New Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

New Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

it’s great to see you again i’m so glad
you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what new also do we have today
this is animal planet screaming gee regs adventure boy that looks totally awesome
and later we’ll have today secret word and an awesome card lot more fun videos
wow good New Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys yeah don’t you Jim gonna be the best hunting
you ever did in your life i could hardly wait Bob that looks also hope Tony and
Daver there are engine just quit we’re going down and we’re gonna we
landed in the right place check out this awesome tree house we
have down here we trap them and we shoot them like shooting fish in a barrel got
a second level there with this lighter that takes us up to the third level so
we can get the biggest dinos without a problem Wow check it out here comes Tony and
Dave yeah get the shooting started Swedes everybody all set up the small
ones come out with their babies early in the morning lets you ready check it out sporting to you but I like a big good
get the job done check it out mother Triceratops protecting her babes I’m gonna get this one with my sniper yeah well the baby’s gonna die with
nobody to protect them quite a trap set up this will take care how long you have
been using this place this is also well judging by all the
skeletons all around quite a bit we shoot him we leave them that it’s one hey Dave get up here got me there’s flying ones to the we gonna get
me ah wow that was a dummy you don’t mess around with these guys ok
gone now I’m going to check our traps if we caught anything Jim Wow guys we got another huge tyno set
for animal planet this is all some look at the back of the
box and guys this set is to what it looks like out of the box before I take
anything out as you can see i mean they do a great job setting this up to catch
your eye I mean look at here you’ve got a punch
out so you could complete a full t-rex skeleton you go ahead and punch it out
put all the pieces together like a 3d puzzle ok and then next we have this blue dye
know they don’t identify him but he does look maybe a smaller t-rex or are
Allosaurus stole our red and black I mean they even put like teeth on this
guy and claws tail you’ve got this guy this guy he seems to me like Alice or
even this medium sized one has an action feature has a button on the back you
push it he moves his arms and his mouth and that
super nice detailed teeth too i mean take a look at their the coloring the spikes on its back this
is seriously one of the coolest dinos I’ve seen it i mean i reviewed a lot of
dinos guys i mean i reviewed probably close to two hundred different type of
dinosaurs walk is cool and here is a look at his action feature when you push
the button and his life his eyes also do light up guys but there’s a good idea of how they
light up guys another thing i really like about this set is this airplane I mean this is the coolest little
airplane take a look at this thing it is awesome the blue and black
coloring the big engine on top the propellers it’s got pontoons for like
Lake landings it’s got our tires to roll around and it fits the character inside
the cockpit and you could almost fit the character all the way down there that is
cool he will fall out those so you can’t really shake it upside down then you’ve
got some cool action figures to this guy’s got like bullets all over him he’s
got like chemo he’s got a flashlight he’s got like a headset to like all talk
so this is like it’s like a military setup for this guy where the other guy
that comes with that he’s more like a jungle Explorer got this big claw thing
for catching dinosaurs you have binoculars that are removable backpack
that’s removable he is in like a jungle survival type outfit then on top of all
that you’ve got this awesome treehouse playset and this door this vine door
opens here so you could put like prison inside there or if you trap dinosaurs
you could put dinosaurs side there are this ladder here is removable it just
latches right onto their so the guys could use that to climb up to different
levels you got like God little like green canopies on there you got like a
platform up top there for the guys distance and here’s a look at the back
of it it is a little boring but this platform is cool i mean you can stand
the guys up here with weapons and everything and its really awesome guys
this is one of the best value sets i’ve ever seen I mean for forty dollars not on sale you
get a lot of guys that extreme t-rex adventure was totally oh if you guys
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word is the word it’s been sure spell ad be2 you are
going to put that become a section down below the video you enjoy the video
remember my club with to this video ends there’s a awesome and Carter a lot more
fun videos with jess quarter dominions Wow was so much fun together i hope to
see you

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  2. Why are all humans poachers it’s sort of annoying why can’t they be InGen employees trying to capture instead of killing them

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