it together and i will show you guys how to do that ok so here I got all the bone pieces
scattered out here and haha there we go we are now anthropologist we went ahead and put this together it’s
got moving limbs the head moves the legs move the tail moves it’s all on pretty much like ball joints
so that is all of it but that is a lot and it is a totally cool set that
dinosaur to be easier and set with googly all and if you guys enjoyed the
video make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button below the video
and today secret word is the word animal spell a and i am a i’ll go ahead and put
that in the comments section down below the video I know you enjoy the video when you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an awesome inquire with a lot
more fun videos drastic world the millions star wars but the people who have so
much fun together i hope to see you

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